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NOTICE: The views expressed on this website are not that of infomercial, but rather those of extremely pissed off customers who believe that they have been scammed by infomercial products and/or companies. In most cases, the complaints appearing on this website represent only a small percentage of dissatisfied customers. WARNING: Infomercial features 100% uncensored, graphic, and offensive language.

Latest News

Core Rhythms Being Called A Scam
The Core Rhythms series is endorsed by some of the best dancers around. Complainants report paying $14.95 plus S&H per the TV ad, but their credit cards get billed for $79.95. Checking accounts overdrawn, customers infuriated.
Dual Action Cleanse Complaints
Consumers say credit cards are billed up to three times the amount advertised. Refunds are promised but never issued. Some people can't believe they bought a product from a dude named "Klee."
Customers Get Scorched By Auto Cool

Customer complaints share one common theme: Auto Cool is a scam. Victims say the company sends free items, even if they are turned down, then charges an exorbitant amount in shipping fees.
Insider Exposes SMC Business Opportunity
An employee who works for SMC reveals some of the company's alarming business tactics. The person confesses to SMC being a scam and likens their corporate environment to the movie "Broiler Room." The report is dated 7/18/2006.
Milinex Power Storm Vac Exposed
Customers think they are ordering one vac, only to get billed for four. The average sale on a single $55 Power Storm Vac can be upwards of $400 because of bogus charges. Customers report having no way of returning the product or getting their money back. Sometimes the vacuums aren't even shipped. The horror continues...
Video Professor Billing Horror Stories
The nice-looking old guy seen on TV apparently has some scary billing practices. Customers complain of mysterious, unexplainable charges to their credit cards.
Customers Trash Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures Book

More than one million copies of "Natural Cures" have been sold. It even made the New York Times best seller list. But why are customers so angry at Mr. Trudeau?

John Beck Is The Only One Making Money With His Real Estate Course, Customers Say

Everyone has seen the Free & Clear and Amazing Profits infomercials. But customers say that this real estate wealth building guru has questionable business practices.

Sauna Belt Burning The Crap Out Of People
Can you really lose an inch in 50 minutes? Burn victims say layers of skin is all they lost with the Sauna Belt. Buyer beware!
Irate Customer Condemns Carleton Sheets To Perdition
Angered by the fact that he couldn't get a refund, a customer calls Mr. Sheets a liar and tells him to go to hell. A classic.
True Ceramic Pro Horror Stories

Pissed customers say the "true ceramic" material is covered by paint that chips easily. According to consumers, faulty construction makes the True Ceramic Pro a fire/health hazard. Advanced Beauty Solutions, the supposed manufacturer, operates a now defunct website. All service phones are disconnected. Refund impossible.


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