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1/10/2007 - Cliff writes:
I bought this material twice. Once for $2.00 at a yard sale, (Cassettes) then I ordered the cd version from the infomercial. I chose NOT to get the expedited shipping and still got the package within a week. All the "gurus" tell you to learn as much as you can and they are right. Carelton Sheets has the most thorough package out there. I recently went to a Russ Whitney seminar and was dismayed that I was using Carelton's software in Whitney's class. Carletons stuff costs considerably less and he stays on the subject, instead of talking about himself all the time. The tool kit which comes with the package is excellent and easy to use. His competition wants you to pay A LOT extra for their software. Keep in mind that all the ideas may not work in the state where you are investing. Cliff

1/3/2007 - Randy writes:
I have seen carlton sheets take heat from people for years. But the truth is people are learning from his courses; thousands of people have sucessfully bought and sold real estate using what they have learned from his course. I am one of them. I have bought two pieces of property from the info I learned from his course. However, I have heard about alot of people getting their credit card charged for purchases they didn't authorize. I am going to give you the answer to solve that problem right here. Do what I did. By your course/program from a site like []; when buying online, use a prepaid debit card. I have made money with course. Use the two tips I just listed you will be fine. Thanks Cs.

11/8/2006 - Garrett writes:
The Carlton Sheets program has been taking heavy fire mainly due to the fact that there are many other people offering programs similar to Mr. Sheets. Please keep in mind that Carlton Sheets was the first. Carlton Sheets is a REAL LIFE realtor and although he does make money, and quite a bit of it, from selling his course, he still actively engages in real estate practices. A friend of mine has a 4-year degree in real estate from the University of Georgia and he has studied over the Carlton Sheets course. The idea of No Down Payment is possible, but very difficult and available mainly to those with outstanding credit. However, the information included is true, up-to-date guidelines that are used daily by the most successful real estate investors nationwide. Carlton Sheet's course is not a scam by any stretch of the imagination, it is a course in real estate investment that must be studied and utilized and can make you money. But do keep in mind, real estate is a business...and as with any business, there are risks. Real estate has many of them, and most are rather expensive risks. Carlton can help you dance around those with ease. ;)

6/16/2006 - Jeremy writes:
I just wanted to tell everyone out there. I did have a problem returning the product, but I called up the minuet I noticed something had gone wrong and the company fixed it for me instantly. They were very polite and I know every one of the people who you say did not help you. Three months after I had this problem I went to work for Carleton, I met these people that I spoke with, and am now selling the program for Him. I also would like to tell all of you that I recently purchased the program again and it is working. To all of you out there who complain about getting payments you did not authorize most of these are for the helpline, and we have to tell you that after the 30 days of free service you will be billed $29.95 if you don't feel it is helping you you will want to cancel it after the 30 days. To the people who say that they did not sign ar agree to any othe payments besides the 9.95 we also have to say that after the 30 day trial you will be charged the other payments and give you the ammounts. After we ask if you "understand and agree to everything to everything I have explained to you today?" Also if we do not say this our quality team listens to every call and we have to call back and explain this to you and ask if you would still like to purchase this course. I have spoken to successful people on the phone and in person. Also I have spoken to unsuccessful people and everyone of these people have not went through the whole course and tried everything in the course. If you try it you will succeed, garenteed.

4/8/2006 - Jay writes:
We bought his course 10 years ago. I knew it was somewhat unrealistic to believe that you could get a property with no money down. CS taught us though how to invest in real estate, how to manage rentors and collect rent every month on the dot. We applied his techniques and used all the forms that he provides ... and we made lots of money in the real estate business. Thanks CS.

4/2/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Hello, I would like to say that I had a favorable experience with the Carlton Sheets course. First of all, you will have to put time into the program to succeed.  After I read the course, I came across the Classic No Money Down scenario, in which the buyer lived 200 miles away & wanted to sell his commercial building. He sold it for $20,000 less than market value, required No Down Payment & a 30 year 7.5% Owner Financed Loan. To me, this is the classic on what to look for, but they are not easy to find. After taxes, insurance, property management fees, I net ~ $700. Now, I did successfully return the Carlton Sheets course since I also read other books with similar information & a friend gave me an older version of the course. If I would not have read his course or other books, then I am sure that I would not have purchased this commercial building since I would only have limited knowledge in real estate investing. I do receive phone calls asking me to purchase the course again & also for coaching. In my opinion, the course & coaching is worth the investment only if you put the time & effort required. If you do not put in the time & energy, then you will not be successful. As I mentioned, I returned the course & did not enroll in coaching. I believe the coaching would lessen the learning curve sooner. Even if you pay $4000 for coaching, after you purchase one property & hold I believe you will have a fantastic return on investment. I also personally know a schoolmate & fellow Military Service member who purchased the Carlton Sheets course & currently has 33 properties in addition to his Construction Business. He told me he applied some of Carlton Sheets concepts & also modified & made up some of his own. For those of you who want to be financially successful, I encourage you to continue working hard @ your day job & invest in Real Estate. If you purchase just one more property in addition to your primary residence, you will take a large step forward towards your financial future. I currently own three (3) rental properties in addition to my primary residence. If you enroll or purchase the Carlton Sheets course, then make sure you put in the time. I want to also say you should not limit yourself to looking for only the No Money Down properties. You will have a much wider range of choices if you can obtain 10-15% of the down payment. Take care & Good Luck to all of you reading this forum. Remember to Take Action instead of always trying to "Waiting for the Perfect Situation." Semper Fi!!!

3/31/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I dont really understand why these people complain to be honest. These people have probly never even tried the course. I am telling you 110% this course works. It does take some work that is no lie,you have to have be dedicated. If you order this course and dont do anything to make it work then yes THIS PROGRAM WONT WORK. However I found If you put half the energy in this as you do in a regular job, you will come out on top. I also have to compliment the billing and cust service. PEOPLE there is not 1 perfect working billing system on earth, there will be mistakes and problems with any company. However I found the cust. Service to be very polite and helpfull.

2/27/2006 - Karl writes:
I bought this course about 8 years ago. I live in a small town of about 800 people. I made 57000 on my first deal. I have bought and sold about 10 properties since then. I have never used my own money for a down payment. I find that if you actually put the work in, it works out.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, you must do your due diligence. karl

12/30/2005 - Delores writes:
I bought Carlton's course about 10 years ago seeing how I had seen him since the early 80's. I just couldn't get involved at that time but viewed all the material and as a business owner I knew that everything he had to offer was true. I have recently pulled it back out and will be purchasing my 1st rental within a month. People can give all kinds of reason's why someone else is at fault but Carlton does not controll what we do "we do". Sincerly Delores Reed

12/6/2005 - Rick writes:
it seems that people want to complain when they do not make money or become rich immediately!  most of the complaints do not seem to be about actual scams, but people not understanding the amount of work needed and they are unwilling to put in the effort.  as they say, you should never wish for an easy fortune, or it will surely be easily lost.  i think the program is a good one, it teaches you not only about RE investing, but also a  bit about mind set which is key.  people will yell its a scam, will criticize and put down, but unless the people who are putting down the program already made their fortune, are they qualified to say what will work?  think about it?  the program works, its mindset that needs to be addressed

11/29/2005 - John writes:
As a successful real estate investor and former user of the No Money Down program I think that most of the problems posted about it are not "scams". They're not things that happen because of a flaw in the program, they happen when people order the program who don't pay attention to detail and end up getting themselves in trouble. I ordered it about two years ago and decided that, although it was full of good information, it didn't tell me anything that I couldn't find in a book. I followed the proper procedure for sending it back and received a full refund with no problems. I have a background in customer service and worked in a call center for a mail order company for 3 years. I encountered complaints like these on a daily basis, and very few of them had any basis in fact. Sure, a company will make mistakes sometimes and screw up your order or your billing. But most of the time the people making these complaints were people who maybe just didn't know what was going on. A 30 day guarantee is a 30 day guarantee. People will screw up and forget to send it back and whine and comlain about how its not fair and they're being taken advantage of. Usually its their own fault. Here's how to keep it from happening to you: 1. Listen to what is being said. 2. Pay attention to detail. 3. When you call customer service, write down the name of the person you spoke to. 4. When ordering or getting a refund, always ask for a confirmation number and write it down. 5. Follow the proper procedure. The Carleton Sheets program is a good introductory course in creative financing, but it won't solve all your problems in life. You have to get out there and make it work for you, while at the same time be sure that you know what you're getting into. If you have a poor credit history or have financial difficulties then you do not have a good track record with using money. If you don't have a good track record of being financially responsible you should not invest in real estate. Best of luck in whatever you do, John

11/20/2005 - Reuben writes:
I bought this, thought it was too simplistic, I wanted a more detailed and specific explanation, and it had a non-working DVD.  I called and they mentioned a more sophisticated product set.  I bought that, and the parts I watched were interesting but not worth the money.  I gave both back in the 30days time frame.  Posted with tracking.  I had no problems getting a refund for the $9.95 and the other course fee. I cannot imagine a more trouble free exchange.  Yet I read the horror stories on here. I suggest you send it back with tracking, if you think they are scammers, and that you comply with the 30days.

8/26/2005 - Ken writes:
I see that most who ordered the course complained about problems cancelling their order, not the information in the course or that they tried it and it did not work. I ordered and I was happy with the information, the videos. I own five homes now. Not all due to this course. I read as many books as possible. Never rely on a single source. Real Estate investing requires time, research, educating yourself and yes, some "money and/or credit." When I was 27 and living in a run-down shack, poor as a church mouse and a single parent, I was approached by an AmWay rep. He said all I had to do was invite people to my home draw circles and sell them on changing their life throuh AmWay. I found it very difficult to convince anyone that came to my home that I was on the right track to riches. The moral is: if you do not have a dime to your name, credit collectors at your door, on the verge of bankruptcy, have no job or prospects of a job, little education, have multiple tongue, eyebrow and lip piercings....take care of those things first, then buy the course.

8/17/2005 - Troy writes:
I have read some of the complaints on this site and feel sorry for those that feel cheated. I have owned the No Down Payment system for approximately 7 months now.  As with everyting, this is not a magic pill.   You must be willing to do something for yourself.  I have found that everyting stated in the inomercial is included in this program. This system gave me the start I needed to enter the market as an investor.  I have purchased 6 SFR to date and hope to enter escrow on my 7th by the end of this week. It sounds to me that people either bought a product they could not afford, or thought they could pay a few hundred bucks and the American Dream would be handed to them on a platter. Again, if you being billed for monies you do not owe, go get them, but I hate to hear people that call themselves "Investors" cry because Sheets had an idea and sold it, and they cannot. Troy, California

8/15/2005 - Adrianna writes:
To everyone that thinks Carlton sheets is a scam: I work for pei...every day i deal with people who cant seem to read.   It says right in the information that you need to call within 30 days to return the course.  If we let people have more than 30 days, it wouldnt be a trial now would it?   Also, if you payed attention when we read our script, maybe you wouldnt get charged for extra materials. We dont just tack things on for the heck of it.  Half the time people dont even listen and they just say uh huh yeah sure trying to get off the phone as fast as possible. You would think when you are going to be giving out your credit card information you would pay attention.  And another thing. If this program was really a scam i dont think Carlton would have been in business for over 20 years, i think that people are just getting lazier and dont want to actually try. Money doesnt just fall in your lap.

8/3/2005 - Rory writes:
I feel there's two sides to this problem.  First, I'm guessing most of the people getting over-charged and screwed, are probably "Not" ordering it directly from Sheets's website.  It's these info commercial companies that are doing the screwing. Secondly, I'm "guessing" those same people often don't take the time to research and check these things out before they make impulse purchases.  This seems evident, based on many of the stated complaints.  I purhased the program from his authorized site and had no problems at all.  Nevertheless, I knew in advance, just by ordering anything over the internet was going to be a risk no matter who or where I order it from.  Whenever you buy anything over the internet, or espeially over the phone, without physically inspecting it first, opens yourself to that inherent risk of getting ripped-off.  It's just part of life.  People throughout history have always been targeted to steal from others, why should now be any different.  I feel, I pretty-much got what I thought purchased, almost.  The only complaint I have, is I thought the course was going to be more "instructor-based."  Instead, the majority of the coarse was "interviewed-based."  What I mean is, almost it's entire coarse you're watching and listening to people's expeirences, verses it "should" be like going to a college class-like setting with one(or more) instructor(s) infront of a chalk board.   Nevertheless, there's plenty of information for anyone to start the realestate investor's career.  Lastly, I also feel, Mr. Sheets, should only offer his course through one distribution company, his own.  We all know, this is true.  Whether or not he still owns all these rights, maybe an entirely different story..  In the end... People!  Stop impulse purchases over the phone and internet!  Do a little research first, then sleep on it, then wake up and do a reality check just to make sure...

8/3/2005 - Gary writes:
I find it so funny that in every complaint, no one actually attempted to put the course to work. Maybe you poeple feel like you're not smart enough to master the simple reading in this course.  This ins't "Harry Potter", it's real estate. Read & review the chapters two, three, foru times so that you can learn and apply the briallant & creative tecniques that Carlton gracious sold you for $9.95.  Complaining about losing $300 when you can protentially make $30,00 is assinine! I probably beat most of you to the punch by buying this course on Ebay for a discount already!  I'm now on the verge of purchasing a property with little money down, and will be smiling all the way to the bank soon.   Stop being lazy, and don't be afriad of change.  The course doesn't come with a million dollars in it, you gotta work for it!  Read, or learn to read, then get up off your butt & actually do something!

7/29/2005 - Rob writes:
I have ordered this product and find it was interesting.  At the end of my 30 days I called to send it back and they said because of the holidays, they were extending it another 30 days.  I got this product for 60 days and they gave me no problem returning it.  I think most complaints come from people that can't get this thing off the ground and do what is needed so they fail and need someone to blame.  This person Sally that is supposedly complaining about "her dad" is so fake.  Evil people will do anything to put someone else down and hurt them and that is evident by all the garbage being said.

Patrick writes:
I dont know about the return policy and dont need to. When I purchase something online or otherwise I do the reserch first.I to bought the Carlton Sheets coarse and found it to be everything it promissed to be and then some.it has benefitted me greatly. in my opinion,there are many people who will purchase a coarse like this realise they actualy have to work for it,starting from the beginning and working there way all the way through is how this works. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS I dont understand how anyone could ever call this anything but a great value, the legal forms alone are worth the price of the coarse.it is easy to look at something say I dont want to do this for whatever reason and presume it is a scam when you realy have no knoledge of what you speak! 

Eric writes:
I work for a company who indeed sells the supplemental products for the Carlton Sheets company. Although I do get mixed responses from the customers that I contact, I do get a lot of good responses from the people who have suceeded with this course. Therefore, the people who are "taken" by Mr. Sheet's company let themselves get overwhelmed with too much information before finishing the first, and this is why they get really upset. The product DOES work!!! You just cannot be lazy, and you have to give the couse the necessary time that it deserves.

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