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1/13/2007 - Maddie writes:
I purchased the dvd's, but as always I wait until they show up at []. Had bad experience with one of the very famous exercise informercial supplier and learned my lesson. If they show up at qvc good if not then I will never get it. LOVE THE DVD'S. They are fun.

1/6/2007 - Brandi writes:
I saw the informercial and was really excited. I don't ever order anything off the TV but this got me pumped enough to do it. I went to the website (as I always do before ordering anything) and found out about the introductory price and how you will be charged a second installment plus membership in a club. It was all spelled out very clearly on the website. I placed my order and a couple of days later I got an email confirmation. Not long after that I recieved another email letting me know the dvd's were on their way and giving me a tracking number. I recieved them yesterday and couldn't be happier. I was worried at first because the package seemed small but all three discs are in one case. It's a hard workout for sure, I was dying by the end but a little while afterwards I felt great. I look forward to recieving more of the videos.

12/2/2006 - Teny writes:
I cannot believe the number of people on this website who are complaining about being scammed by the Core Rhythms sellers! You all have brought this upon yourselves! What ever happened to due dilligence? Do you believe everything you are told withough question, especially where your hard-earned money is concerned? You are capable of getting on the web to complain, but unable to get on the web to do your homework??? I was extremely excited about the product when I saw the infomercial and very eager to make the purchase. I went on their website and was supplied with all the information I needed about the product and the terms and conditions of sale. I was therefore able to determine that I was not able to afford the purchase at that time, however I do intend to purchase the product in the future when I am able to afford it...and I will purchase everything in one lump sum to avoid future charges to my card.

12/1/2006 - Angela writes:
I purchased Core Rhythms from the website. I saw it on TV and the special offer of $14.95, but with any exercise program you buy on TV they always try to sign you up for continous shipments. they didn't lie to anyone-so how is it a scam. If you went on the website you were even given the option to purchase the entire 3 disc set for one set price with nothing more to buy (the one I chose) or the continous shipments. if you don't trust something, don't give them your money or atleast look up the OFFICIAL website if you have questions. I love the product and wish I did sign up for the continuous because it works. i lost inches within my first week of using it.

11/21/2006 - Carrie writes:
I purchased Core Rhythms throught the website after watching the infomercial. The website clearly states two options to purchase the product. I opted out of the club. It is clearly stated that if opting out of the club we purchase the product FULL price, which I did.

11/8/2006 - Marina writes:
I absloutly Adore Core Rhythms and have had woderful service with the company. I did opt for the membership and my only complaints would be that I could not find a way to use a money order for payments, and that the number of workouts included in the membership or length of subscription are not mentioned. I used to be an avid dancer (and hope to be again) and as such am very picky about the quality of dance inspired things like aerobics. Core Rythms is somthing I can stick with for LIFE!

10/16/2006 - Nicolletta writes:
I have no idea if the 800 number operators inform the callers about the monthly subscription, but the Core Rhythms website clearly spells out the details of opting to sign up for the monthly subscription or not. My order went smoothly, I signed up for the montly subscription, got my videos within a week and couldn't be happier. The workouts are a lot of fun. I look forward to receiving the new Core Rhythms workouts!

10/10/2006 - Terri writes:
Our ordering process with Core Rhythms went very smoothly. Of course, we did our homework. First, "audition" means "trial". So we assumed there would either be a second payment or a membership to KEEP the videos. We WANTED the membership, so no problem. Also, we checked out their website, which shows clearly on the TV screen before our purchase, which explained all the purchase options. Even if we had chosen to opt out of the membership, the $60 for the 3 videos is normal for ANY dance videos, and a small price to pay for our health. Complaints I have read seemed to be from others who wanted 3 videos for $15, which is ridiculous!

7/8/2006 - Goldie writes:
My purchase seemed to be taking too long however I did receive my product after contacting the company. They handled everything efficiently and I am thrilled with the product. If you LISTEN to the comercial the 14.95 is the INTRODUCTORY price for a trial. Also, you can sign up for the NON-CLUB membership which is what I did and just received the first set of workouts. It was really easy, and although automated I was given choices to participate or not.
No surprises.

6/10/2006 - CJ writes:
Core Rhythms is a fantastic product produced by the BEST in the dance business. It really works and you absolutely can pick just one video if you like. My sister and I BOTH signed up immediately however she ended up having to cancel and with ONE phone call and no questions asked she was able to do so. I have lost weight and stayed with a program for the first time because core rhythms is so much fun. I want people who are like me to know, it a great product and they are 100% into customer service. We had NO problems whatsoever and had courteous fast reliable service when needed.

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