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8/10/2006 - Gary writes:
I have two Gazelle machines,one Elite one not.I have used these machines for over 3 yrs now,and I can't say enough about there effectives on making me healthier.I had problems with the computer read out on one of the machines, the lady I spoke to, was not sure exactly what was wrong so 7 days later I recieved a brand new Gazelle.One is still boxed up the other two work awesome.With as many customers as Little has, and the amount of product he has in the public there are bound to be a few problems now and then.But these machines rock.

5/21/2006 - Mahesh writes:
Read complaints about this product.I feel I have to write and defend one of the best products I have tried.  We have two in the family and at an average weight of 96Kg's both homes are happy with the build quality.  15 minutes a day provides a great workout with the range of motion helping to align and strengthen my bad posture.  The only problem i have found, and i suspect this of most people who watch infomercials, is getting my butt on it on a regular basis (that means at least five days a week) If you're not doing that don't complain. My two year old pulled the digital monitor off and customer service are sending me a new one. No quibbles.  I get the same if not better workout on this as I used to on the Nordic Ski Walker at my old gym the benefits of which are well recorded.

4/24/2006 - Kathleen writes:
I ordered the Gazelle after taking a major pay cut at my company-I was really depressed and sleeping all the time. I figured that working out would really help and the Gazelle had a money back guarantee. When [] had it on sale, I bit the bullet and bought it. I cannot even express how much I love this machine! I have lost the depression, have a ton of energy and am looking for a new job. It isn't just the exercise machine itself but the motivation and positive message provided by the DVD's included. I know common sense should assert itself and we should know all these positive things to do when our life takes a turn for the worse, but somehow listening to Tony's message while working out gave me the energy and determination to make a career change. He is so positive you can't help feeling better about yourself. Plus, I look absolutely great! I was thin to start, so no fat to lose, really, but have added a lot of shapely muscles and look at least 15 years younger. Everyone at my job has noticed, and with the results I have gotten, I could sell these to just about anyone! Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents worth. If you are serious about working out, you will GET results with this equipment. To those whose machine "creeps", I've got mine on a rug and it doesn't move, so it may help you to do the same. I love you, Tony!

12/26/2005 - Leroy writes:
Geneticaly predisposed to middle age weightgain, I really needed something that works. Simply said, The Gazelle Freestle Elite did not dissapoint. I am losing a consistant and safe two pounds a week with more energy and well being to boot. Small caveat, If you have a hardwood floor the machine will incrememtally creep backward. I was brought to this fact quite startingingly when I heard a distinctive "Swack" on my furniture while in a nice meditative and rythimic state which was really annoying, Adjustment where made.

Bob writes:
I am the happy owner of a Gazelle Freestyle Elite that I purchased from their web site.  While I understand not being happy that you were not charged the $14.95 for the first month and then $99 for 4 the next 4 months, as you were quoted, the selling price for the Elite  is $415 and is only avilable from the Manufacturer. The unit that you saw that  can be had for $100 less, is not the Gazelle Freestyle Elite.  The only place it is available is from Fitness Quest via their Web Site or from the Tv Infomercial.  I have seen several links on the Internet for the Gazelle Freestyle Elite, but when you visit that link, and carefully read the specifications of the product for sale, you quickly realize that it is not the Elite model ( 350 pound capacity, heavier frame, shocks, improved computer with continuous heart rate etc), but the Gazelle Freestyle which sells for $200, in many stores and all over the Internet. 

Tom writes:
I ordered this machine the day before Thanksgiving 2002.  I was told I would receoive it before Christmas.   However, the longshore strike and the trucking strike in California slowed things down a bit.  I finally received the machine about January 10.  I didn't mind the wait as I knew what was going on in the transportation industry. It was not difficult to assemble (one hour), but I did have to watch the video for the final step of installing the electronics.  Since then my general condition, feeling of well being, and energy level has risen. The wait for delivery was not a problem.  I use ut regularly, a half hour every other day and frequently for about 10 minutes in the morning to get myself going, if I have time. I folded the machine up to take to work.  Caveat, when transporting, use bungee cords to keep the pedals from flopping out.  I set it up in the office and most of the employees tried it and there are two who are difinitely going to buy one.  I warned them to place the order early and make sure they purchased the elite model instead of the smaller one.

Russ writes:
My wife and I ordered a refurbished gazelle and could not be happier, we use it every other day, the bill came just as it said it would.   Most of all the so called scams I read sound more like administration problems

Eric writes:
I *love* my Gazelle!  My wife and I shopped around looking for the best price on a Gazelle, once we'd decided to go with this machine.  I found on the "official" website that they sold refurbished models for around a hundred bucks less than the new models.  Being the cheapskate that I am, I chose the Gazelle Elite refurb.  I called the 800 number to order.  The representative told me that the refurb units were backordered, and they didn't have any in at all.  She then told me that I could order now anyway - The only charge for the first month was shipping, and that wouldn't go through until the machine was actually sent.  The rep told me it would be about 6 weeks or more for a refurb unit if I wanted to wait.  I decided to go ahead and order right then, and just wait for it to arrive.  I'm so glad I did - our new machine came just a couple of weeks later, and the company didn't charge my card until it had been shipped.  I only point that out because I know a few others have complained about charges - just like to balance things out.  Anyway, we put the machine together, and it looked and worked fantastic! I *really* can't tell that it's a refurb unit - it looks brand new!  My wife and I love the Gazelle, and we're super happy we got it.  The company hasn't made any unauthorized charges to our card, the machine does what it says it does - I've got nothing but praises for this thing.  Now if I only had more willpower to use it every day...

Joseph writes:
I purchased this open box model off their web site after a few weeks wait listed.  It arrived with the parts pretty disorganized, but I was still able to assemble it properly.  One of the rubber mats did not fit right, and after email to their customer service, I got a prompt reply eager to replace whatever parts I felt were substandard.  This is probably the only infomercial product I have ever purchased that I'm 110% satisfied with.  After throwing out a useless Fliptrak and terrible Orbitrek, I'm finally relieved to finally find a low impact full body exercise I can really enjoy on a regular basis.  Keep in mind, few if any of these infomercial machines ever give you the same workout as traditional no-gimmick exercises.  But if using this machine helps motivate me to exercise more frequently, then it's worth the money for that reason alone.  I strongly advise you get the more expensive Elite model.  I've tried the regular one in Sears and I'm so glad I didn't buy that flimsy one.  Tony Little does not take himself too seriously as you can tell from his Geico commercial, but this product is no joke, it's really that good if you plan on using something regularly for your cardiovascular health, burning excess calories, and muscle tone, and have the room in your home to accomodate it's 3'x6' footprint, about the same space as a twin bed.

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