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10/5/2006 - Elizabeth writes:
Have been running two GP units for over four years now and they are doing exactly what they're supposed to do. As with most things, you need to follow the directions that were included with the units. In particular, as to the issue of the "buzzing" noise, you simply need to clean the grates as usual and prior to reinserting them into the unit, turn the unit upside down for about 5 to 15 seconds. Once returned to the upright position and turned back on the noise will be gone. The small insert that was included with my shipment detailed this procedure and its worked like a charm. As to having to clean the grates with a Q-tip, I've never done more than rinse them off under the spray of the faucet and/or wiped them with a damp sponge. If your grates are so filthy as to require a nearly surgical precision to clean, perhaps you should consider cleaning them more frequently. My husband suffers from household allergies and he wouldn't be without these in our home. They work well and do exactly what they're intended to do and yes, so long as you follow directions, they do so silently as advertised.

9/28/2006 - Brad writes:
I have owned three ionic breezes for several years. They have never caused me any problems. I am a reader of consumer reports and subscribe to the magazine. I feel they did not adequately test the ionic breeze. When you first use and ionic breeze, much of the dust and dirt in the air precipitates out on to the floor, the walls, and the furniture. The air becomes clean, and quite dust free. A stream of sunlight through a window will confirm this. After you sweep and dust the room, the ionic breeze should take care of the rest. I have to clean mine once a week. I'm sure consumer reports did not consider the dirt and dust that was left on the floor and walls as dust removed from the air. They considered, in my opinion, only the dust collected on the collectors. A house full of smokers was left odor free by the next evening. I am a very happy user of the ionic breeze.

8/6/2006 - James writes:
I live on the fringe area of a small town in Indiana. My home is located about 1/8 mile from a working farm. Lots of dust. I've owned and continuously used two Ionic Breeze GP units for more than 5 years. As long as they are properly maintained (cleaned when needed), they work. Period. My wife has breathing difficulties. The IBGP's have noticeably reduced dust and odors in the house. We turn off our IBGP's when the windows are opened. They aren't quite good enough to clean the entire outside world. I believe that many of the problems people have with this product are related to unrealistic expectations or deficiencies with maintenance. Outside of regular cleaning, our maintenance has been limited to recent replacement of the UV antibacterial lights. If the units that we own ever fail, we'll be purchasing replacements in kind.

7/1/2006 - Kelli writes:
We have had our IB Quadra for 2 years now. It has never been noisy. While I agree the IB does not remove any dust, it does help with odors. I think it works like the return vents with our H/A system.

2/1/2006 - Carol writes:
Read complaints about this product.I am amazed at all the complaints about this product! I have been using mine for over a year and am VERY pleased with it! Everyone says my house smells exceptionally clean and I have 2 big dogs. Yes, it does make a crackling sound, BUT only when it needs cleaning. It is so easy to clean too. I have learned 2 important things: do not run when you have candles lit or when you are using a wood burning fireplace. It attracts pollutants (exactly what it is supposed to do!) so it will need a cleaning more often. I will never give up my ionic breeze! If it ever breaks, I will order 2 more!

Sam writes:
I've been using the Ionic Breeze for several months. I have one in my bedroom and one in my den. Both run 24 hours a day. The machines are absolutely silent, so you don't notice them at all. They work absolutely "as advertized" on TV. I keep my home extremely clean, and I am a non-smoker, but the amount of build up on the metal grids, in one weeks time, is just incredible. Every time I clean the metal collectors, which is quick and easy with a damp cloth, I realize that the dust and black sooty build up on them would otherwise have collected in my lungs. I haven't had one single cold since I bought the Ionic Breeze, not one. I breathe easier now, I sleep much better at night, and the air in my home is noticeably fresher. I was amazed that the air DOES flow through the unit without any fan, but it really does. I am very satisfied with the Ionic Breeze - to say the least. I highly recommend this product. It works, as advertised. 

Julia writes:
I have an ionic breeze and since then my son has had 1 asthma attack in the entire year compared to 2-3 each month!  I love my ionic breeze and it's easy to clean!

Maya writes:
I've had this product for about 2 years. I got it super cheap on Sharper Image auctions refurbished, so I was a little worried what to do if it broke down. It's still running strong and takes out all odors esp. the kitty litter and smoke when the fireplace gets out of hand. I don't use it 24/7. I just turn it on when I need it and it does the job. Clean up is really really easy. Just a wet sponge or paper towel.

Rachael writes:
hi, i have had 2 ionic breezes for a year.   it is a wonderful product.  i have 2 dogs but nobody can smell a doggie odor in my home. when my grown daughter and her babies and hubby visit they sleep very peacefully with ionic breeze in their room. i smoke but there is no smoke odor in my house. i had a pot of food on the stove.  it burned.  i took the ionic breeze into the kitchen and in no time smoke smell was gone.

Dan writes:
Although pricy the Ionic Breeze actually works.   I can't compare its performance to other air purifiers, but its the quietest air cleaner, that actually works, I have ever owned.  This is the only Sharper Image product that I have ever thought was worth its money.  Then again the price tag will keep most people away.  I got mine from the Sharper Image website on sale for 50% off.  A friend bought one from ebay at about the same cost.

Barbara writes:
We love our Ionic breeze machines.  We have two or three dogs in the house at any one time, and you can't tell by the smell.   We suffer from sinus allergies and migraines.  If I wake up with a migraine, which I rarely do anymore. The first thing I check is my Ionic breeze, it has always been in need of a cleaning.  My bedroom smells like a stream in the woods after a spring rain. Now the bathroom ones are pretty worthless, they might freshen the air in a closet, but that's about it.  All of our noisy conventional air purifiers are sitting around collecting dust somewhere.

Debbie writes:
I love my Ionic Breezes.  I have 4 and I paid almost $1000 for them, but if you clean the filters about once a weeks, you will see results and you won't have any noise.  If you are having sizzling sounds, you must not have it cleaned properly or it may have moisture on it.

Eric writes:
We've had our Ionic Breeze for a year now and it makes a difference.  My wife got it for half off so we paid less than some.  It will change the odor of a room if you leave the door closed.  It does catch a lot of "stuff" and is easy to clean.  One thing it is NOT is a full-blown HEPA filter.  If you need a big HEPA filter for whatever reasons then get one as the Ionic Breeze cannot do the same job. It is extremely quiet, only making the buzzing/popping noises when it gets really dirty.  Whoever had the noisy one, it was defective and you should have returned it for a new one.  The small version with the nightlight doesn't work very well - use it for a nightlight only and you won't be disappointed.   All in all I like it since it does work to some extent, freshens the odor of the air, and makes virtually no sound.

Alec writes:
Ive had the ionic breeze for over a year and it works very well. It is basically silent, unless its dirty. Cleaning is easy enough, and it definetly picks up some nasty stuff in the air. It's not as great on odors as the commercial claims, and the case gets dirty on the outside and that's a bit difficult to clean, but otherwise a great product.

Martin writes:
I bought 2 Ionic Breeze from the Sharper Image store at the mall.  I also received the small (night light type) one for free with my purchases.  I had seen and heard all the reviews, and I admit I was somewhat skeptical about them. A friend of mine who has them eventually convinced me to give them a try.  I have been very pleased with the results. I believe they do work as I can notice the air quality difference if they haven't been on for whatever reason.  I think the keys are the placement in the household, not leaving them off for too long a period, and to continue to occasionlly dust as part of your housecleaning.   As for cleaning them, yes they're somewhat hard to clean, but no harder to clean then if all the dust from them settled throughout the rest of the room and you had to clean it.  I finally figured out the easiest way to clean them is to take them out back and hose them off (carefully I might add).  It takes about all of 5 minutes to clean each of them,  and then let them dry overnight as the maual says (or thoroughly towel dry them as my wife does).  Either way, just make sure they are completely dry before plugging them back in.  As for the popping, buzzing noises they make occasionally, that usually means they getting dirty again.  The key to keeping them from getting dirty so fast is to continue to dust your house.  I think a lot of people think that these things are "miracle dusters" and they will eliminate all the dust in the house....well, they won't. You still have to dust occasionnally, and change your furnace filter too.  I think these are good for catching the residual dust stirred up for normal household activity.  If you do a fair dusting before using them, and then lightly dust when you are cleaning them, then they work great!  I realize this may be too much for some people, but it works for us.  Thanks!

Tim writes:
For all those complaining about the Ionic Breeze that are basing it on Consumer Reports/CU biased articles, let me inform you that it is CR that is the scam.  They grab hold of a high profile product to bash so they can raise their own subscriptions rates.  They have a long line of doing this, for example the Suzuki Samurai. Let me quote from friends.macjournals.com, "In 1988, CR tested SUVs on its private track in an "avoidance maneuver" test, and found that the Samurai performed well. Then an editor asked to take it for more drives, and in doing so, was able to make the two front wheels rise a foot off the ground. The magazine then put the vehicle through extended tests (that none of the other SUVs had to go through) and found a way to make it roll over, so they graded it "not acceptable." They mentioned this report again in 1996, and this time, Suzuki sued them for libel, saying that the magazine had been looking for a "shocker" story to boost circulation and help pay for its new headquarters... (Here is the catch, and how they get away with this crap) CU says that it can hold any product to any standards it wants, and give it whatever rating it wants, no matter how idiotic or ridiculous those standards may be.... Now, here we are again - the magazine dings a high-profile, expensive product for not behaving like a filter-based air purifier, but pretends that it's really just reporting that the product doesn't act like any air purifier. The Sharper Image had the nerve to sue Consumers Union, but lost because it's not "libel" for Consumer Reports to hold one product to the standards of another class of product, such as rating a toaster poorly because it doesn't work well underwater like a snorkel does. Its f*** rock stupid, but it's not libel." Anyway, let me get back to my own personal experience. I own an Ionic Breeze unit, and found that if you want to really turbo charge its performance, buy a 5 inch fan for about $5.ones that clip on ones desk at one's work place.  The ones you see all over office buildings in people's cubes. Have the fan blow through the Ionic Breeze unit, in from the back and out the front. The Ionic Breeze collection blades are completely covered with a thick dust within an hour or less. It collects more dust in one hour than it did in 24 hours (or longer) before the addition of the cheap and quiet fan. If you want 100% silence, turn the quiet fan to low or even off and use the Ionic Breeze in its naturally designed way.  I have found the fan is so quiet that I leave it running on high 24/7, even while I sleep.  I made myself a Turbo Ionic Breeze for about 5 bucks more, and that really takes the crud out of the air very fast. I think Sharper Image should start adding a quiet high flow fan option to all their Ionic Breeze cleaners, with the option to turn the fan off/on and slow/high speeds. This would allow the IB to do a quick cleansing of a dusty room like what CU/CR insists on testing units for, or be switched into a 'maintenance mode' with no fan. That would shut up Consumer Reports for sure, and make the IB a much more versatile air cleaner.  CR/CU, do you want to test my Turbo Ionic Breeze??? I no longer have dust on my TV or computer screens in my Bedroom where as before they collected dust so fast I had to clean them several times a week. (I live in an older house that is really dusty)  The only place I have dust now (where I have my IB located) is inside my Ionic breeze unit itself. I do have to clean my IB more often now when running the quiet fan, but at least I never again have to pay one penny on replacement filters. Besides if cleaning is done regularly it makes it clean up a lot easier. The longer you let the crud stay on the collection blades, they more glued on it becomes with time. I would recommend anyone with an IB try the fan option if you have a dusty house like my old home, or need to quickly clean a room.  I love my IB, and believe 100% in the technology. Anyway, to get a better understanding of what CU/CR does to products to boost their own subscriptions, go read

Pennyanne writes:
I bought 2 Ionic Breeze Quadra's and got 2 free small room ionics and a car ionic.  I live in a house that is Historical, and was built in 1837.  I do my normal cleaning routine daily as I have 3 large labradors that shed constantly.  I am 44 years old, and since I was 28, I started developing an allery problem, especially in the spring and fall months.  It had gotten progressively worse each year and last year had gotten so bad that I  had watering eyes and literally lived with Vicks Nasal Spray coming out the end of my nose in order to breathe. The last 5 years of my life were the most miserable and I cound only anticipate them getting worse!   I got my Ionic Breeze machines in February of 2005.   It is the FIRST time  since I was 28 years old that I have been able to breathe unhindered whatsoever! My passages are completely open!   I only have to use nose spray when I am out of the house for over 2 hours.  These machines have "changed my life" literally.  I don't care what everyone else says... I KNOW without a doubt that if it weren't for my ionic breeze machines I would be living once again with nose spray to breathe. I believe it was the best investment I have ever made for my own health and well being.

Kevin writes:
I have had my ionic breeze for about 2 months and after the first day there was a very noticeable improvement in my home air quality.  The person with the noisy one, You either have a very dirty house or you aren't cleaning the blades right.  To the guy who supports consumer reports religiously, they may have tons of equipment to test it and all that, but they test it to work the way they think it should work.  They put it in a high air flow area and expect it to work like a HEPA filter.  they are designed for low air flow situations so they can be silent.  They are very effective in their proper environment.  I had loads of dust in my house and a musty odor from cat urine that we could not get rid of.  A day or two after we got the ionic breeze, the smell was gone and the dust had been cut in half.  I would stand by this product

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