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2/6/2007 - Amaryllis writes:
I ordered this product and the information is a success when used and read properly. It seems like the majority of the people complaining can't even use proper grammar and as a result missed that cancel before you are billed every month for the "Property Vault Website" that they keep complaining about. A scam is when someone takes your money and does not provide any service or product. Technically, you are paying to get a product that does provide ways to make large sums of money. I did not have any issues with this company; just more information for my Real Estate Investing Library. Thanks John Beck!

5/18/2006 - Rob writes:
Like many of you, I recently bought the John Beck's Free and Clear program excited about the prospects of making some substantial income.  I got the package and did some cursory reading in the booklets but due to a pressing schedule, I haven't followed through with the program. Just the other day I found this website and after reading other negative posts, I was shocked to realize that I, too, had been charged the $39.95 monthly and I immediately thought it was a scam.  Had I read further and more closely I would have seen that the monthly charge was for website access to a "Property Vault" which I'm sure would be a helpful tool for those interested in following through with the program and I'm certain that others who have complained about this monthly charge were probably as short-sighted as I was initially in not seeing the details clearly spelled out in the welcome letter.  I made a simple phone call to the contact number provided on my bank statement (also provided in the welcome letter)and my cancellation was processed courteously and professionally.  Since I had just made a payment in the last day or so, I was given a refund of that payment as well so my experience with the customer service people was good. I'm a little embarassed that I wasn't more thorough in reading and understanding the material and I do think it is set up to take advantage of others (like me) who have a tendency to skip over the "small details" and want to get to the books but I don't think it's a scam.  As for the mentorship program...  I will have to defer to others accounts but I suspect that they can be of value when you put into your business the effort to make it work.  Perhaps I'll have another post to offer in a couple months. Good Luck to all.

5/17/2006 - Kevin writes:
We purchased a piece of land from the Kern County Tax Sale for $4200 and sold it [] in just 5 days for $6800.   We made $2600.00 with the help of John Becks advisor in a short amount of time. Thank you!  Kevin and Annette

4/27/2006 - Carole writes:
I purchased John Becks realestate program in Feb 2006.I also was contacted by a salesman about three weeeks later.I purchased the complete course for $7,499.00 which included 10 coaching sessions.I also invested another $2,500.00 to incorporate my buisness in Nevada. I also purchased a lot through the land bank in a gated community in Penn. I ran into some problems with the coaching sessions. Once I contacted the support team and vented my issues,they added on three more sessions for free.I also ran into some major problems with the lot that I purchased through the land bank for $1,499.00. I contacted Joyce Beck and Nate Heaps.Two people in charge of the land bank.They responded in a timely manner and admitted that the error was thiers and offered to give me three lots for the price of one.My husband and I took a trip to Penn to see the three lots. We were very upset with what we found. We thought like everyone else who is complaining that this was a scam and we were taken to the cleaners,but we both relized that mistakes happen so we decided to give them the benifit of the doubt and I did my due dilligence and contacted all who I needed to contact and lined all of my ducks in a row before I contacted Joyce Beck and Nate Heaps again and voiced my concerns and disatisfaction with the land bank. I received a responce within a half hour.They admitted that it was thier mistake.It was an error in the reseach department. They apologized profusely and offered to make it right by me and they did. I ended up trading back the three lots in Mountain Top Estates for two much better lots in a much nicer gated community in Stillwater Estates in Monroe County,Penn. I paid $1,499.00 for two lots that value at twice that amount per lot.They also sent me pictures of the lots to use when I resell them for all of my troubles. PEOPLE,Mistakes happen.We are all human,but as far as I am concerned they addressed my issues and fixed the problems to my satisfaction and even went the extra mile. This buisness is like any buisness. You only get out of it what you put into it.If you are unwilling to put in the effort and do the work required,you will get nothing back in return. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot force that horse to drink. You cannot prove by me that John Becks Program is a scam. All of my issues were dealt with to my satisfaction.If people would stop thier complaining and put that energy into working the program they might be surprised with the results.I now own four lots ready for sale.Two of them I have seen they were purchased through Tax liens.The other two I have seen through pictures and have talked to  the people in charge of the Stillwater Estates association and was assured that they are desirable lots and will sell.

4/26/2006 - Rebecca writes:
I am very sorry that all of you got taken by this opportunity. I am in no way affiliated with John Beck or the program. I am just someone who watched the infomercial for years, thinking this has got to be too good to be true. I also know enough to know that you never give personal information to a cmpany you know nothing about. I ordered the program through the mail with a money order, and did not give them my phone number. I recieved everything that the infomercial said that I was supposed to and have bought lots of properties. Although you are correct, the property vault is a waste of time, the program tells you how to get up to date listings from your local government. I hope that all of you get your money back, but most of all, I hope that you have learned to never give in to sales pitches that end up costing you all of your money.

1/20/2006 - Scharlette writes:
Here's the real deal people! People have been purchasing tax sale properties for years. As with any "money making venture" this is a business. Businesses always come with risk. So you want to make money in tax sales. Check with your local tax assessors office. Don't buy into scams. Research Real Estate Investment clubs and talk with investors in your state. Don't buy into a "scam" then complain when they call you for something more. This happens all the time with any televised business opportunity because the people that present the information (such as John Beck, Dave Espino, -remember that Don Lapre teeny tiny classified ads dude? what is he selling vitamins now?-) They are pressured by the telemarketing companies that take the orders ( or order fullfilment companies) to pay more for someone to answer the phone and take your order. I know this because I used to work for West Telemarketing Inbound division. Order fulfillment goes into a system but your order is not filled the same day , sometimes not even the same week. That is why a lot of people do not get their money back. Do the math, if you order something with an estimated 6-8 week delivery (about average for items purchased on television) and your 30 day guarantee starts when your payment is processed, not when you receive it. Will you get your money back when you ask for it? Recommendation: The problem is no John Beck , its the order fulfillment companies. Buy it [] or somewhere else online. You will probably get it from disgruntled person who purchased it, didn't get their money back or waited until past the 30 day guarantee. I purchased mine from a woman who was recently divorced, her ex left it behind. She was selling it for $9.99, I can guarantee you  I won't be getting any calls from any telemarkers (yes telemarketers and they probably work for the same company you called that stupid 800# in the first place)

12/28/2005 - Michael writes:
In 2/2004 I order the Free & Clear package and received it in a week.  After reviewing the information I fould it to be interesting and informitive.  Well worth the price I paid.  I did however return the product for a refund as I lived in a part of upstate NY where there was no tax sales as the county sold the properties thru real estates. I received my refund as promissed. I would highly reconmend the program if you live in a state that has tax sales.   Do your research and see.

Al writes:
i ordered this john beck system and i did recieve it pretty promptly i shall say plus his repersentatives have contacted me to see if i needed any pointers or if they could help in any way!this has happened several different times. though i have not yet made any money off this system , i have yet to actually try to put it to work! 

Ronald writes:
Those complaints are from a time when the infomercial company was overwhelmed with orders.  Also, John Beck was having medical problems so was not able to get the work finished as fast as he wanted. John Beck later revised the material to make it better for the purchasers. I personally have copies of the first and the second edition of the materials.  There is an incredible amount of information in them for the price.  However, they are not exactly "step by step."  Because every state has different laws about collecting delinquent properties and different counties--even those in the same state--have different procedures, you have to get out and learn on your own. There are extremely good deals to be found with tax liens and buying properties with tax liens or tax sales.  I have done so myself.  This is being written June 14, 2003, and on June 9, 2003, I bought two occupied houses for a total of less than $2,500 at a county tax auction.  Now, most of the counties around there did not have any houses on their auctions, so I had to find the one that did. In my opinion, for the price you pay, you get a great bargain if you buy the "Free and Clear" package.  You can order it from the informercial people or directly from John atwww.johnbeck.netwebsite. John, contrary to what is indicated in some of these emotional posts, does not rip off people.  He wants to provide good materials at low prices.  In my opinion, he does do so.

Joanne writes:
I purchased John Beck's Free & Clear program on September 26, 2003 from his website. One week later I received the course.   I found the material to be very informative.  Grant you, he includes a lot of legal jargon but he always summarizes with easy to understand paragraphs. The course is just a starting point, a lot of extra research is needed from the individual ordering the course in order to accomplish any money making goals. As of today, October 18, 2003, I have not been harassed into purchasing any extra items. Also, all my emails have been answered when I have had questions.

Andy writes:
After researching several of the "complaint" websites, I found that most people complained about the product after ordering from Genesis or Family Products LLC.  I found that ordering directly from John Beck was a satisfying experience for everyone whose comments I read.   So I wrote to John explaining that I've heard about the problems with Genesis and FamilyProductsLLC.  He wrote back and said that I could order the exact same product directly from his website atwww.johnbeck.netand it would be shipped the next day provided he had the product in stock at the time. I waited several months as I had other things going on, but I ordered the product the evening of August 6, 2003.  According to the receipt, it was processed August 7th and shipped August 8th.  Everything that was supposed to be there was, except that two of the books were actually on disk (which I find reading from the screen difficult and tiring).   I could get the books by paying an addition $6.95 each, but just printing them would be cheaper. I do find it difficult to understand but then again, I expected to.   Nobody has called me to sell me anything else.  No one has emailed me or contacted me in any way.  There are certain areas that I believe could have been better covered.  I spent $50 and got what I ordered without any hassles.

Melecia writes:
I read the various issues that have come up regarding the ordering of this product.  There were a few sites that also advised the ordering/shipping of the product was the main concern, (which would reflect the distribution center, not John Beck, specifically).  I have ordered the product, and contacted the 'contact us' e-mail address to advise of the concerns I had seen.  My order was completed within 4 days of the contact.  Also - no additional charges for 'mentoring' were requested or charged to my account.  Only the basic price for the product.  I am happy with the ordering/shipping of the Free and Clear program.   Now, it's up to me to see about the results of the program, depending on my efforts.

Moe writes:
I ordered the product and received it within 7 days (rush delivery) and it is very very informative...it teaches you something most people never even heard of. I think it is a great product and i recommend it.

Jonathan writes:
While I haven't had much experience yet with the "mentoring service", my package arrived quickly (even without expediated shipping) and while some of the links in the e-books are now out-of-date, they have still pointed me in the right direction where I can then link to the current version of the site in the e-book. I have had one free consultation with the mentors in UT, and found the experience to be pleasant.  It DOES make me uneasy that they didn't even mention that this service would cost me in the $5K range, but I will deal with that when it comes.   The product I got in the mail, as is, though, was full of GREAT ideas, and I'm already initiating my first tax-sale deal.  In my experience, the people who freak out about initial costs or shipping problems and then never even try to use the info contained in the products are the ones who do the most complaining on the internet.   If you want to get something out of John Beck's Free and Clear, USE the information!  You probably don't even NEED a "mentor."  Just study the info in detail, and put it to work.  The free consulation I had with the mentor did give me a few really good ideas on how to get star-up capital, though, and even if I get asked to pay huge sums for consulting, I probably won't do so, but I'll be thankful for this little piece of info I got!

John writes:
I dont know what you guys are complaining about. After receiving the product, which was delivered by John Beck, i attended all of the coachings. They were so helpful and knowledgable. I was in debt, and i knew it. I needed something quick. I needed cash now. After using the product, which was very easy to read and follow along, i made 32000 on my first purchase. I could not believe that I actually purchases a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home for only 287.78! I am now in the 6digit income bracket. I have quit my job. Its fantastic working from home. John Beck's amazing product saved my life, and my marriage. That low investment of just one payment of 39.99. I boldly defend John Beck, he is not a scammer, but an honest hardworking man. You should all be beggin for this wonderful opportunity.

Jason writes:
This guy doesn't have a clue I work for John beck and what this man stated is not true.

Bill writes:
I just came across this Web site and read some of the postings about John Beck's Free and Clear instructional products. I don't have any recent experience with Beck, but I did buy one of his products in the 1970s (if I recall correctly; it could have been in the '80s, maybe) when I was beginning to invest in real estate. I bought a lot of instructional materials at that time, including Lowry-Nickerson and others with names I don't remember. I do recall being dissatisfied with the Beck materials, and I returned them for a refund. I was sent the refund, and Beck included a note to say that many other people had used his materials successfully. He said something to the effect that I should have given the methods a better trial, but that he was refunding the money as I asked. But there was something about buying tax liens in my area that didn't make sense. I went on to buy rental property and continued that investing for about 25 years, and then sold it all. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a way to make Beck's methods work, but I would be surprised if it were as easy as the informercials I've seen in 2004 make it out to be. And if the materials haven't improved 20 years or more, that's unfortunate. But what's really unfortunate is the record of Beck's failing to issue refunds in a timely manner or at all, as some of the purchasers have described. Thank goodness for Web sites like this one, though. Someone who takes the time to check out a vendor often can find warnings that might be persuasive.

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