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2/8/2007 - Sandie writes:
I read many of the complaints and must say, I never had any of the problems they have experienced. I am very sorry that they did. I saw the infomercial, ordered by free books, paid s&h, the books came in about one week, end of story. I was not charged for a newsletter or anything else. In fact when I ordered the books and the customer service rep went through the whole speech wanting to know if I wanted to order all these other things, I said no to every one of them, and was not charged for anything other then what I called in for. As for the content, alot of people complained that it is full of stuff everyone already knows. Well, for people like me who don't already know this stuff, it has been very eye-opening and informative. I also like how it has many resources that I don't have the time or desire to go on the internet and look for myself. So for me, the book is exactly what I wanted, and I have no complaints.

2/4/2007 - Lisa writes:
I LOVE THIS BOOK!! It has helped me and my family for 2 years now. We have not been having sickness issues and we feel much better, HOWEVER, we ordered the book off of []. I think people are right in saying they are being ripped off. There is a better way to get these great products without getting ripped off. DON'T BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE 800# ON THE INFORMERICALS. I BELIEVE THEY ARE SCAMS EVEN WITH GREAT PRODUCTS.

1/10/2007 - Cliff writes:
I have both the book and the CD. I have noticed that almost everybody who has complained is not complaining about the quality of the book, but rather the lack of after the sale service. I would be pissed too. Nevertheless, the book is excellent and everything that I have researched as a result of reading his book has been fairly accurate. If you are reading this, either go straight to the website or some other outside source to obtain the book. All the infomercials try to get you to buy other stuff. The book is EXCELLENT! Cliff

12/4/2006 - Emily writes:
I read Kevin's 1st book because I was severely diabetic (type 2) and frustrated with the medications I had been fed over the years. I tried EELEOTIN and within 5 months my blood sugars fell from an average of 486 to 170. They are much lower now and I do not take prescription medications anymore. Because of Kevin's bravery to let the public know how crooked the FDA really is, I no longer have to be at the mercy of the doctors anymore and have started a successful business selling ELEOTIN to other type 2 diabetics. His book has definitely changed my life for the better!

11/28/2006 - Cindy writes:
I am a member of the natural cures website and have never had any problems logging on to the site.Its a pretty good site and I thoroughly enjoy it.Ive noticed alot of complaints about being over billed on credit cards, but get this:On my October statement I wasnt billed my monthly fee like I should have been.And all the other months have been billed the correct amount.So when they say they have a computer glitch, yes indeed they do.If they were just scamming me, I would definately have been billed for October, dont ya think.I think the only thing this company might be guilty of is hiring young people instead of experts.Our young people are able to think outside the box, and thats a good thing.But when it comes to billing and computers, they could use some seasoned veterans.

11/19/2006 - Frank writes:
I have bought the Natural Cures book. There was no problems with this book.I did order the news letter,but then decided not to order it I emailed them and right away they got back to me and cancelled my order right off the internet. I suffered from migranes for five years. My doctor prescribed me a medicine called I matrex a very very expensive pill. $175 for six tablets. that was done in 7 days. Add that up for five years. After reading Natural cures and for less than $175 a week I no longer suffer from migranes. I no longer go to the doctors. Thta where the scam is. I now go to a naturalpath. The best thing I ever did. If Kevin does come out with another book I will surely support it. Dont believe doctors or the Fda. Thats my story. Believe me I have never met Kevin nor do I know him, but I do support him.

11/8/2006 - Michael writes:
I want you to know that I have ordered both Books: \"Natural Cures\" and Also \"More Natural Cures\" and I can say that you must have these books!!! I am a Private Investigator and I have been involved with natural cures research for many years and I can say that you will benefit from these books.I even met Mr. Trudeau in person when he visited New Jersey. Mr. Trudeau was very pleasant and a great person to talk to. I hope that you can seriously consider reading both books for yourself before listining to anyone else.I have researched many Natural Health books and I can say that his book is rated \"10\" if I had a rating from 1-10. I personally know of several family members who did not have much faith in Natural Cures until they tried using the information in the natural cures books and today they are in favor of the Natural Cures information it has helped their family with many health issues.I have had my own personal problems with the medical establishments.I challenged them when I had an issue and they were not able to help me with my problem.I used an Alternative Natural Cure to solve my problem.The Medical Doctor was surprised and couldn\'t believe it but he knew that they didn\'t solve my problem.I believe that Medical Doctors can for the most part diagnose a health problem and they can be of great benefit during most medical emergencies. When it comes to non-emergency situations I have seen too much and based on my own and other peoples expierences I would not support the American Medical Association.This based on my oppinion and mostly because of my expirences.We all need to speak out against anything or anyone who is trying to control our lives.I stand for Mr. Kevin Trudeau and his Excellent books.I encourage you to purchase them at your local book store.The Truth Shall Set You Free!!! Live Life, Healthy,Abundant and Prosperous !!!! Check Out an interesting website that is not in anyway linked to me which is called [] I hope that All that you ask for can be answered.Stay Positive and Search for yourself.Don\'t look to men for your answers but to God but God will point you to the right men or woman after you are ready to learn the lessons of life.When you are seeking for Truth and your heart is ready to accept direction. All the true paths will be opened to you and you will be able to take one path at a time. We are all growing and getting closer to our true purpose here on earth. Please learn how to help others see truth and help others learn the true facts on True Natural Health.

11/5/2006 - Laura writes:
Thank you Mr. Kevin for your book. I purchase your 1st book a while ago and find it very helpful.The junk we eat and I did not how to read the labels. Thanks and keep up the good work.

9/8/2006 - Kristin writes:
For most of my life I have lived what Kevin has to say...I agrree with his book no matter how longwinded he is. I do have a problem with the money side.

8/25/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I work for the company that sells this newletter. First off we just merged with them we handle all the CS issues.hours are mon-Fri 8-530pm eastern time. IThe best time to call is around 2-530pm this is the time you will only have to wait about 4 mins to talk to us. We are working hard to pick up the slack of the old company. if your charged $9.95 mth go to naturalcures.com and click my accountand scroll to cancel account. If you are charged 5.95 or 71.40 from the old company that renews each yr call us and we will credit your account. It takes about 3 weeks for this process. PLEASE BE NICE WHEN YOU CALL

7/25/2006 - Anonymous writes:
We ordered the book, and received the CDs and extra stuff right away. We also reuested the newesletter. No one is 100% perfect here on earth. Just take what good ideas you find and go with them. My goodness, do you not think there is a conspiracy and huge bested interests with the Durg producing cartels and the AMA (The American Medical Assoc.)??? The "Business" of "Doctoring" is an evolving one. They certainly don't know "everything". The "profession" did not even "discover" hygene until recetnly in history (100 years ago or so....). I'm glad that someone can come against the Durg cartel, since the Drug cartel buys advertising in all media outlets, and exercises it's power through lobbys, etc..... FDA --- I think the FDA has long ago forgotten what "Food" is. They instead say anything with chemicals and additives is OK, if it doesn't immeadiately kill you. Thanks for the help FDA!!

5/4/2006 - Jackie writes:
I purchase the Natural Cures book,  I purchase mines in a bookstore last Oct  for around $19.95  I have done 3 of the cleanse describe in this book I have lost 15 pounds have more energy than I've had in long time.  I haven't had any headache after I started my 1st cleanses, I've been using organic products.   Do your research, and see lot information on things he speaks about in this book. I did sign up to his website, it only touches up on a little information, but the cleanse recipes are great... I Just use the email contact information and cancel and was sent a full refund for the month previous and wasn't change for the present month. I don't see anything wrong with telling People about how they can eat  and live healthy.

4/26/2006 - Patricia writes:
This is a wonderful book. It is so easy to understand and it has tremendously helped me.  It really opened up my eyes regarding Psychiatric Drugs.  Mr. Trudeau is not a medical doctor, but he is a very knowledgeagle caring individual and I am really thankful that I found his book.  His statements, made me realized that I needed to do research about what psychotic drugs were doing to my brain.    I went to my local library to find his book recommendations. (You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars).  End of the story. I am completely off the psychotic drugs!!!!!!.  I am myself again, I am in tune my feelings.  I had been taking 150 mg of Zoloft and Altivan for the last 18 months.  I've read the books and I gradually started tapering off the drugs.  It took about 2 months, and I have not taken any for the last 2 weeks.  Remember you need to research an be informed informed, informed. The withdrawal symptons mimic the depression feelings, it is important to know this, so that you may not get discouraged and return to the drugs.  But this decision is for yourself, and you must make your own decision and take responsability to research and be informed.  My next life change is to loose some weight, following Mr. Trudeau's recommendation.  I will have another positive anedote in the following month. May God Bless your efforts to live a better life. Sincerely, A Happy Customer.P.S.  Remember all this resources available for free at your local library.

3/31/2006 - Greg writes:
i read kevins book and took the advice on how health and toxic procucts and am very satisfied. i have lost 20 lbs and have never felt better. i went to a natural health practisioner as he recommend and found out i have candida. i am following a candida diet with supplements. i now have hope that i can be as healthy as i let my body cure itself. it seems you have a vendetta against trudeau. are you affliated with any phamacutical companies by chance?

2/22/2006 - Justin writes:
I bought the book at a bookstore...like you are supposed to. I read through the book and actually used the apple cidar vinegar remedy for stomach problems... absolute success. Im sorry that all of you have had the problems with customer service and such. However this book does effectively blow the whistle on our corrupt FDA policies towards drugs. If nothing at all that alone is worth the price of the book. I agree that the subscription newsletter is a waste and he makes himself look bad when he bait and switches on topics like cancer diabetes and such. But since I have read his book I have researched so much on the alternative movement and I have learned a great deal. let me break it down simple for you guys. Work out Eat Right CLEAN YOUR COLON!! Dont take drugs,any. instead look for MDs that use natual medicines. and for god sakes dont give your social or credit card number over the phone. PS the best natural treatments and discussions on treatments are at...

2/14/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I must let everyone know, after seeing "hard sale" live in person, don't blame that head guy you see on the commercial so quickly.  He(she) probably has not even a clue what his "service reps" are doing.  You see, they are only paid when they make a sale; when you agree to buy and buy some more, and they can send over to the finalization(usually credit card) payment agreement.  Trust me, I "worked" for a company for 8 short hours, watched their practises, and also watched them be shut down by RCMP and BBB.  When you're trained, you're trained to Sell Everything You Possibly Can.  If that means Joe's credit card gets charged once a month...big deal, I already made 20 bucks for setting up his request, talking circles around him, and getting his info.  Customer service reps at these companies are trained in the same classroom.  They are not taught to sell, sell, sell; rather they are taught how to wind a long and twisty lie, buy time, and prevent loss of sale.  Nobody is there to help you.  Think about it, nurses and doctors are paid to help, these people don't even need a High School diploma in order to assist you.  The guy on the commercial selling his book is guilty, yes, for not running his company on the line, but think about that room full of people, answering phones, weaving their way into your personal info, and selling to you even after you say no.  They are the real criminals.  By the way, I think watching "Boiler Room" should be a prerequisite for anyone with a credit card.

2/7/2006 - Kristie writes:
After reading the complaints I called the # 1847-777-7132. I cancelled my order with no questions asked and no pressure to keep it.  I will update when I am sure I am not charged for it.

2/2/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I have read this book and was very intrigued by it.  Fortunately, I did not buy this book but checked it out at my local library.  I have heard some horror stories about people who have ordered the book from the infomercials.  I recommend checking your library to see if they have the book or have them do an Interlibrary Loan (borrow the book from another library)for you.  If you do decide to buy the book I would recommend buying it from [].com or someplace like it so you won't have to deal with red tape and be suckered into buying newsletters and memberships.  As far as Kevins book I do agree with a lot of what he suggests to do of how to get rid of toxins in our bodies and how to stay healthy.   But most of the time he is trying to coax you into going to his website and buying the membership and he will give you more information.  You do not need to get membership to find out about natural cures.  Do your own research on natural cures and naturopathic healing and you will find tons of FREE information.  But I do highly recommend reading Kevins book because he has excellent suggestions.  He also lists several other websites in the back of his book where you can get more information.   Personally, I have done a lot of my own research on natural healing and I am taking an enzyme supplement and trying to avoid man made products and eat more organic foods.   Since doing these two things I have noticed a big change in my health and have lost 10 lbs effortlessly.  I can't wait to try the other things Kevin suggests in his book but I will be doing my own research and not join his website membership.

1/31/2006 - Susan writes:
I bought the book Natural Cures at the store and enjoy it and recommend it to my friends! I'm a distributor for a nutrition co. and have been researching nutrition for 4 years now. good advice in this book  for example- 1.is get rid of the microwave 2. use probiotics for digestive trouble have a bowel movement every day ...don't use laxitives 3.eat organic produce and meat 4.use omega 3's to coat the nerves and to assist in using stored fat 5.use antioxident 6.big one- don't eat hydrogenated oil 7.get all metal out of dental work 8.eat 1 apple a day or 2 9.breathe fresh air 10.use an inversion table 11.stay away from dairy products there are only a few  things I don't agree with 1.vitamins -please use high science ones they make a difference Join a nutrition co. there are a few great ones... research this.. look at the sci med board- you'll be doing yourself a BIG healthy favor  and Be Happy.. there is Health and Hope and a bright Future  Susan Wilson

1/22/2006 - Anonymous writes:
This is a rebuttal not for the book/product but for those that feel they've been scammed when they order. I am a call center agent that takes calls for these books. Yes, you are offered different products that we MUST present in order to keep our jobs. We do not necessarily agree or disagree with a product but we are obligated and contracted to read our "script" and offer all the upsells, related to the book, or others. Please, please, please....LISTEN to the infomercial AND read the fine print on the screen BEFORE calling to order anything. As for the Natural Cures book, Kevin DOES say that, for $14.95 for the book, all he asks is that you TRY the newsletter. Yes, you will be billed but can cancel as soon as you hang up the phone, actually. Please don't get mad at the person on the other end of the phone taking your information. YOU decided to call and order the book...we just do our job by taking the information AND offering additional products that we are required to offer.

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