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10/10/2006 - Mary writes:
Hello all! I recently left a bad review for this company based on the telephone experience I had when placing the order. Although they need a new way to order this product, for it does mislead the customer into ordering more than what they needed or wanted, I do love the product. The vacuums did arrive within a few weeks. I received the two that I ordered (1 free), although when ordering they don't give a final total, including shipping. Shipping was ridiculous, but I would still order the product. The vacuum is very handy, easy to use, and it picks up very well. The other reviews made me even more angry after my phone experience, but I have to say that the product makes it all worth it. I did receive a steamer that I thought was supposed to come free, as well, with a charge on it for 20 that I'm going to dispute. All-in-all, I love the vacuum and would order it again. I may order more as gifts. Maybe they'll change their ordering system...I hope. Mary

4/10/2006 - Yevgeniy writes:
Millinex 521 5th avenue, 20th floor, New York, N.Y. 10175 April 10, 2006 To all our Millinex Customers: We are happy to announce that we have expanded our customer service department. In our continued efforts to meet our customer needs, we have added additional customer service lines for both eastern and pacific standard time zones. Our company ships thousands of packages a month directly to customers and retail stores, and we would like to keep each of our individual customers happy and satisfied. We recommend for those of you who have inquiries and want an immediate response, to e-mail us [email protected], your e-mail will be answered in detail within 24 hours. For Customer Service Assistance: 800-711-8357- 9-5 Pacific Standard Time 800 716-8667- 9-5 Eastern Standard time

4/6/2006 - Wendy writes:
Hi my name is Wendy, and i also ordered the powerstorm vac by milinex, i ordered it the first part os Feb, and today is April 6th, i was also mad, but i got it toda, i ordered from TV, and they claim to have gotten way more orders then they could fill and they were back ordered, but try calling 1 800 939-2196, but i must warn you when it started to ring, and it picked up, a recording will come on and then put you back on hold, i swear i put my phone on specker and let it ring for 20 minutes, and that is no lie, there is only person there day and night, so if you can wait them out, you will find out something, or write them at... PowerStormVac, PO box 10100 Van Nuys Cal. -91410- that was the address that was on the box with the vacuum, and please let me say the vacuum is great, so it's worth it if you can wait it out, but call that number let it ring, ring, and ring, but she will know about your order. Good Luck, Wendy

1/5/2006 - Dmitriy writes:
hello, my name is Dmitriy Uman , i'm the web master and the owner of milinex.net and milinex.tv web sites. All, and i mean all, of our clients got their products! Please do not include a web site by association, like you did with mine. What ever others are doing is not my fault! Please, appologies and clear my name once and for all! unless you have a complaint about my web sites! I can be reached [email protected] you.

12/9/2005 - Marian writes:
Hi, I read your complaints about the igea vacuums.  my story is similar but i have gotten a refund.  they took out 186.93 (ish) out of my account and i called to get a summary of my charges.  i cancelled some of the items which would have come to about 300.00.  so, i guess since i didn't want it all, they cancelled my complete order.  i didn't know that so i called to find out when my vacuums were coming.  that's when i found out the order had been cancelled.  i demanded a refund within a week and i actually got it in 1 day.  i talked to a mary at 212-575-0500.  you have to be forceful and give them the impression that they will be sued in a minute. let me know how it goes. the office hours are 10 - 4 est. 

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