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9/24/2006 - Rebecca writes:
My husband and I tried SMC when we both were out of work and although we are not still selling, it is not because we were unhappy with it. Selling is not easy. I have always been in retail, so for me it was fairly easy, you have to convince your customer your products are what they need. I loved the products which were exactly as pictured. Mt husband had a harder time with it, but he has never sold anything. SMC is not for everyonr, but for those who are willing to put in hard work everyday. You have to go out there and make contacts and really promote your business. We are always saying we will get back into it and when we have the time we will.

9/17/2006 - Andy writes:
I was a SMC reseller for a number of years. Even though there are few things a little shady about them (I signed up for a lifetime membership, but still had to pay yearly renewal; their shipping feeds are kind of high; website that contains product descriptions and images is inconvenient and not up to date), they are a legitimate business opportunity. Their infomercial does pay an overly rosy picture of how easy it is to make money, but that's how most infomercials are. I have sold a number of items from SMC catalog, especially during Christmas time. I also have few of their decorative product in my home and they look great. Couple of things to consider before signing up: 1. The money you make is proportional to the energy you put in. I have made some profit, but I have seen a person who apparently struck agreements with most gas stations in my city and they all sell stuff that I can recognize from SMC catalog. That person must be making great money, but I am sure it was quite a bit of work getting these agreements in place. 2. There will be a lot of competition - whether you are selling via [], Web or a flea market, count on having other SMC resellers nearby.

8/19/2006 - Van writes:
My wife and I have been in SMC for more than three years and I'm glad we have. First let me say we work at it very hard every day. Our business is growing every day, thus far this year we have gross over 40,000 dollars in sales. For us that is better than 20,000 in profit. I really don't know what we would have done without SMC. We serve a niche market and have many repeat clients. A large portion of our profits go back into the business for marketing cost. I believe that those who are unhappy with SMC were looking for the easy money. There are no free lunch's. I know SMC makes it sound like it is so easy..... it is if you give it a 100% effort. I have been in and out of a lot of business deals and failed at must of them, SMC is a success for us.You can write to me at []

1/18/2006 - Robert writes:
I've been with SMC for about 7 years and although I'm not the aggressive busy person, I have made money with their products and have been totally satisfied with the quality. When I first used the product, I ordered 30 or so items at around $150. I went to a local swapmeet and made around $300. It was a simple, buy at low and sell and high story.

Kenneth writes:
If you are researching SMC thinking about purchasing their business kit I suggest it. As with all businesses, success depends on the person trying to make it work. I've bought the kit twice and both times have made my money back. No, I'm not what you would call a great success story, but that's my own fault because I haven't put the effort in working it. I assure you that it does work. On one single catalog order I made $250+ and that was after giving my customer a 25% discount. At a festival I sold $100+ worth of merchandise NOT TRYING. At my bowling league I sold $50+ worth of merchandise without personally selling anything I just set the catalog out and some order forms and after bowling was over I had orders waiting for me. So it does work if you work it. 

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