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2/17/2007 - Stacey writes:
I have not had any problem with mine... at least none that I didn't create myself. Maybe they were made better in 2004 then they are now. My mom bought it for me over 2 years ago for my 37th birthday. Although I do have very healthy hair. It's never been colored or permed. I have medium curly red hair... falls in ringlets or used to. I used it almost non stop for the first year then 2 or 3 times a month the following year. Now my hair is just wavy, I've worn the ringlets down to just waves. BUT HERE'S THE KICKER OF MY STORY... Last year I actually turned it on one morning with it hanging on a hook by the hinge and forgot that I had turned it on. My husband come home in the afternoon and smelled something burning in the back of the house. When he found that it was my TCP iron he unplugged it and tossed it (litterally) into the garage to cool off. It had white steam or smoke streaks going from the plates to the hinge when I retrieved it from the garage and it smelled real bad like smoke (so did our bathroom and bedroom). Needless to say my husband was not happy about the smell. Ooops! I cleaned up the iron and in a couple of days turned it back on again (with fingers crossed). It worked! I was shocked and couldn't belive it. I don't use it as much as I did when I first got it, but when I do, it still works great. I do not use any other products on my hair when I straighten it either. I keep the dial at 300 or a little higher. In the beginning I dialed it all the way up but it gave me real bad split ends. It has been known to grab my hair but that's only when I try to iron too big of a section at a time. It's only down fall is that it's time consuming since you do need to use very small sections of hair at a time. But when I do use it I get loads of compliments.

11/8/2006 - Chantel writes:
I was surprised to see so many un happy people. I bought mine over two years ago, and have not a problem with it. My hair loves it too...one of my dear friends even bought one because she loved mine. She has fine hair and I have course thick hair, it worked on both of ours It does a wonderful job for me. People have even asked "did you go to the salon today" I laugh and say no. It wasn't the cheapest flat iron I have used and brought, but my hair is always healthy. I love the product...very happy customer for 2 years

9/17/2006 - Shannon writes:
I bought the TCP last year. I have very thick hair and this helped with straightening it out. I have used this product frequently and have never had any problems with pain chipping off, power problems, etc. Funny thing is..I spent about 139.00 dollars on this. After having it for several weeks I notice a credit on my account for the full amount and then receive a letter from them apologizing that I was unsatisified with the product and they had received my return and had given me the refund. I never sent it back...but at least I got it for free..lol.

4/28/2006 - Margaret writes:
Read complaints about this product.I am shocked to read all this negative information about True Ceramic Pro. I've had mine for a year and a half - using it everyday, I love it so much - and just went online to order another one when I saw this information. I've DROPPED the iron about half a dozen times and it still works beautifully. I'd hate to be without it!

8/4/2005 - Tiffany writes:
I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones who got a REAL TCP.  I ordered mine back in December of last year directly off of the infomercial.  I've had it for eight months and the plates have never chipped off.  A good way to check if you're getting a real TCP before even using it on your hair is to check and see if the color of the plates change. If you have a real TCP the plates will change from bright red to a deep maroon if it gets hot.  If there is no color change, don't use it!  Just return it.  I believe they are giving out replacements with free return shipping, but I don't know about refunds.  I wonder when the bad ones started going out?  I suppose I'm just lucky to have gotten a good one because it works very, very well.

7/29/2005 - Caroline writes:
Well, I got mine, a defective one, within a week of ordering it.  The color on the plates started coming off.  I called the company and they sent me another one, and told me not to send them the defective one until I received a pre-paid envelope from them.  I was really glad because even my defective one worked amazingly well.  I went to the beach, and my hair didn't get frizzy.  That to me is a miracle.  Anyway, I received my new one within five days of my phone call, and I am still waiting for my prepaid envelope.   Worst case scenario?  I end up with two.

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