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12/8/2006 - Joe writes:
Hi my name is Joe,and i work for VP,and i would just like to say most of the people that call in arnt bright,no offense,when you order online her is a hint. Read the *terms of Agreement* i get some many call a day and i ask them if they read it,and they say yes.but obviously not, then customers would know what there getting billed for.and on top of that the people who said they never orders,your address, names,credit card info and how you ordered is on the screen when we pull up the account so you obviously put your information in nobody stole it,there are very few people who get fraud,and when you order over the phone the person you talk to reads a script when there talking to you and they have to read it word for word or they get fired so when you say they didnt mention anything about the review offer your lying.So i just want to let all of you know that if you feel that video professor tricked they didnt i can honestly say 95% of the time its your fault,and one last thing dont say your going to tell the BBB(better buisness buerou)because were apart of that so your just make yourself seem ignorant when you say that. i just thougt id say somthing for the customer service employees who deal with stressfull customers all day when most if not all of the time its the customers own fault there in the situation there in

9/8/2006 - NIck writes:
Hi,I am a customer service rep with Video Professor and just started about three months ago. I would like to just say Video Professor has been around for nearly 20 years, and in no way is a scam. The offer you see on TV is absolutely true, but when you call in for that we explain the review program, which is required by law that we get an ok from a customer before we set them up on it. But all offers are explained on the telephone and if you don't understand the offer but accept it and don't ask the rep what they mean, then they automatically assume you understand. And also, if you receive a lesson you feel you didn't agree to all you need to do is call and get a return authorization number because if you put return to the sender on the package then we never receive it. Also, if you order online, you must click the I agree box for the How It Works explanation, which completely covers the review offer. I just want to defend Video Professor by saying if you don't understand what the rep is saying, ask what they mean, don't just say ok. If you want the free cd and that's it, just tell them. Thank you.

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