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Complaint Form
Have you ever been scammed by an infomercial company? Are you upset because an infomercial product didn't meet expectations? Maybe you paid for a product that you never received? If so, we would like to hear from you. Simply fill out the form below.

Note: Scams are posted uncensored. Although we try to post as soon as possible, your complaint may take several weeks to get posted. Your complaint may or may never get posted.

Complaint Guidelines:

  • Use this form ONLY to report a scam! Advice and questions should be discussed here.
  • Complaints must be infomercial related
  • Discuss only one product per submission
  • Describe your own personal experience of the product you are reporting

We do not post the following:

  • physical harm or death threats against individuals reported on this site
  • personal addresses or phone numbers of company owners, their families, or their employees
  • email transactions between complainant and manufacturer
  • advertisements, email addresses, or websites that are not relevant to the complaint
  • HTML tags, code, scripts
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