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12 In One Multivitamin Complaints
Total Complaints: 8
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2/14/2007 - Lisa writes:
I ordered this product on a 30-day trial for both myself and my husband. Neither of us really thought the product was any better than the multi-vitamins we had been taking and thought they were too expensive to continue. My packet said that I could sign up for auto shipments if I liked the product, but I did not. I was billed at the end of my 30 days for what I had ordered (fair enough) but the received the auto shipment and was billed a few days later on my debit card. I sent the product back unopened with a note "return to sender product not ordered credit requested." I still to this day cannot even locate a phone number or find this company online to follow-up on my credit. Some of you list that you have spoken to the company. Does anyone have a direct phone number?

2/7/2007 - Jill writes:
I really am upset that I couldn't get any satisfaction from this company. I tried to call and cancel my autoshipment order but there was no 12 in one vitamins co. at three different numbers they gave me. They've been charging enormous amounts of money to my debit card. I'm going to call today to have my card cancelled. I'm now stuck with these vitamins, I don't know if they are good to take or they'll harm me. I've learned my lesson about listening to tv informercials. They really are no good. The thing that bothers me is that the informercial for 12 in multivitamins is still on tv scaming other people. I also tried to call Ultimate Nutraceudicals LLC, the operator looked in Van Nuys, California, where the return address was no listing and Los Angeles, California where the billing invoice came from, no listing. So basically I've been scammed. Let's get these guys off tv so no one else will be hurt.

1/26/2007 - Steve writes:
Follow up - Still NO refund. And now they claim that once the product is in your hand, you can ONLY get a 50% refund. STEER clear of this company! I hope the html tags work and do not look confusing. Join me in officially causing some pain for this company by filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC.gov Be sure to mention the company name: "Ultimate Nutraceuticals LLC" with the product name "12 In One Vitamin" The Address to report is PO Box 10455 Van Nuys CA 91410 Let's report these guys!

1/19/2007 - Steve writes:
Buyer Beware!!! I tried to order this product. Silly me for staying up past midnight watching TV. Anyway, I ordered 2 of the men's product (one for me, one for my dad) and 2 women's product (one for my wife and one for my mother). Unfortunately, I got a headache both times I took the product so I never gave it to my other family members, not to mention that they sent me 4 bottles of the men's product. So this was charged on December 11 (06), and through the Christmas and New Year holidays, this was the last thing on my mind, even though I had the boxes on the floor of my office to deal with it soon. So then on Jan 19th (07) I noticed 2 seperate charges for $64.54 on my account on Jan 4th and Jan 14th (via electronic banking - a MUST!). I called in to "cancel" my subscription and see about returning the products and stop any further charges. At first, I was given the lecture that my "30 day trial" was over and once the products were in my hand past 30 days, there was no way to get a refund. AND - since the second shippment that I had just been charged for had no actually left the warehouse, she (Gabriella) could not cancel my subscription as my status was listed as "processing". After going round and round for almost 30 minutes (and finding this site in the process and letting her know I was already filling out this very complaint - she stated tjat I should have cancelled by Jan 11th to get my money back. But WAIT - - I was chardged on Jan 4th - BEFORE my trial time was up. With this discovery, Gabriella admitted that there was an error on their part and offered me a CREDIT for that order since I was charged before I had a chance to cancel. THEN - we discussed how I never recieved the womens product - and instead had 4 bottles of mens vitamins. So - fortunately for me, Gabriella authorized a REFUND with an RMA number. The difference was that I only had to mail the erroneous order back to get my money. So - EVEN THOUGH I was serverly upset to be told that I was not going to get my money back in the beginning - I have to say THANK YOU to Gabriella for finding a way to make it so I would get reimbursed. Lesson learned - A 30 DAY RISK FREE trial is ONLY good if you ACT on it right away. In this case - if I actually see the 2 charges of $64.54 returned to my account, I will at least be a HAPPY disatisfied customer. Here is the phone number if YOU need to call them: 800-941-8032. And YES it will take about 6 minutes to get a live person as you listen to their music - but hold on and you MIGHT get customer service. - Steve

1/12/2007 - Karen writes:
My husband ordered a free mon th of mens and womens. He got his but the womens were of back order. When we go the womens we had a double order. Within 20 days I called to cancel mens they talked me into getting 6 mos at a huge discount. So the next week i did the same for the womens. then in 2 weeks I got a double order for the womens that I had changed to the order for 6 months. They said I could only get my refund back on the first order ($7.95) So I got mad and cancelled everything. To make a long story short We go the mens on 9/28/06, (it is now 1/12/07) since then we have been charged $318.35!!!They said they would refund $164.80, today they said $147.80 (they don't give back shipping unless it was their mistake).

11/8/2006 - Vivian writes:
Be careful..this is bait and switch. I also fell for the free trial of $7.95. Days went by and I saw no charge on my bank account, so I called "customer service". Sounded like a very noisy warehouse(should have been a tip-off) with a customer rep who said my product was backordered, but would send me the SAME product for $29.90! I fell again, I'm ashamed to say! He was unable to give me an order number, because computers were slow(yea,right!). When I found this website, I was horrified, so I called back to cancel both orders.At first she said she couldn't do it without an order number, but I insisted. She finally said they were both cancelled, but I don't believe it. I have changed my debit card because I don't want these people to have my #.I am embarrassed that I fell for this, but want to save other people the aggravation!

10/28/2006 - Linda writes:
Be careful..be careful...be careful here They claim you get a chance to try their free vitamins for a month OK here is the deal.. I signed up for them..the mens and the womens vitamins When you check the little box, it says you are ordering two!!! So you get one free and pay for the other right? ah...nope You try it for a month and send it back if you dont like it. If you do nothing you will be billed for two bottles and be put on auto ship for more to come your way..two at a time!! They are extremely expensive ...like 29.00 a bottle. Since I ordered 4 bottles after a month i would be charged 120.00 and then have 4 more on the way! It is so misleading..and I have a college degree! So I called to cancel the auto ship. I was given a number to enter on each package I sent back. I asked for an email confirmation, or a piece of paper to be mailed to be with this information... nope.. they dont do that So it boils down to my word against their word...if i continue to get charged i am sending the whole thing back with signature confirmation and contacting my credit card just in case... dont bother with this... people who scam you before you even try the product are not worth giving a cent to

10/15/2006 - Michael writes:
I order this product after I watched Mr. Klee tell me about this product with the host on a infocommerical. I could try it for risk free for 30 days and Just pay for the shipping. If I likes the product I would get it every month but If I did not likes it..Just return and that it. So i went to the website and pay for this product and was billed for $7.95. But then two week later my credit card was billed not $7.95 but $37.50. I connact the company and did not get any straight answer why the extra $29.55. when on the infocommerial the first shipment would only cost $7.95...Never was told that I would be paying More.

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