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1/2/2007 - Frank writes:
I ordered a reverse lookup on a phone number. US Search said they had the information (name & address) that I could immediately purchase. I paid with a credit card. Then I was told the information was NOT available & I would receive something in 48 hours after a more extensive search. LIE #1 The next day I get an email stating the search was completed. It was for a totally different number from the one I requested. LIE #2 Now I'm trying to get a refund as promised on their web site. They want to give me a credit. LIE #3 UPDATE: I'm the person that submitted the report below. In all fairness to these people. They finally contacted me and made a full refund.

7/29/2006 - Kay writes:
I'm looking for the current address of my sister who has been estranged from me for a number of years. The US Search site showed a number of "hits" in communities where I knew that she had previously lived, so I supposed that the site was perhaps legit. I immediately became suspicious when a receipt of the order page was not mailed to my e-mail address as promised, and when the order showed a $79.95 charge rather than the $20. charge I thought I had incurred. I have received no information from them so far. It was stated that the information would be e-mailed to me when the search was completed. In addition to this, they now have my credit card number which I gave them when the form showed a padlocked site.

9/13/2005 - Brooke writes:
My mother-in-law died recently, and my husband and I are trying to contact his father to let him know.   Based on the preliminary information the US Search web site provided, I ordered an "Advanced People Locate" search for $39.95.  This search is stated to include: Current & previous addresses Phone numbers (if available) Possible aliases (including maiden name) In the comments section of the order form, I provided additional information to help them determine if they found the person I am looking for.  In it, I included a former address (but not the most recent.)  When I received my search results, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the report that I had not already provided them.   Even I was able to find a more recent address then they "found"! To make matters worse, my "search results" included the news that a better search was available, for an additional $60.00. I wrote the following to both the public relations and clarification addresses they provide: I just received the results of your search for **** **** (Search ID Number: ********) for which I paid $40.00.  These results do not contain any information that I did not already provide your company.  Your web site states that it provides current and previous addresses in the report I paid for, but you only provided the TEN YEAR OLD address I gave to clarify which **** **** I was searching for.  You did not even turn up the more recent ones that I have found myself!   It did, however, offer to so a "better" search for more money. Since I would like to assume that your service is not a scam, I am going to respectfully request to have the search I paid for (including CURRENT AND PREVIOUS ADDRESSES) done and sent to me. No response

Tina writes:
One day I was watching a well known talk show that was having a "Help me find my long lost relative/friend" show. Well at the end of the show they gave out the name and number of the company that supposedly helping   them find these hard to find people. There were a few people I wanted to find and I assumed that if this talk show thought the company was legit then it was. So I called 1-800-US Search and was told to wait a week or so before the information came in. Well I waited and shortly received a package in the mail containing the documents US Search had promised (By the way it cost me $150.00 to search for 2 people). To my extreme disappointment it was a list of phone book numbers and addresses that could have been obtained for free!!! Needless to say I did not find the people I was looking for and I had just wasted $150.00. The lesson learned is don't let desperation lead you to what you may think is easy gratification. Life is never easy! 

Ron writes:
I ordered a search from 1-800 us Search. They sent me 3 address for $9.99.  After this, they sent me a coupon for $10 off a higher priced search. I searched their FAQ's and Terms - it said that if you had an issue with it you could email customer service - in no way does it flat out state that there is no refund possible - so I paid $49.99 for a search and it returned with a SLEW of useless addresses and information. I wrote back and asked for a refund based on this - there was nothing you couldn't find by poking around a bit - and they refused stating their policy did not include refunds and it states that clearly on the website - it does not. That's a lie right there. The IRONY is I did FIND the person - from one address on the $9.99 report and figured out after I found them that the rest of the information was useless and more over - REDUNDANT. I would have wasted $100 sending out letters to EVERYONE on the list they sent me and in reality there was NO relevant info on that list - when I met the person I was looking for, I figured out what I should have realized before - I wasted $60 on this scam.

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