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30 Minute Money System Complaints
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7/25/2006 - Deborah writes:
Gerald's story is also my own. I, after many years, am still paying for the mistake of trusting the individuals at 30 Minute Money System dba Mustang Marketing and who are also associated with igrapevine, Banner Co-op and Merchant Services. I also purchased the introductory package at 39.99, only to be smooth-talked into paying over $6000 for the promise of a coach to guide me through the maze of internet advertising. I was made to believe that their coaching and the tools they offered could help promote my existing website, which infact was a lie. They said and did anything to get me to lay out the money. Soon after they received my money the charismatic phone conversations ceased, no longer was I made to feel like I was their number one priority, infact I couldn't get them to return my calls and the numbers they gave me never reached them directly anymore. It's been years now trying to get some response and for any agency to get results from my complaints. These people are cons, bilking people for money they don't have and promising them a better life. What we have gotten are more bills to pay. If there is any way for those of us that have been taken by them to come together and find those responsible so legal action can be taken, please let us know. They are the ones that must pay!!

9/28/2005 - Hector writes:
Read defenses for this product.I purchased the 30 minute money system $39. and i select the website development plan Internet grapevine, mustang marketing. i lost $6,000.00 in my credit card and now that company just gone. i submit my complaint to the FTC and just because that company does not answer the phone they could do nothing.

Angela writes:
I purchased the 30 minute money system and trust me it does not make you money. I order the bloody thing in july and i recieved it in september it stated 1 to 2 weeks. I am so angry. Right now I am trying to send it back and get my $39. Please do not buy off of the television. They are so fake and money hungry idiots.

Gerald writes:
Originally saw the infomercial for "30 Minute Money System" on the FOX Network television at about 3 A.M. The program lasted 30 minutes and offered a way to work from your home and realize thousands in profits while working only 30 minutes per day. They had two marketing schemes; one involved grocery coupon booklets and the other was a website development plan. I listened to the whole program and thought that perhaps the grocery coupon plan might be just the thing to do for my upcoming retirement. The show featured people who said things like, "I made $4,000.00 in one day putting grocery coupon fliers and windshields at the Eckard Drug Store near my house. The idea seemed feasible so I called them up and had them send their introductory package. I read all the materiels and looked at all the samples......and then decided I'd try it. It has to be the worse mistake I ever made. To get started at the base level cost $6,111.00. For this amount they furnished 600 grocery coupon books with coupons in them worth $500.00 worth of grocery coupons. 3500 brocures, for placement on doors and windshields and 6 plastic store stands. They also sent booklets that defined how the sales program was supposed to work and defined their mentor program whereby you "coach" would guide you through the steps to huge rewards. Almost immediately after I received these materiels, E-Commerce called me to congratulate me for my "wise" decision and said that I'd be needing a credit card processing machine. They said that it would pay for itself, because most people would re-order at least two grocery coupon books. The credit card machine was furnished on an inescapable lease at a cost of $4,000.00 (to date it's never been out of the box it came in). So now with everything in place, I have sent out hundreds of letters to interest people in useing these grocery coupon booklets for fund raisers. I've placed hundreds of fliers on doors and windshields, and finally as a last resort I've given away the coupon booklets to churches in lots of 100 in hopes that the church members would use them and re-order. The books cost $29.95 each. To date, in almost a year, I've never received a single order! I'm now one and a half months from retiring and still owe most of what this misadventure cost me. Not to mention the $19.95 per month that the Processing Center bills my credit card month for the worthless "Motivational Tape" they send out each month. The credit card machine leasing company withdraws $79.00 per month from my checking account, and the credit clearing house exacts $25.00 per month from my checking account for a processing fee, and a non-use fee. Not to mention the $80.00 I had to pay for a businiss liscense. Now that I'm about to retire I don't know what to do. It will take 1/4 of my savings to pay off all of this mess, and my monthly income will be only $450.00. I guess what I'm saying here is be very, very, careful. The people who promote this marketing program are very smooth, professional, liars and theives. The only thing the "30 Minute Money System" refers to is the time it takes them to steal thousands of dollars from thier victims. If you ever hear of, or are yourself planning to take legal action against these people, please let me know. I'd like to suggest that these people be rounded up taken out and shot.....after they make reparations to all those they've hurt. I consider them to be as dangerous as those involved in the Enron incident.

Troy writes:
Everything that poor Gerald said about the "30 Minute Money System" is true.  I have been scammed by both the "30 Minute Money System" and E-Commerce in the exact same manner has he described.   I would like to heartily endorse his recommendation that these people ("beasts" is a more appropriate term) be shot.

Paula writes:
The first time I saw this individual selling a product for 19.95 was on an infomercial in Arizona claiming how to  place ads in papers etc., selling G*D only knows what, and making thousands. Then once you pick up the phone to make just an inquiry, the high pressure sales people get on the phone with you and before you know it you're spending hundreds of dollars for something you've been told will change you life forever, and make you very rich taking very little time and effort. Then he explained he could set you up with a 1-900 business, so you can make money hand over fist selling primarily adult entertainment or psychic services at $1.99 to $4.99 per minute. The individual in question is named Don Lapre. It is his face pictured above the "Money Makers" category. He lived in Arizona for a long time until local news media exposed him for the fraud he is. As a matter of fact they broadcast the segments from right in front of his home. A very nice one I might add. The Arizona Better Business Bureau has so many complaints on this man, he was forced to leave Arizona, had to think of a new gig without the name of Don Lapre showing up anywhere in the marketing, and moved to Florida where the laws are remarkably more lax. For those of you that frequently ponder buying products off informercials should think long and hard before picking up that phone especially if you see the same face as the one above the title "Money Makers", DON'T DO IT! If you feel the urge to buy any product that has that face connected to it, you might as well set fire to your money and roast a few weenies. You'll have more fun, and at least get something to eat while you're at it. It seems and probably is criminal the way Don Lapre' takes hundreds of dollars from people and sends them things they already have or can get for free, (like written instructions on how to do something or information) This guy's castle will crumble someday and hopefully he'll go to prison for what he is doing. Check what I am saying look up his name. You'll see.

John writes:
i ordered the system it started off at 39.00 dollars then they said i could make money by setting up 900 lines and after it was done i had a credit bill close to 4 or 5 thosand dollars from  the don lapre system.

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