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4X Made Easy Complaints
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2/9/2007 - Scott writes:
I attended the 2 hr seminar. Despite my better judgement, I bought the Premiere Trade software and monthly data feed. I got comfortable enough to purchase it basd upon the repeated promises of a money back guarantee. After serious effort, I returned my software and have been promised a refund (they keep telling me a check is in the mail). If you read about the founder, Dicks, he has a very suspect past. My advice; don't purchase the software, I'm think this is a ruse to get your money and then you will lose interest after a lot of time and money wasted. If you do purchase it, do so via a major credit card and refute the charge with them. These guys are bad news. Stay away and you will already be financially better off. If this is not a scam, it is a very poor, overpriced product with lame support and no money back guarantee. The Attorney General needs to look into this.

1/1/2007 - Alan writes:
I attended a 4X 2 hour seminar recently. I was impressed with Rich's delivery and professionalism. BUT they would not let me attend the one full day class till they had my money! I am a yacht broker; ALL my clients are allowed to try out the vessel first. If they like it they buy it. If not, thats the business! I am skeptical that I can buy a $4000 dollare software and become a millionaire overnight!

12/15/2006 - Santa writes:
Yes I have been a real victim of this company. I tried to return the product at the 1 day class however Mark Schumacher refused to let me return the product. Saying that I had not really tried to use the product and did not have the training to use it until after the class. When I contacted the company they said that Mark had not put anything on his report about me asking for a refund so they could not give me a refund. ( Surprise Surprise ) I have contacted an attorney however could use all the information you could supply to me and my attorney about others that have fallen into this scam. And been refused there refund even thought they were in the warranty period that the company claims to offer. Please e-mail me at [] if there is anyway you can help Thank you very much. Santa Claus No the name is not a joke it really is my name.

8/14/2006 - Steve writes:
This product is a cruel joke (along with its counterpart Options Made Easy). The idea that some simple piece of software with a few green/red arrows will lead to profitable foreign exchange trading is as likely as the fountain of youth. It you buy this you will be trading against huge multinational corporations, hedge funds, investment banks, etc. with billions of $$ of assets and armies of computer programmers and financial analysts working full time on tracking these currencies . They will destroy you. Trading is a less than zero sum game because of the very high transaction costs (e.g., trading commissions). You will only win if you beat these multi billion dollar corporation by a long shot, which will not happen. The few sample "winners' they show on TV are the lucky few, not the norm (they say as much in the fine print). They're like the people who win the Lotto. You will not be one of them. Your odds of winning with this are similar, but the Lotto costs a few $$$, not thousands.

3/23/2006 - John writes:
Was very excited about product when attending 4X seminar and  purchased software package and monthly interent feed service.  Only to fing out that data and chart information provided by 4X is incorrect.  There is no way to konw about the bugs their in software until after months of learning how to use 4X software package, only to find out that they some of the they data provided in doing analysis of charts is incorrect.  Upon contacting they technical service dept. they acknowledged there is a problem and they are working on fixing it but could provide any timeline for fix. So now what I have is useless piece of crappy software. I made several calls to 4X only to be told that I'm out of warranty (purchased only 4 months ago))and they will not refund or offer any compension in any way. Thankfully I caught the problem before I made any investments based upon their software.   I call this consumer fraud that they knowingly sold a product that was filled with holes. I'm not thru with this yet, as I will go to my states attoney to file a compliant against 4X, report them to the BBB and I will blog the heck out of them. And the next time they come into my area selling their product at their dog and pony show seminars, I will be their with my signs picketing against them. Do the right thing 4X return my money!

3/18/2006 - Matt writes:
I attended their introduction seminar and thought I would try their software and program.  What the heck, I had 30 days to see if I liked it, right?  When I received the software I spoke with the fellow that sold it to me and asked about the data feed.  He gave me the information needed and I also asked when the 30 day trial period starts?  He said it begins the day you sign up for the data feed.  I signed up for the data feed 2 days after receipt of the software.  What he told me is an absolute lie as I found out later.  I put forth 100% effort into the program including attending their one day training class and 12 hours of video training.  In agreement with other comments I've read, trading FOREX by buying and selling pressure is not the most accurate or desirable way to trade any currency.  Yes the FOREX market does trade 24 hours a day, 5 1/2 days a week.  However, depending where you are in the world and what currency pairs you're trading, most of the the peak trading times are at the most ungodly hours (from a USA standpoint).  None-the-less, I came to the conclusion that 4X Made Easy was not for me. I called their customer service department on what I thought was the 29th day to get instructions on returning the software.  They stated that in fact it was day 31 and I would not be able to return the software.  I explained the situation to them and asked to speak with the original sales person that sold me the software.  He stated he never told me the 30 days begins when the data feed starts (a bold face lie).   He also said the 30 days started the day I signed the contract for the product.   Therefore, since it was day 31, I was stuck with it.  My next "to do" item was to write a letter to the president of the organization (Blake Morrow) explaining the entire event.  In a reply letter, he stated he had spoken with the sales person who sold me the software and again he stated he never told me the 30 days started the day the data feed starts.  Therefore, because I requested a refund on the 31st day, they were not able to honor my request. In my opinion this product does not live up to their claims.  The trading style it supports is weak at best and would take a full time dedication if one was to break even or even maybe turn a profit.  They do put a lot into their product support and offer a tremendous amount of training, but it is needed if one wants to even think about succeeding with this software.  As for their sales and customer service, I think that opinion is self evedent.  By the way, if anybody is interested in buying the 4X Made Easy software for cheap, drop me a line.

11/12/2005 - Greg writes:
Purchased software, attended extra "I PAID FOR" training, tried it for over 2 years, DOES NOT LIVE_UP TO PROMISED RESULTS!!!!!!!! I cannot recommend anything positive about my experience with the software or the customer support.

11/7/2005 - John writes:
I had the same problem that Mike had.  They told to click this link and then do this and that, but I could never figure it out.  Both me and my friend attended the info session and agreed to try it out.  The speaker told us we could sign up today and be online the same day and that the setup process was VERY EASY.  My friend being somewhat computer illiterate asked the speaker to clarify the setup process and the guy got all ticked off.   We signed up anyways and when we got home we checked our e-mail for the passwords and then proceeded to try and get it going.  We struggled for hours to no avail.   My friend left a message with support and then they called back.  He got his going, but I decided to quit bother trying.  The next day I requested my to get my money back.  The rep was somewhat reluctant to do so saying I should give it a fair look.  I declined.  Then they told me they needed a hand written request.   I had already e-mailed them a lengthy explanation.  I asked her "isn't that good enough?" They said they would call me back.  The next day I received a   voicemail from a guy who asked me to call him back wondering why I wanted to cancel.   When I didn't return the call, he called me again at 6am in the morning.  I returned his call and he was pretty rude to me.  I received my refund with some arm-twisitng (just as I expected).  The beauty of it all is that I actually made $50 Canadian due to the exchange rate differential.  The major problems   I observed with 4xmade easy is, one, the info session is a pile of BS. They try to simplify everything and show everything in the best case scenario. The charts they use, show the long positions (week, months) which always appear as nice rolling peaks and valleys.  They say "if you got in at this point and got out at this point, you could have gained 150 pips".  What they don't tell you is that the timespan could be days, even weeks and that there are massive daily, hourly fluctuations during that span and that it will take large sums of money to ride that out.  Secondly, the software is far from easy to use, or at least setup.  It is the same crappy software they use for Options Made Easy.  Thirdly, the package is ridiculously overpriced and after you've paid the $4k they try to gouge you even more by telling you need the 'advanced charts'.  The fact is, that the package they are offering you can be had for a couple of hundred bucks.  I recommend the Peter Bain system and they are ways of getting advanced charts for free.  Forex in general is not something I would recommend to anyone.  I have only dabbled in demo accounts, but several people I know who have played seriously with forex will tell you it ain't worth it.  More often than not you lose out.  Sure you gain a little here and maybe a lot there, but in the end it is basically a zero sum gain and sometimes a overall minus gain.

10/30/2005 - Benjamin writes:
I haven't tried this product, however I was most certainely interested in it until I read both this and subsequent sites.  It's very interesting to see that this Jeff fellow who works for 4x comes to every singe scam website on the net in which 4X is listed, and on every site says the EXACT same thing.  That he can't find the user in the 4X database or whatever.   This to me PROVES that these people are scam artists.  Again the logic flows that if this program made SO SO SO much money, 4X made easy wouldn't exist, because the creators would be making billions themsleves and not need to sell any  BS software to make a buck and then change software names every few years to throw people off.

10/30/2005 - Mike writes:
I purchased James Dicks' book, and in it he mentions 4X Made Easy.  I'm an active trader, so I thought I would check it out.  Keep in mind, I am an experienced forex trader currently earning a living from the market.  I presently use a software system similar to this one, but am always on the lookout for improvemed performance.  Personally I don't know of ANY SINGLE TOOL or software I would trust for trading decisions.  ALL of my decisions are ALWAYS based on information from 10-15 different tools agreeing or nearly agreeing with each other.  With that said, my complaint is this...  I downloaded the demo TRADING platform software.  There is no demo for the 4X Made Easy which is highly suspect immediately.  Are you going to buy a car you can't drive first? Anyway, they send me an email with my pass & user on it with specific instructions to click a specific button on their home page.  I go to the home page and the button does not exist.   So I call their support department, and the guy can't even bring up his own home page on his computer!  After 6 MINUTES on Hold, I demand to speak to a supervisor, who comes on the line and after navigating to his company's home page CANNOT FIND THE BUTTON they referenced.  He assures me it's just a glitch and will be fixed soon.   A word of advice here, when it comes to your trading software there are no "acceptable glitches".  This is the standard, and you must NOT settle for doing business with a company that is sub-par.  You will NOT get a chance to get your capital back if you lose it due to a software glitch.  I am not implying there are glitches in their forecasting algorithms, I've never used their product, but this business is built on trust, confidence and reputation.  These people want you to open an account with them and trust them with your investment capital and spend $4k on their software.  Insanity.  If a company can't even help you TRY their product without incident, they are NOT up to the standards I personally require of my software.   (Yes, all the software I currently use works as promised).  This is a serious business, and there is no room for incompetents.  Enough Said.

8/2/2005 - Dave writes:
Saw Globaltec's informercial for 4X Made Easy, atteneded their 2 hr. introduction, bought their program with money back guarantee, went to the free class where I was led to believe it actually was easy. Then I found out the rest of the story.  That being you need to spend many thousands of dollars and large amounts of time to learn how to trade the Forex market.  The software is merely buying and selling pressure which no professional trader will use to make wise decisions to trade the Forex Market.  It costs $3,000 and you need a data feed that costs $99 per month. Globaltec has other software programs for trading the Stock Market including WizeTrade, Options Made Easy and Commodities Made Easy, all which only have buying and selling pressure as an indicator for buying and selling.  Only an idiot would do it with only that as an indicator. They will not provide either technical or customer support that they advertise and brag about.  This is simle bait and switch tactics. 

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