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6 Week Body Makeover Complaints
Total Complaints: 13
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1/18/2007 - Juana writes:
I thought I was the only one that felt as if this product did not work and that it was a scam. The product is so confusing and half of the stuff you throw away because its not made for your body type. I did not deal with any customer service cause I knew they would be nasty about it. But what I didn't know was that you get supplement pills which they charge way too much for and on top of that I do not use them cause for one there useless. I know I was chared over 200.00 dollars for this crap that is hard to stick to and the recipes are crappy. They continued to keep charging me for this product even though I already paid for it at least 2 times over! So I did them in and had my account closed so they would not take anymore of my hard earned money. Never buy anything off of tv...never.

12/25/2006 - Varma writes:
I should have reviewed this site first. I was charged almost 129$ for this stupid system. After reading the content and trying, I figured this wont work. Dont try this even for free. Its a waste of money & Time.

11/11/2006 - Maddy writes:
This is a complete waste of time and money to buy this system. If you're a person who would take all the time to type yourself and follow detailed instructions, then maybe you'd be happy with this program, but for me, it sucked. I had to sort through hundreds of sheets of cheap thin paper which eventually had to be placed in a book. I spent about 2 hours trying to do this process and most of the paper gets thrown away because it applies to other body types. You can be 100% sure you're typing yourself correctly from the start... The diet is stupid...He's got people eating potatoes which are high in sugars and there is absolutely nothing about this program that is so unique...The program comes with stretchy bands you can buy anywhere and a few videos..It's overly hyped, overly expensive and I don't for one moment think anyone sticks to this program..regardless of the testimonials.. Better to join [], buy some stretchy bands or weights and go for a walk. This MIchael Thurmond is a QUACK!

8/7/2006 - Brenda writes:
Their TV infomercial never mentioned taking supplements as part of the makeover. When I called to order and the automated voice told me about the supplements, I tried to cancel. There was no opportunity or way for me to cancel, so I was forced to accept the product. When I returned it the same day, they did not refund the $28 shipping charges. Their ordering system is flawed; it should provide an opportunity to change your mind!

5/23/2006 - Anonymous writes:
The customer service upon ordering the product relied false information to obtain a sale. The total billed was over $100 more than advertised on the TV. Trying to cancel the order within two days, I was hung up on, called a liar, and completely frustrated. I was informed by my doctor the product was not safe and to cancel the order. The infomercial stated the product was completely safe. The infomercial was a marketing tool with completely bogus facts.

3/27/2006 - Kim writes:
This product is a bunch of diet B.S. I tried it for 1 month and did not lose any weight .I am happy to say I did it my way and have lost 44lbs since June. Every product that is sold on TV and on [] and [] are all rip offs as far as weight loss,makeup to make you look younger and most kitchen products. They can all be found at []. I will never order anything off of TV again. Kim Savannah,Georgia

1/24/2006 - Chris writes:
i purchased this in october and by november, i still had not lost weight.  i called for a refund, and they told me i didn't give it enough time.  how much time do you need?  six weeks had passed, and no loss-because it is too difficult!  you have to carry around this binder and look up everything before you eat it.  just a big rip off.  they never issued my refund-bad, bad business

1/17/2006 - Claudia writes:
I had no problem with the puchase. In fact, it came within a few short days of my order which surprised me. My problem is with the product itself. It most certainly is not worth $120.00. What's more it is entirely too much work. And you've got to read volumes, and pictures, and wall charts of exercises and recipies and make notes..it takes six weeks just to get that black binder set up! Who wants to go to a restaurant or out to dinner at a friends home carrying this binder?  It might work with the people on the extreme makeover show with him on their butts each day, but doing it on your own requires much more talent, skill and discipline that I have. It's a waste of money.

12/30/2005 - Beverly writes:
I cancelled my order in Feb 2005 and they did stop the shipments but have continued to bill me every month.  I do not handle the money in our house and so by accident I found out we were still getting billed all year but no vitamins received.  I called them and I was told by Kim that they have delivery confirmations but when I asked her to fax them to me she said she is not required to go that extra step.  I was dumbfounded by this response.  We are reporting to the BBB and the FTC but I would strongly suggest you not buy from Provida.

9/8/2005 - Fred writes:
They advertise 6 payments of 19.95 then when you try to sign up they add 19.99 shipping and handling.  Then you find out that if you don't want to wait four to six weeks for the product you have to pay 29.99 shipping and handling.  Money back guarantee means they keep your 29.99 twice and you have to pay someone to ship it back.  The product isn't worth more than $30 so they use deceptive advertising to make a huge profit.  Beware of the words "get your money back".  I have ordered my last product off the telephone or internet.

8/10/2005 - Angela writes:
I put it on my credit card with "monthly" installments that were charged every two weeks.  About a week after receiving the package, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Surgery was performed immediately and the lengthy treatment process began.  When I was able to tend to my personal business again, I called to return the package.  It was seven weeks at that point.  They refused to refund my money, and told me that I should have called from the hospital, before the six week deadline.  The letter that I have states:  If you don't lose up to 30 pounds and begin to totally make over your entire body in just the first six weeks, just send it back and they'll refund the purchase price.   In fact, if after six weeks you are dissatisfied in any way, Provida Life Sciences will give you your money back, no questions asked. I sent the package back anyway.   So, where's my money?  Now I have no package and no money.  I think there are laws against this! As soon as I am able, I will be filing suit to get my money back....Take that!  Next time you have your guts ripped open, let's see if you feel like making a phone call.  Really nice people!

Vonita writes:
I sent a check for the six weeks body makeover by Michael Thurmond I didnot received a kit . When i call the company they said that they never received the check being that i was leaving the country I sent another check for the kit . Now the first check was not honner by my bank  because of insuffient funds. the second check was honner by my bank and was cash by the michael thurmond company. and now the michel thurmond company redeposit the firsy check and received funds from my account and i still did not received a kit  . I found out later that the kit was send to an old adress. which i move from in november 2004 which they knew and now i'm without a kit and and without money. 

Lorrie writes:
I also got scammed by the 6 weeek body makeover. They kept my money and were as rude as rude can be when I called them to inquire. They are nasty people and no one should ever buy from them. They do not return phone calls and say thing such as "listen to me, no money back!!" Do not buy from them.

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