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Ab Force Belt Complaints
Total Complaints: 5
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Andrew writes:
The commercial sure painted a beautiful picture!  So, like an idiot, I ordered. I also paid extra for the "rush delivery." I placed my order in Jan 2002 and was billed on Feb 5 (Credit Card Bill). Today is April 9, 2002 and still I have not received my order. I try to call the 800 number and it is ALWAYS busy. I cannot get a hold of them. I am totally pissed off. This company took my money and have not sent me my order. They are rip-offs. I will never order from TV again. Companies like this one make it bad for legitmate ones on tv. This company needs to be shut down and charged with Fraud. I want my money back or my product and a refund for the rush delivery fee I paid. Thank you. 

Candace writes:
I ordered an Ab Force Belt in February. My visa card was billed for it, but i have not received my product and it has been 2 months now. I should have received it by now. I want to know where it is, or I want my money back for it.

Laura writes:
I ordered an ab force belt in Feb and when I receved the product it did not work all it did was, the red light would come on and it would work only half the time. Well I called the company and told them about it and they said to send it back. Well I sent it back about the first of March, well my credit card was charged for it and it is now June and I still not have recevied any word from the company. 

Crystal writes:
I ordered the Ab Force belt in February of 2002.  I had seen it advertised on the tv for 2 for 20 dollars.  When I called it ended up being over 60 dollars, because they don't tell you that you have to buy the gel with it, but I ordered it anyway.  I paid with my credit card and they said I would receive the belts within 2-4 weeks.  After a month, I called the customer service line only to be blown off and given a different number to call.  I called the second number and it was a fake.  I received a card in the mail a month after that saying that there had been a delay and that I would recieve the belts in another 2-4 weeks.  It is now November of 2002 and I have yet to receive the product.

Dawn writes:
I ordered the Abforce, 2 for the price of one. I rarely order anything from TV. Well the Abforces came and only one worked, i called and they said a new one would be shipped right away. Well, I never received it! I called again, and again, each time they assured me that it was on its way, by this time - the 1st abforce that had worked - and was used only a few times, did not work. And of course they said they would send 2. OF course I never received them. It is a scam, go to your local sporting goods store and spend the extra $10.

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