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Ab Swing Complaints
Total Complaints: 5
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Misty writes:
We ordered the Ab Swing about six weeks ago and received it fairly quickly.  The machine itself is so-so; definitely overpriced.   My complaint is not just the cheap quality of the machine - but that they have given my NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER, and CREDIT CARD NUMBER to several other companies. I have received packages in the mail I never ordered and bizarre charges to my credit card.   I also get 4-5 telemarketing calls every evening now since the order.  When I ask the telemarketer to be put on the "do not call" list and ask how they got my number, EVERY time I am told they received my number through the Ab Swing.  I am tired of returning products I never ordered and canceling memberships I never asked for!!!!  This is so annoying!!! 

Elaine writes:
I was really excited to get this because the person advocating it (Hunter Tylo) is a Christian woman with great abs after several children.  However, this little machine is rather flimsy, tends to tip over easily, and even when it doesn't I just did not get an abdominal workout. I returned it and was very disappointed!

Kimberly writes:
I ordered the Ab swing the first week of February and requested rush shipping which I paid for.  They debited my checking account on the third week of February and I still have no ab swing. I have been told ther eare no records.  I have hung up on.  I have been promised three times someone would get back to me.  The toll free customer service line is never available and they do not and will not answer an e-mail.  Maybee $130.00 plus dollars is nothing to them , but I would just like my money back now. I think little of hunter tylo or anyone endorsing such a scam.  Buyer beware...You will get charged for the ab swing and you will never receive it!!  I am currently seeking legal advice not only to recoup my cash but to bring charges against this company.

Sharhonda writes:
I placed an order for the abswing on monday Feb 10th 03 & paid extra for rush delivery, rush delivery is one week, I choose the option for 3 payments of 29.95, the total for my first payment and rush delivery was 54.90. The rep that I spoke to said that once my order was shipped, I would receive a email confirmation about the order I placed & another confirmation once my order was shipped, she said the order would be shipped on wednesday.  So wednesday came which was 2-10-03, received no confirmation about my order or anything, & I gave them the email address. So I called wednesday, to find out what was going on, the rep I spoke to told me that my order was not shipped yet, I told her I paid extra for rush delivery, so the rep told me she would refund my money for rush delivery, but, my credit card wouldn't be charged until the product was shipped. She also told me that my order would be shipped on friday which would be 2-14-03, so on friday I called to make sure everything was in order, the rep told me that it would take an additional 7-14 business days my order to be shipped, I told the rep I was mad because I keep getting conflicting info from rep to rep, the rep asked me was there a target store in my area, I told her yes, she said that they had the ab swings there for 89.95, & if I wanted to purchase it from target, she would cancel my order.  So she told me she cancelled my order, & that same day I went to target & bought it.  The machine is not worth the price I paid, I found way better effective ab exercises on www. shape.com for free.  Now I bought the asbwing at target on 2-14-03, & cancel my order on 2-14-03 as well. On 4-4-03, I receive a charge on my credit card for 54.90 for the abswing, now I was pissed.  When I ordered the machine back in february there customer service number was diffrent from the one now, the customer service number now is toll-free, that same day I found out I was charged on 4-4-03, I called the company 7 times, & I keep getting a recording telling me that try my call again later, I even emailed the customer service department, & no one called me back. On 4-11-03, guess what the mailman left me at my front door, the abswing came.  I couldn't believe this crap, I filed a dispute with my bank, still haven't received my credit yet, I finally did get in contact with the abswing company, & the rep couldn't tell me why I was charged after the order was cancelled almost 2 months ago.  He told me to send the product back, which I did because I already have it, and that he would notate the info, so that they don't bill me for the rest of the 29.95 payments.  And he told me I should receive a credit from them by May 1 for the 54.90.  All I have to say is be careful, & if you ordered this product from the company directly there is a backorder, so, if you really want check at your nearest target store.  But for 89.95 + tax, it's not worth the headache, in my opinion.

Walt writes:
This merchandise is one large waste of money. I am an exercise nut, and believe me, this equipment does not live up to its claims. "DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS ONE FOLKS"

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