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Ab Doer Complaints
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12/29/2006 - Jaleh writes:
Like many other consumers, I was suckered in by the infomercial promising "Free 30 day trial, even the shiopping is free". After a month, I noticed a $13.18 charge on my account. Turns out they had charged a "non-refundable Calfiornia sales tax" before the item was even shipped. The phone numbers listed on website were incorrect. When I finally reached someone, I was informed that per Abdoer policy, they charge a sales tax even before "free trial" and that orders can not be cancelled "once processed". I disputed the fee with my bank and refused the UPS delivery they attempted some 7 weeks after initial order. They couldn't explain how non-refundable sales taxe could be collected when no purchase has effectively been made, a free trial is supposed to be exactly that! Free trial to decide if one wants to Make a purchase! This company is running a fraud upon people.

Melanie writes:
The Ab-Doer looked like a great way to get the exercise of sit-ups, 360 degrees around one's midsection, without having to get on the floor.  Since I have lower back problems, it looked great.  I ordered it online, but not through Thane Fitness, so I have no complaints about my payments/ordering process.   However, the device is nearly totally ineffectual.  It assembles easily; however, the handlebars do not stay where they're bolted; the tightening knob that holds them in position loosens after only a few seconds of exercising, and the handlebars eventually fall down.  You can actually feel some resistance moving from side to side, while trying to exercise obliques; but there's absolutely no resistance for exercising upper and lower abdominals.  The tension spring in the product's spine that is intended to provide resistance provides very little in side-to-side movements, and virtually none for forward movements. 

Emma writes:
I purchased the Ab-Doer after being sucked in by the infomercials claims of losing inches in weeks.  I have a word for that, but it's not appropriate to write here, so I'll just use BULL!  My abs were had the mildest of soreness the next day, and that vanished by noon!  Needless to say I didn't lost a single bit off of my waistline, the little "spine massager" hurt my back more than helped it, and I paid well over a hundred dollars for a hunk of metal.  Please don't buy this product!  Traditional crunches and oblique work cost you nothing and are so much more beneficial!

Joe writes:
I paid around $100 for this product, and have to say it was money "waisted"! Yeah, I did feel resistance, however, it KILLED my lower back.  Not so much a muscular problem as just it rubbed the skin off of it!   I followed the regimen faithfully for 6 months and did NOT notice any results, and would have kept at it longer but the spring broke on the hunk of JUNK!

Robert writes:
I ordered this filth because I wanted to get rid of the spare tire around my midsection. Instead, after using it for several weeks, I began to develop chronic lower back pain. I went to my chiropractor with this miserable product and he told me that the design was improper and thus was conducive to spine damage!!!! I raced to get an MRI and was told my spine was indeed strained but without any serious damage. I called the 800 number and was put on hold for 45 minutes and was unable to get anybody on the phone to address my concern. I called again and ranted and raved until some man came on the phone and said I was wrong and perhaps I used the product incorrectly. I told him I followed the instructions (as I did) and that this product was garbage and that I wanted my money back. He hung up on me!!! After that I called time and time again and was told that the money back was a special offer and that I no longer qualified for it. So, as you all can see, this Ab Doer is absolute trash and should be used to knock these scammers over the head. Ironically, the anger and frustration I went through with this crap actually helped me to lose like 15 pounds.

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