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Ab Energizer Scams
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10/24/2006 - Craig writes:
My one (and hopefully last and only) bad experience trying something purchased from an infomercial. I returned the product and never received a credit. After a dozen attempts at calling, writing and even talking to the district attorney's office in San Diego who was conducting an investigation, I never was able to get my $120 back.

5/20/2006 - Janice writes:
I purchased an Ab Energizer back in 2001. Luckily I bought it at [] rather than buying it online.  I tried it faithfully for a week.  It was quite painful, but I stuck with it because it felt like it was actually stimulating the muscles in the same manner that I had received on my back during physical therapy.  Well, after a week I couldn't take it any more because the stupid thing burned through my skin.  Luckily [] took it back with no hesitation when I told them what it had done to me.  Many years later I still have the scars!

1/23/2006 - Monica writes:
This is a total scam!! I bought one back in 2001, and the things has NEVER done what it was supposed to do. I wrote the company a letter and said that this was blatant FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, and yet to receive a response! This is a piece of crap!! DO NOT BUY!!

Adam writes:
I ordered ab energizer online and bought 1 package, plus extra batteries, and two more exercise units. After a week I went back to the site, and it said to expect 3-5 weeks for shipping. Then at the very bottom of the order form, it says to expect 4-8 weeks to be shipped. So then it said to email customer service, and I received an email saying that that address does not work by the hotmail delivery system. So I called customer service at 1-800-457-0825. They never ever answer the phone, and the message machine has 5 different messages that are switched every day. Or they'll say that their hours are changed about every other week. Then around Christmas time, they said on their message machine that their has been a delay on ab energizers. It's been at least two months now, I haven't talked to customer service at all, I haven't received my product, their web site doesn't offer any way to track your order, and I don't know what's going on. This product may or may not work. But if you're thinking of trying this product, think again, you may not even receive it. 

Tony writes:
I ordered this product on 10/31/01. Today, 1/9/02 I still have not received it. I got through to their customer service number about 3 weeks ago on a thus after being on hold for 40 minutes!! I was told my product was "shipped out on Monday." Well, that was obviously a lie because I still aint received it!! I have sent them two e-mails. First one told them of my intentions to cancel if product was not received by 1/2/02. The second one was sent on 1/3/02 to cancel. Neither e-mail generated a response. I tried calling their customer service number again but after being on hold for 4 hours, I gave up!! I have called my credit card company and disputed the charge. If the product arrives now, I will not open it and will wait for them to send me a paid return label before I return it. I will not be out of pocket a dime because of this highly incompetent company!!

Brad writes:
I just got my abenergizer in the mail today and I can't tell you how it works because one of the two included batteries was dead! Product seems to be cheaply made, dead battery on arrival, can't get through to customer service... Right now it looks like another TV infomercial rip-off. I should have knowbetter. Please be aware.

Kari writes:
It's been over 8 weeks and it still hasn't arrived! I had a bad feeling from the start about it. I can't even get any information out of the people at the customer services phone line to get my money back for not recieving it!

Ronald writes:
On 1/8/02 I ordered the product at a cost of $59.95 plus $12.95 S&H, a total of $72.90. Before the product arrived, my credit card was charged $135.80. I had not charged anything for that amount so I notified my bank. On 1/19/02 the package arrived and when I read the packing slip I got very angry. They had shipped two units, despite my telling them that I only wanted one, charged for two, and charged double the shipping and handling ($25.90) even though the order came in one box which weighed nothing. At this point I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to keep this order or if it works as well as they claim.

William writes:
My wife purchased the AB Energizer via their website (www.abenergizer.com) as a Christmas present for me. I received a shipment from AB Energizer, 5315 Lindbergh Lane, Bell, CA 90201. But the shipment was missing the most important parts, the Energizers and Batteries. My wife and I have been attempting to contact customer service for over a month now. We have tried calling them at 800-457-0825 and email [email protected] with no answer/reply. Are they a rip off or does their customer service just suck? I am totally unhappy...and this appears to be a scam.

Jeffrey writes:
I waited for 6 weeks for my product. I finally got it and it was smashed in the box. The box it came in was damage so I opened what was left from the box, took the product out which was missing some parts. I didn't received the video and the batteries were missing. I tried calling the 1-800-457-0825 and it was busy for weeks, and when I finally got through I was on hold for 2-hours so I finally gave up.

Chris writes:
Well, I ordered my ab energizer in early October. Unfortunately, all I have is a little over $60 charged on my card and for 4 months some guy (after a LOOOOONG time on hold) telling me that it has been in the mail for a week and should be at my door any day now. Well today I got hold of an honest person that told me that my unit had not shipped yet. Not looking good for the home team folks! If I ever get it I will write a review, if not, I will write the BBB!

Bill writes:
I ordered in early November and still have not received any but a charge on my credit card of $116.75. You cant get through the customer service and the online customer service is not available now I guess. How can you get a hold of these people? They still do the infomercials but don't fulfill the orders the have now.

Lee writes:
Ordered an AB ENERGIZER back in mid Dec 2001. Charged my credit card $78.85 and unit has not been delivered! That's been over a month ago. I did get hold of a person named Christine at (858) 496-1100 with AB ENERGIZER and she said she will check on my order and call me back today or tomorrow. I'll keep you updated! However, all she took was my name and ph#. I don't see how she can track my order with only that information.

Michael writes:
I ordered the product in late October 2001. As of 1/23/2002 I have not received the product, been able to contact customer service or receive a reply via email. The customer service number is either busy or I am put on hold forever. At this point I have out the charge in dispute with my credit card company and will file complaints with any state or federal agency that will listen. I also plan to visit their address while in San Diego this month. This was my first ever attempt to purchase anything from infomercial over a 800 number - I will be my last!!!!!!!

Carol writes:
I ordered the ab energizer on Nov 14, 2001. They charged my account on Dec 5. I called them on Jan 10. After an extremely long wait on hold, the guy told me that my name was coming up and I should receive it in 7 to 10 days. I called today, (another long wait) Jan 23, and the girl said it will be shipped 2 weeks from Friday which is Feb 8. I don't believe she really knew when it would be shipped any more that the last guy did. They have an email address for customer service, but it doesn't work. It [email protected]. Unfortunately, I charged it to my ATM card.

Kenneth writes:
I tried to purchase the Ab Energizer via their website (www.abenergizer.com) as a Christmas present. The very same day my Credit Card was charged. I tried calling them at 800-457-0825 to get a status and I was given 3 totally different answers. 2 said that the goods were shipped the day before I spoke the opther said it was back ordered. It is now the end of January and still no product. I sent numerous emails [email protected] no answer/reply. Customer service staff are complete liars. This is a rip off, their customer service suck. I also tried to get the product from wonderfulbuys.com and this site is even worse if that is possible. They do not have a telephone # and NEVER provide an answer except to say that the complaint has been sent to the appropriate department where it dies. I am totally unhappy...and this appears to be a scam and I sincerely beliewve that the product does NOT exist.

Aubrey writes:
This product is the worst of its kind. All it does is give you pin pricks of painful electric shocks. A TOTAL SCAM. The company should be sued for false advertising and negligence. Apparently, people have been getting burned from the thing. I wish I had found your website before I bought. I'm an idiot.

Pam writes:
I was charged $69.90 on my Visa for one (1) ab energizer and to this date (1-25-02) I have not received it. My Visa was charged on 11-05-01. Every time that I manage to get through to customer service they explained that it was shipped on November 20, 2001 but that they would gladly ship another one. I should have three of them by now. When I threatened to cancel the order and that they needed to credit my card, they said that they only do that once a month and it would take 30 to 60 days. I explained that it did not take that long for them to get their money and I did not expect for it to take that long for me to get mine. I, against my better judgement gave them another chance to take care of it, but of course I still have nothing to show for it. Now I can't get in contact with anyone in customer service. I'm very unhappy and I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

Corey writes:
Ordered the ab energizer and put it on charge card and received a card from Concept Fulfillment saying that the product was on its way to me but never got it.

Bill writes:
I ordered in early November and still have not received any but a charge on my credit card of $116.75. You cant get through the customer service and the online customer service is not available now I guess. How can you get a hold of these people. They still do the infomercials but don't fill the orders they have now.

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