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Abtronic Complaints
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11/30/2006 - Lana writes:
This product is junk! I wanted to try it for a few months (thinking that a few weeks just wouldn't cut it) but only got 3 weeks out of it. Well, I didn't get ripped but I did get ripped off. Instead it gave me a rash, it got so warm that my stomach turned multiple shades of red, it made my muscles very sore and to top it all off, it broke after only 3 weeks!!! This thing is a piece of crap!!!! Caveat Emptor!!!

10/26/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I have heard countless complaints about the Ab-tronic burning peoples skin if it is not lubricated properly.  The gel that comes with it is called Wavelength Ultrasound Gel and it was approved by the FDA for prescription use only.  The manufacturer sells it freely to anyone even though they are aware it is illegal and the FDA has done nothing about it.

5/11/2006 - Brenda writes:
This product just isn't right! You put a wet liquid on your belly (and they dont give you very much)(and you dont know when the new order of that goup witll come in because it took something like 3 months to get the Ab-Tronic to come to your door), so you try to conserve, but if you don't want to get zapped too harshly, you must load the goup on, and then strap a belt with a screen like pad powered by batteries to your waist. And oh yeah apparently you have to have a slim waist already to fit this electronic device on. Adjustble strap, c'mon! If my foolishness in purchasing this product can help anyone in rethinking informercial products, and to not purchase then this complaint form has done its job!

Mike writes:
I was totally ripped of by the AbTronic people! I ordered one, it came in about 3 months and wasn't even opertational. There was no packing slip with any return information and every time I have tried the number in the little booklet that came with the unit, I have stayed on hold for 20 to 30 mins. and never even spoken with anyone. If I just send it back to the address in the booklet, I know I'll never receive credit for it and they'll just in turn sell it to another poor sucker! If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. GOOD SCAM! How about a class action suit? Sounds good to me! 

Rayma writes:
I ordered this product over the phone from a televison ad. I was told if I paid in one payment I would receive free rush shipment in 5 to 7 days. The money has been deducted from my bank account but I never received the product. I also have no contact number.

Jaime writes:
I ordered Abtronics over the telephone on or about March 19, 2002. I opted for their fastest delivery form available which meant the product should have arrived within 7 to 9 days. It is now April 7 and I have receive nothing. I called my credit card company and found out I was charged twice as much than what the total charge was when I ordered over the telephone. The company I ordered the product from gave me the manufacturer contact number. The first time I called with my complaint they hung up the phone on me. I called again and was kept on hold for 47 minutes until eventually I had to hang up. Now every time I call I can never get through. I always get a busy tone signal, and if the automated service answers, you are kept on hold for the duration of your call and never tended to. I would like some answers before taking legal actions that can be avoided.

Susan writes:
I ordered the Abtronic last August, and this company cashed my Money Order in USD in September. It is now December 3 and I still not received any product. I do not have the infomercial toll-free number any longer. This cost me $204 CAD, and I very much want my money back. After seeing many testimonials on the internet, I would have sent the product back anyway...but I still haven't received a product to send back. I gave them quite a long time because of the problems in the US right now with all the anthrax scares, etc, and I sympathize. But I think after all this time I have been gypped out of my money. I would appreciate any help you can give me to track down this company and get my money returned to me.

Myrna writes:
Company did not get back to us for a product that was defective. There was not a number available to call to speak to someone in customer service.

Jim writes:
Getting billed via electronic payment...Multiple overpayments drafted from account...Cannot get an answer at customer support number.

Joyce writes:
I recieved the abtronic as a gift and was very exicted because of the infommercials I've seen.  Not only does this product not do what it claims, it can burn your skin if the contacts are not properly lubricated.

Mark writes:
In October 2001 I ordered the Ab-Tronic System for "4 easy payments of $29.95."  When I was placing the order the operator was trying to get me to buy all kinds of junk I didn't want; long distance, magazine subscriptions, you name it. I told her that I only wanted the Ab-Tronic for the four payments of $29.95 as advertised and nothing else. When I got my bill they had charged me $179.60!! I disputed it with Providian Financial but Providian denied the dispute and left it on my card. In January Ab-Tronic charged me $39.90 out of the blue. The did the same thing again in April and July. I again disputed these charges with Providian Financial. They have denied all of my attempts to get credit for these charges that I didn't authorize.

Jason writes:
I purchased the abtronic from 'clints the warehouse' and for a time I felt that it was working on my abs. but after using it for about 2 weeks it started to burn. mainly on my chest. I had no problems returning it to the shop. I'd suggest purchasing an incline bench from a gym equipment shop, they really give results.

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