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Aircore Cookware
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2/18/2007 - RJ writes:
My mother bought these for us. My first experience with these pots, is when I went to a superbowl party. My wife took five minutes to throw in Lasagna ingredience, and off I went. I got to my friends place, heated up the pot for about 8 minutes to almost in the red, and about 1hour and 20 minutes later,(I had lost track of time) opened it up and mmmm we ate simple as pie. Now my 9 year old daughter takes the pot out of the frig. which her mother already has ingredience in it before leaving for work. She heats it up just touching the red, turns burner off sets it aside and dinner is always ready by the time we get in 'bout 2 hrs later. Sorry for your ordeals, but we sware by them. Thanks RJ

11/1/2006 - Charles writes:
I bought this cookware a few years ago. My girlfriend at the time and I both worked full time. As a result we ate a lot of fast food. The expense of eating out every night and gaining weight prompted me to get the system thinking that I could set up our dinner and have it done and ready to eat when we got home. Well I followed the instructions to the letter, and everynight when I got home the food was uncooked, burned, cold as ice, or otherwise unedible. So back to take out we went. I hope that no one is still buying this stuff because take it from me, it doesn't work. I spent $200.00 plus on a set of regular old pots. Live and learn. Bottom line, this stuff is trash, don't buy it.

9/27/2006 - Jaimie writes:
Purchased aircore pot set and it has been nothing but a diasterous experience. This product is not a walkaway cookware at best it cooks food like regular cookware; meaning keep your eye on the stove while your food cook. I am totally dissatisfied with this cookware, whereby it really offends me that their is no recourse of action for a company that intentionally misrepresent product purchases.

8/10/2006 - Lanie writes:
judi you were lucky to get more instruction's think if i found this piece of paper in the box when i brought this very expensive pots i might have saved myself $300 plus,I had visions of putting these pots to work and when i came back from wherever dinner would be ready. no such luck i had even invited some friend for the first unveiling what a disaster i had to put the oven on to finish my pot roast i will never fall for anything like this again and i to have very expensive pots sitting in my cupboards a big let down.

8/3/2006 - Lisa writes:
cooking recipes are very restrictive. not easy- not flexible, not worth the price I paid for it. boohoo- yes, I got soaked. I am still dripping., and I have no dinner. people who buy this product like me, was duped into thinking we could get a simple basic method of cooking a few pieces of meat. Not so, I found the products contrived. not satisfied. Products taking up storage space in my kitchen.

Judi writes:
The cookbook that comes with the cookware gives instructions that match the commercial. However, there's an added piece of paper which shows corrections for the recipes. These corrections call for additional cooking time, some are as much as 2 hours of cooking. How is this walk away cookware if I have to spend 2 hours cooking something before the pot does the cooking for me? Also they show regular rice being used in the commercial, but corrections say only instant rice should be used. We don't like instant rice. 

Jim writes:
ComplaintsAircore Cookware. Bought in New Zealand after seen on TV. Worked fine with Electric. Had to change hob to Induction. Now Aircore will not work. Manual says  it works with Induction.

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