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Alexis Vogel Complaints
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3/9/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I bought the light kit from this company since December and never received the products they charged my credit card with the full payment,is impossible to get in touch with them, please anyone with the same problems report it with the Better Bussiness Bureau I did and they are helping me I got $40.00 back on my account and they said they will send the products 13 days ago I will let you know guys if they did if any question please contact me at []

2/24/2006 - Katie writes:
Alexis Vogel makeup, payed over $230.00 *NEVER* received the product! *NEVER* received my money back. Their trick is simple, they receive your money and say your item is out of stock, for 4 months they keep emailing you about the product. Until the Credit Card wouldn't refund it because it had taken too long.I went on the forum, and realized everyone in the forum was also scamed. The truth is that this product is not available Anymore! The real Alexis Vogel has a different site, but did not do any effort whatsoever on stopping the manufacturers of her old site. This is the most "Horrible Scam" Of all time. They keep updating their website, to make people believe every item is out of stock. 

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