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Almighty Cleanse Complaints
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2/7/2007 - Stefani writes:
After I saw the infomercial I called and ordered the Almight Cleanse, I asked the phone rep if the product had psyllium in it, he told me no. I ordered, I received, it had psyllium in it. I returned. It took me a month to get a RA number which turned out to be nothing more than my invoice number. I have called, emailed, faxed so many times I can't tell you. I have waited on hold for 20 minutes just to be hung up on when they find out I want a refund. I have been waiting since the end of November for a refund. It is now February 7, 2007.

12/18/2006 - I. Thomas writes:
Looks like ITV has done it again. I ordered the Almighty Cleanse product. When I called in, I was told that for an additional $9, they would express mail it to me and I will get the product in 3-4 days. It has been 2 weeks. Their excuse is because of the holiday. Not true. I called 800-270-0198, the number I called to place the order. I pretended that I was someone else wanting to place an order. I asked how soon could i get it and the rep said 3-4 days. I then asked him why has it been 2 weeks? I told him who I was and when i placed the order. He was MAD. His response was, He doesn't have to give anyone information who has decieved him," and the he hung up on me. I have also called 1-800-215-0063, 978-299-2208, 978-299-2299but nothing happens. So I called back to do the samething with another rep and the response was still the same;3-4 days. I then asked the rep what can I do to cancel the order and get a refund since I still have no product. He hung up on me again. Then a manager calls me with a major attitude! Lucky he was on the phone or I would have slapped the taste out his mouth! Bottom line is that we have all been scammed with ITV and Natures Cures. Not sure if you all have done it yet, but I have cancelled the credit card I used and had my credit card company to reissue another one. That will cut off access to your account. but they will have to refund all monies taken from the bank on your old account number. The bank will route it to your current account.

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