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Aloette Skin Recovery System Complaints
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12/12/2006 - Camille writes:
My story is very similar to what Stephany writes...I ordered during the same infomercial w/ Mr. Trudeau. I made four requests for Allouette to stop sending the product to me...in fact, I had declined to be in a "club member" in the first place. This is the fourth shipment from them...I send them back and do not get reimbursed. I made three phone calls...the last one I talked to a Natasha...I sent the package back unopened "package refused" "return to sender" as I was instructed by this Natasha...but I am not confident that she really did stop the auto-ship, since I had spoken to another woman and she promised to cancel my auto ship...with same return instructions...and it was never done. I also wrote two e-mails to find out what the procedure was to return the product...one woman wrote back telling me that if I send the package back...it may not be recieved by "them"(??), so she cannot guarantee a refund... it was really difficult to find the online customer service contact, and I do not remember which site I wrote to. The second e-mail I sent to customer service was not answered at all...I have not received any credit on my bills from them yet... Like Stephanie, I got a big run around from customer service. The customer service Rep I spoke to the first time, knew absolutely nothing about the contents of their products...she did not know, but assured me the products were made for sensitive skin...some of this was true, but some other stuff they sent was heavily scented, though this woman claimed the products had no heavy scent...and again claimed the all the products were made especially for sensitive skin... There was one product that I really liked, but you have to order the whole kit and kaboodle just to get the one product...A really bad way to run a business...I feel gypped and will never order from them again, even though I like the one product...

5/22/2006 - Stephanie writes:
Sorry this is so long, but it's been going on for 5 MONTHS now! I had originally ordered the product back around the time of January 2006 after watching the infomercial w/Kevin Trudeau. I also signed up for the Continuous Member Service at the time of ordering to receive a new supply every 2 months and was billed $77.80 on my credit card. After trying the product for approximately 4 weeks (my complexion was too sensitive to continue using), I called Customer Service and requested that my account be cancelled. The CS agent put me on hold then came back on the line to tell me that "I was removed from the system and would not receive anymore of the product". On 04/13/06 I noticed a charge on my credit card acct. in the amount of $71.85 that was made on 04/03/06 at 7:19 am EST (I do not even wake up until 9am EST). I contacted my bank to get the information for what this transaction was, when, what time, etc. I called the number given to me by the bank (1- 678-444-2563) and spoke with what I assume was the receptionist who gave me the 1-800# for Customer Service. I called them on 4/13/06 and the CS agent told me that she saw where I had cancelled my account, but that I had recently ordered again and she kept insisting this. I kept trying to explain to her that I would know whether or not I had re-ordered and that I definitely did not because I am currently under the care of a dermatologist. She said, "the product had already been shipped and that I would have to wait until I received it, not to open it, to send it back and my acct. would be credited". I waited 2 weeks without it arriving so I called Cust. Serv. back on 04/25/06 at 12:45pm EST and this time spoke with a "Maria"; she basically told me the same thing, that it had been shipped, etc. I finally received the package on 05/01/06, DID NOT OPEN IT, and immediately took it to the post office to return. I sent it Priority Mail requesting a signature from the receiver.  It was received and signed for on 05/05/06 by a "S. LATZ". It is now 05/20/06 and I still have not received a credit of $71.85 on my credit card. I am in the process of trying to contact them again and continuously keep getting the run-around. Can you imagine what that unexpected charge of $71 would have done to my checking acct. if I hadn't had the funds to cover it? Can you imagine all the NSF charges that I could have accumulated?! I can't believe that I'm the only person that they have tried to pull this over on. As for the product of course I know there's no "miracle aging cure", but I highly recommend seeing a dermatologist for some Retin-A before wasting your time and money on ANYTHING from Aloette. 

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