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Amazing Profits by John Beck Complaints
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2/2/2007 - Christine writes:
Recently we sent for John Beck's DVDs and CDs after we saw an ad for his product on an infomercial. He got us for $12,500. We were told that we could buy property direct from John Beck's land bank and property vault. The properties are mostly worthless, and they are near impossible to sell. We were called last week and told that tax delinquent properties were available in our state of Texas and that they would call right back in five minutes and make that available to us. They asked us did we have any more credit available on our cards. We said no, that we used all of the credit available to purchase the program. I said I had funds available with my equity line of credit on our house. After more than an hour later, they called back and would not let us buy the property that way and would only do it if we had more credit on our cards. Now, I don't know what kind of scam they are pulling, but I have refused to do any more business with these people and I really would advise anyone, especially elderly people like us not to fall for this kind of abuse. They are only out to steal your retirement. You can find out about tax lien properties from your local county and purchase them without John Beck's help.

8/26/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Mentoring of America was sued recently. They have more consumer lawsuits filed against them right now. They are under a lot of legal pressure. They always determine the price of this mentoring program based only on your available open credit or credit cards. That's why everyone has paid a different price for the same thing. Ranging from $1,500 to $15,000 or more. Everything they will teach you on this mentoring program is nothing but free general public knowledge you can get at your local libary or the internet. All done by regular employees who where hired as coaches through help wanted ads in local Utah newspapers. I was cheated for $7,000 plus by John Beck's Mentoring of America. A Jayder Salazar from the offices of John Beck gave me a false money back guarantee to get my credit card info on the phone. I got all my money back only after filing a comsumer complaint form with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection against Mentoring of America. You can go to their website for a comsumer complaint form and get your money back no matter how long ago it was.

6/20/2006 - Scott writes:
Exact same problems with the Mentoring of America Seminar you guys speak of. BIG waste of money and I mean BIG unless you have an extra $5K-$10K lying around.

3/20/2006 - Saqib writes:
I, Saqib, purchased John Becks system initialy for $81.94.  I then was promised to make $ back if I were to invest $8,500.00 . I was guarenteed to make one transaction within 30 days that would recover all my Money.Then I had told them that I do not have this kind of money to invest just sitting arround.  I was then LIED to by them saying that we"john beck" will set you up with investors who will put the money up front and when the property is sold that that investor would charge a percent of the money made. After disscusing this with my family and not being able to get any straight answers from neither my coach nor any representitive I decided to back up out of this program.  When I called to speak with someone I either got busy tones or that someone would call me back, but surprise surprise, no one returned my calls.Currently I am attempting to get my $8,500.00 back.  Still no luck!  PLEASE if anyone is thinking to try this system, DON'T!It is complete FRAUD!!!

10/26/2005 - Maksud writes:
the most garbage product i have ever seen. typed up info you could get for free. false facts in his course. he claims you can get a property on tax liens, i have researched this subject and almost 99% of the time the bank who holds the lien will come in and pay the back taxes. John Beck is a liar and just wants to make money with his false product. the rest of the info in his course you can get for free if you just do a little research. Investors BE AWARE. John Beck is a scam artist

9/7/2005 - Brice writes:
In March of 2005, I ordered the basic course from John Beck. Shortly after I received the course I began to be aggressively pursued every 5 to 7 days by representatives of John Becks Amazing Profits. They all said that the basic course was not enough information to really produce a profit and I would need to enter their mentoring program to be able to make any real money.  After the third call from a man named Chris Seeker, I was still skeptical.  He called me four more times and finally persuaded me that that I needed the mentoring program. I was still very hesitant.  I asked him that if I decided that I did not want to participate, would I still be charged for the program?   Chris Seeker said that after I received the mentoring program materials, and after my first phone call from my mentoring coach, if I did not want to participate that I should return the enrollment agreement without my signature and it would be cancelled.  I am attaching an unsigned copy of the enrollment agreement. Later that day a man named Henry Brazil called and said he was the manager and wanted to welcome me into the program. He said he had assigned a mentoring coach named Linda Stanley. This was not a mentoring call, only a welcome call.  Chris Seeker told me that my first call from the mentoring coach would last 11/2 hours and that the coach would know all about real estate in my area of Texas.  The first call came from Linda Stanley on April 5, 2005 at aprox.5:30pm. She was very nice but rushed the call and it was over in 30 minutes. She told me that I would be buying mobile home lots in California, over the Internet.  This was not what Chris Seeker told me.  The next day I contacted John Becks Amazing Profits and told them that I believed the mentoring program had been misrepresented to me and that I wanted to return the books unused and receive a full refund. They said that I had to wait for the refund committee to contact me. After about 2 weeks I received a phone call from a man named Jarod Stahura. I explained what I believed to be the misrepresentation.  He said that he would look into it and call me back.  On April 19, 2005, Mr. Stahura called me back and told me that he would refund the entire amount of $2215.00.  He then faxed me a Refund Agreement (copy enclosed).  I signed and returned the fax on April 20, 2005.  Also on April 20, 2005 I sent back the unused materials via UPS (receipts attached).  John Beck Amazing Profits received the materials at 10:46 AM, April 25, 2005. It took 2 complete billing cycles with our VISA account to receive our credit from John Becks Amazing Profits after they had received the returned unused materials from me.   It was my understanding that the matter was resolved.  I have now received a collection letter; copy enclosed, from EPN, Inc., John Becks collection company.   They are saying that I opened and used their product and that I owe John Beck $1740.37.  The materials that I returned were unused.  If they felt that these materials were used, why did I receive a full refund 2 months after the return of the materials, since the Refund Agreement (attached) states that used product will be deducted from my refund?  Nothing was deducted. John Becks Amazing Profits does not have a signed agreement from me and I did not use any of their materials.  I dont understand how they have the right to threaten to ruin my credit, with this misrepresentation of their product.

8/26/2005 - Veronica writes:
When I recieved the package it cost far more than expected because it was converted in CDN funds. I start to study it and it was interesting. It stated that people will call me to help along in learning more about this business. At no time did any instructor on the phone tell me there was a charge for this or anything elase. I am scammed out of 5,708.25 Cdn. I am so stressed out and worried that my husband will find out. I don't know what to do so I am keeping this quiet but I have to tell somebody. I want to thank you for the chance to warn people about this scammer.

Linda writes:
Product was returned to the company unopened on April 2nd, 2002. (date of return receipt).  August 22nd, 2002 a credit was supposed to have been posted to my account and was never received by my bank. I've requested to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on by a girl named Corina. I've been unable to reach the company by the e-mail address provided to me by their customer service dept. 

Keylia writes:
Hi i ordered John beck's amazing profit in march and i keep on calling these #s that they gave me but non of them seem to work. couple weeks ago i saw the advertisement on the Television so I called them and i was very furious i told them they were scams and that my dad was a cop and that he was going to call them back. by the way my dad is not a cop and i threaten them cuz i am black and my money was not gonna go like that. they gave me the same 1888-387-2065 number and the fake customer servive email address that doesnt work at all. so i went back on the computer to find another number and i called and actually got someone that was when all hell break, they told me that they just fired the shipper becuz he wasnt delivering the products and that i was gonna get my product within a week and you know what i just got it in october 2002. and dont know what the damn thing is saying because it doesnt tell you how to go about getting started all they send is a video giving deinitions of tax lien etc.. the books that i really dont understand and a CD showing the information so people dont waste your money on this garbage because it is garbage. BUT THE # IS 1-888-461-9029 SO CALL AND SEE IF YOU WILL BE AS LUCKY AS I WAS.

Deborah writes:
I think it is a rip off. The information you get is public knowledge in each state. I called and they told me they would decide if they would except me in their program and give me a credit card to get started, plus I would have to pay for training. Like $5000. I told them I was not interested. I sent the package back in April. I still have not been refunded my money. I have reported them to the better business bureau. They said it would take 2 to 4 weeks to get a response. After returning the package, the company said they would refund my money and were very rude. I just got a call this morning, and he wanted to know if I wanted to make money with John Becks program, I said no, and wanted to talk about my refund, and he hung up on me rudely. There is no way to contact them.

Randal writes:
My wife watched the infomercial back in December, and called to order the product. She spoke with the gentalman for a while and did give her credit card number. The salesman then began adding more to her order. She then told him she did not want the order, ask him to cancel it, then ended her call. The company did not send her order, but did charge her $58.40. I called and spoke with a Marina who told me that the product only has a 30 money back clause. I told her that my wife has never received the product and that a complaint has been filed with the FTC. Marina told me that she would send out a form to fill out, then recanted by telling me to call back the following day to talk with a Karen Johnson who is the one who sends the forms out. The number I called is 1-888-461-9029. I will keep this site posted on the rest of the details as they proceed.

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