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Atkins Answer Complaints
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Terry writes:
On 3/11/02 I ordered The Atkin's Answer from an infomercial and was told my credit card would be charged $29.95 + $11.95 S&H = $41.90 and that the charge would appear as Shop America. On 3/22/02 the charge on my credit card appeared from Shop America in the amount of $101.80. On 3/29/02 I received The Atkin's Answer along with a bottle of Acceleron tables and a bottle of Carb Trapper tablets. Apparently I was charged $59.95 for these items that I didn't order or even want. Shop America just chose to include them and charged me for them without my consent. I tried calling their customer service line at (770) 772-1952 and guess what? You have to leave a message. Also, there is supposed to be a money-back guarentee, but it was included in my package. What a scam!!! 

Anthony writes:
I ordered the product, The Atkins Answer, in April. No problems getting the items, however after I tried it and realized it wasn't what was advertised I tried to send it back to them within the advertised 60 days. They ship every 7 weeks, giving a fresh supply of pills every two months. Shortly after having mailed in the first unwanted products, I received a second shipment of pills and additional charges to my credit card of $71.85. My total now just for them is $173.65. I tried on three occasions to contact the customer service number, each time getting a recording prompting me to leave a message. Three times I called and not once have my calls been returned. I am disputing the charges with my credit card company currently, but I shouldn't have to be. THIS IS A BIG SCAM...DO NOT BUY!

Cindy writes:
Three weeks ago, I placed an order from an infomercial for Dr. Atkins weight loss program, with express delivery. I called 800-993-8811, which I have since found out is National Teleservices Company in Reno, NV. The order came to over $50. I was referred to another # 1-770-772-1952 for customer service... This is a totally automated call. I have left my info 3 times, with no return call. I called Nat'l Telesvcs. again today and spoke with a supv. named Mike, who informed me that 1) He was the only management on-site (bologna!), 2) They are an outsourcer, who also outsourced the order to the 770#, which he told me is Shop America in Elk Grove Village, IL, 3) There is no other phone# or way to communicate with them except by mail, i.e., no other phone #, no website (again, bologna!). I told him I have been in some sort of teleservices mgmt. for over 15 yrs. (with reputable comps.) and I know there has to be another number... after all, someone had to contract the deal, someway... I am mad, he couldn't even cancel the order I placed with them..sure! I have searched the web for these businesses, even Elk Groves business directory, to no avail... I finally called Dr. Atkins company from their website, and a nice lady said they had been having problems with the service and would send me a complimentary starter kit...we'll see if that happens...but, I want resolve...and will write the BBB as well...

Jason writes:
We ordered the product based on the advertised price of $29.95 for 1 mo trial of the Atkins diet pills. We instead received a two month supply of the pills, plus a video for $101. The customer service lines for this product are completely automated, and offers you no quick solution other than returning he product for your money back (minus the money I have to spend on postage). The most disappointing aspect is the hour or two I've wasted trying to get results from a seemingly forced situation. I beleive they send the full priced package and leave it to the consumer to take the necessary action to right their wrong. They must make a lot of money of people that don't take the initiative to get a refund. The telemarketing service that takes the inbound calls are outsourced (hired) by the people at Atkins. They offer no sound advice and take no responsibility. That means an employee at the telemarketing service could turn in any order they want. I plan to investigate the telemarketing company further. One side or the other is responsible, I may never really know. I'll end up getting my money back and never ordering a product on TV again.

Hermann writes:
Seeing the product on T.V. I figured that I would try the product since my physician had suggested for me to loose some weight. I am diabetic and never thought of it to be dangerous to my health. I watched the tape that is supplied with it, exactly 2 tapes, and tried to follow the diet. After three days I noticed that I had diabetes attacks on the average 2 to 3 times each day. After calling my physician, he advised me to get off the diet immediately and see him in the office. I returned the product to the following address: Atkins Answer, 1462 Almhurst Road, Elk Grove Village, IL. 60007. I sent it via return receipt, it is signed by a person whose name is not legible, it has an article # on it by no phone number or any of the way to contact them. I very much would like to have my money returned since it came with a money back guarantee.

Angela writes:
I was up late watching TV, when this infomercial came on. It was a diet one. After having my second child recently I was depressed about not being able to lose the weight. So I called these people that claimed there were no pills, and the product was only $29.95 plus shipping of course. Well   when I received my product there were two of the biggest bottles of pills I have ever seen, along with my bill which stated I paid $70.00 for this product that I thought was only $29.95, I realized that they charged me for these pills. I called the company and stopped my next shipment. Not even a month later I got a thing saying that these other people were taking $100.00 out of my account. It was for homeowners insurance. I called them immediately and asked who gave you my account info. they said that this shop America did ( I knew it was this Atkins Answer stuff because I had NEVER ordered anything off of TV before). I told them I did not need their services because I did not own a home, so they canceled my membership. I called this Shop America and told them I canceled my membership they better not give another person my account info. They were very nice and agreed and said ok. Well two months later I received a package in the mail, in big bold letters it said ATKINS ANSWER. I could not believe it. I then opened it to find out they have taken another $70.00 out of my account. Me and my husband are both 21 years old with two young children, we cannot afford this. I am filing a case against this company with the attorney generals office. I hope we can resolve this and no one else has to go through this.

Glenn writes:
I also ordered this product, The Atkins Answer, in April 2002. I asked for no other items and clearly stated during the order NOT to send me any item other items. I had no problems getting the package, however after I tried it and realized it wasn't for me, I too tried to send it back to them within the advertised 60 days. The number to contact them was a bogus "leave a message only" phone number. Since May, I've been receiving $5.95 charge on my credit card for "Telephone advisory service", which I never agreed to and again stated no other items were authorized. I tried on three occasions to contact the customer service number, each time getting a recording prompting me to leave a message. I've called three times and not once have my calls been returned or acknowledged. I am currently disputing the charges with my credit card company and have issed a stopage of charges through them. THIS IS ANOTHER FINE EXAMPLE OF SCAMMING AT ITS BEST... DO NOT BUY... DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM!

Dominique writes:
I ordered the Atkins answer diet tapes in April 2002. I reviewed them and found that they were just an extension of the informercial that I watched on TV. I then returned them wthithin the 60 day deadline and never got credited for the $100.00 that they charged. I have tried to contactthe company but to avail.

Jessica writes:
I called and ordered this item and paid extra to have it expressed shipped in 3 to 5 days. Well this was weeks ago. I've left 3 messages on their machine and no one ever returns your calls. I'm planning on disputing the charges with my credit card company since I didn't receive what I paid for. I hope people stop sending them money since they're nothing but rip-off artists.

Nicole writes:
Yes, I hate to admit it but I have been scammed too. I received the Atkin's Answer kit over one month ago, and since have returned it. It now has been more than 30 days since returned for a refund, and still no credit to my credit card. And like all of the others, I have made 5 phone calls to there voice response system and left messages each time, and no returned call. I am now going to proceed disputing the charges with my credit card company. A definite scam. Buyer beware. Don't become one of the many, like us, who have been scammed.

Sunshray writes:
After viewing the tapes that I recieved I had already felt cheated. This product is not be any means the answer for people wanting the loose weight. Once you order the product you will never speak to a live voice again.   They give you the number to leave a messege and its been 2 months and no one has returned my 6 calls.  We also have these recurring $29.95 charges on our billing statements.  I am filing a claim against "The Atkins Answer" idiots and anyone involved in stealing our money when the feel like.  Atkins is a scam do not waste you valuable time and money.

Marie writes:
Upon watching a infomercial 4 weeks ago. I called the 800 number to order the Atkins Answer. When speaking with the customer service rep. For SHOP AMERICA - She kept trying to sell me other products and I would constantly tell her that I only called to order the diet program. I asked her if the price was $29.99 as advertised she stated yes. then into the conversation and after I had given her my credit card info. She then stated that I would be billed for $29.99 plus $11.95 for shipping & handling and then preceded to say that for $7.40 more they could rush the shipment. At this point I asked the Customer Rep. what was the $11.95 for if not for rush delivery.. When the cost for shipping should be no more than $4.00 for the entire shipment. At this point I stated to her "cancel my order" she repeated to me, "You wish to cancel?" I again stated yes and I hung up the phone...... During the conversation with the representative I felt that something wasn't quite right... Well sure enough day before yesterday a package came from Shop America and it was the Atkins Answer. I was so upset.. I immediately called my bank and Shop America had debited my account. The bank representative stated that I should void my Visa/debit card because if this company would not cancel my order that they might submit more charges. I did as the Bank Rep. stated and cut up my card. I in turn went to the Post Office & returned the package with a return receipt which cost me $5.95. I have tried to contact Shop America and they have an automated phone system so that you are unable to speak with anyone. I have left numerous messages for them to call and with no response as of today. I have filed a reputed charge with my bank and I'm also contacting the attorney general. It's a shame that companies and employees of these companies have decided to rip of the American Public. They need to be Stopped. We need to get together and file some type of suit against them. It's just not fair. There is no telling how may people they have ripped off ................ PLEASE BEWARE...............

Marsha writes:
I am so glad that I read all of your other reports. Especially the one from Terry on 3/11 - My friend asked me to order Atkins Answer for her and gave me the toll free number. I called and twice was told my credit card was unverifiable. Both times, my credit card company verified that Shop America had charged my credit card $1.00. They explained that this is a test charge to see if the card is valid. I had a great credit rating and plenty of room on my account and my credit company could not understand what the problem was. They offered to make a conference call to the toll free number to do a "Manual Approval." Upon getting an operator, we explained what we wanted to do and we were given the (770) telephone number for customer service. My credit card company chose to make a conference call to that number too. A young man answered the phone and said he had no idea how to help me and that I could leave a message. The girl at my credit card company asked him a few questions and said, I just need your "Merchant ID number" so I can process this request. He responded that he did not know what that was. At the same time, I was reading all of the different testimonies on this website - I told the young man, that the product was not worth all of this hassle, and that although I knew he was "just doing his job" that I chose not to do business with his company and that I was reading some pretty terrible things about his company and did not want to be involved with them in any way. My credit card company has agreed to fight them with me if any charges arise that were not authorized by me! THANK YOU for this website! I could have made a huge mistake! God Bless You!

Jennifer writes:
I'm so glad I found this site!  I also ordered the Atkins Diet videos, and after watching them I decided it was a total waste of time. However, I didn't not try to return them because I didn't want to hassle with it.  I just chalked it up to another $40.00+ out the window. However, when I finally got around to balancing my checkbook, for the past two months, I noticed two separate charges for $5.95 from the Telephone Advisory Service. Well, I know how often I use my debit card to order things (which is not often) and knew that I didn't make these charges, so I got a bit scared. I didn't know who or what the "Telephone Advisory Service" was and I didn't like the thought of someone having my credit card number. So, I contacted my bank. They in turn gave me a 1-800 number to call for customer service about the charges. I called the number, but there was only an automated recording for Shop America and no way to get in touch with a human in order to dispute these charges. So, like everyone else, I left a message. Then I called the bank back and was told that I have to file a dispute and they will charge the $5.95 back to Shop America. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for this website, because if it wasn't for Infomercial Scams.com I'd still have no idea where these charges even came from. I ordered my Akins Diet in March of 2002, and was charged for it on April 9, 2002. Why they are trying to charge me 3 months later, for nothing, makes no sense to me. Keep on your toes folks! Apparently there are scams-a-plenty out there!

Gwen writes:
I to ordered the Atkins Answer from Shop America. I received everything I supposed to but realized that the tapes weren't helpful. I decided to send them back for a refund and it has been three weeks and have not been credited my $60.00 I spent. I have called twice and each time got a recording. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

Lisa writes:
Lisa ordered Atkins Answer from Shop America for a 60 day trial in April and returned the product in May because she was disappointed in product. She left message in June because she did not receive refund to her credit card. Two $5.95 charges were billed to my card in June and July for 'Telephone advisory'. Was that charge for calling them to cancel my order? It is now November and Lisa is not forgetting the $61.75 total she is due back! She received a resolution e-mail ([email protected]) but can't find this link. If anyone else can, please let the others whom have been scammed know.

Teresa writes:
I was watching T.V. one night. Seen the Atkins Answers testimonies. being over weight was desprite I order it.I wish I never had. Being very despointedI returned it.Its been 2 months now and nothing. I want my money back Now!!!What can we do?

Gary writes:
My dear American friends, I saw the TV advert here in England last night and decided to give it a try. Well all I can say is that you must have plenty of experience of dealing with idiots, because despite phoning 3 times I was unable to get the Moron on the other end to comprehend what I was saying. Now being English (not British which encompasses all sorts of addittional cultural enhancements) I like to think that I have a reasonable command of the English language, despite this I was unable to make the creature on the other end of the phone understand my question; which at the time was rather annoying. However having read the testimonies from others here on this site it sounds like a lucky escape, there are two conclusions to be gleaned from this experience one is that I think I have found an Anthropologists dream "The missing link" living and working in America for "Shop America." The second is and most importantly for all us "Fatties" is I would rather weigh 2 Tons than be as stupid as the people I was trying to talk to. And I thought it could only happen in America, seems its spreading.

Janet writes:
I received the infomercial kit advertised by Shop America which consisted of two videos, Ketone Test Kit and Basic Diet Manual for $29.95 & $11.95 shipping/handling charge for a total of $41.90.  I viewed the videos which revealed nothing of consequence.  There was more useful information in the Basic Diet Manual.  I would like a refund prorated on the videos since they are virtually useless.  How do I go about obtaining this refund since according to other consumers of this kit they have had no success in trying to contact Shop America?

Gayle writes:
I wish I had read this site before placing an order with Shop America.  I am from the UK and saw the advert, I was hesitant at first but ended up ordering because they interviewed people from the UK about this success stories. I decided to give it a try, phoned and ordered the $19.99 pack and was also "talked into" ordering another two new tapes for a further $14.99 on special with secret tips to speed the diet up. The parcel arrived with four videos, the leaflet and the ketosis strips. I watched all four videos which contained nothing different from the small leaflet enclosed in the package. I felt I had wasted my money and decided to return the parcel within the 90 day money back guarantee by Recorded Delivery. This was in November 2002, it is now March 2003 and I have still not received my cheque by way of refund.  I insisted on a cheque so I knew exactly when I had received the refund. Anyone reading this, please do not buy this.  Instead go out and buy the book for under #10 it has a lot more information in to do this diet.

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