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Dave Espino - Auctions For Income Complaints
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2/3/2007 - Jeff writes:
I bought this system from an infomercial a couple years ago. Anyone who has used eBay for selling things already knows most of the secrets, or they are available in any online auction how-to book at any bookstore. The system explains how to find produts to sell on eBay for retail price while purchasing them wholesale. The problem is, there is NO demand for ANY of the products available at the direct-ship warehouse sites! Also, the more people use this system, the more of the same product will be available on eBay at the same time. That will greatly lessen the chances of selling any of yours if everyone is competing with everyone else trying to unload the same products.

1/25/2007 - Kevin writes:
I saw the infomercial a while ago. The info pak is supposed to show you how to effectively buy and sell on internet auctions. When I first got it I briefly glanced at the pak and then put it aside. Then my "coach" started calling. I wound up sending him packing. What I found was that even though it is claimed you can start doing this part time and it is an excellent source of part time income you really have to run this like a full time business with shipping accounts, bank accounts, etc. I'm glad I didn't speak at length with my "coach". Others have been taken for between $5,000-$10,000 for "personalized tutoring". Final outcome: takes too much time to get a little part time hobby started up.

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