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Auto Cool Complaints
Total Complaints: 115
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1/18/2007 - JC writes:
It sounded like a good idea; so we purchased three of these units, two months later they arrived. On arrival only one unit worked properly. Additional complaints continue to fall on deft ears. With-in a couple of weeks the third unit failed still deft, I suggest avoiding this company (if they are still in business).

1/14/2007 - Marie writes:
This is one piece of Crap. It doesn't work. The fan goes on only if you are park directly where the sun is. It cools nothing. If your car is slightly tinted....for-get-it. Don't waste your money. I paid $20.00, the only good thing is I bought it in the mall where they have "As Seen On TV" shop and didn't have to deal with shipping, but of course the item was not returnable....I should've known when the return policy was read to me.

1/1/2007 - Debora writes:
I ordered two so that my dogs could be cool in the car and this item is a cheap joke. Don't even think about trying to get your money back or even being acknowledged. Do not buy this product, it is worthless. They even sent 2 free gifts that I did not want.

12/25/2006 - Varma writes:
I ordered 3 of these (1 for me and 2 as gifts). The promotion cup holder organizer which i never received. when I tried auto cool product on my car glass door all the 3(endup using all. no more gift thought) broken in a flip of second even before the auto cool top part even before tocuhing the top of the window frame itself. design issue. Not worth.

11/9/2006 - Holly writes:
I was scamed by Auto Cool. I purchases 2 and I never received a proper receipt.. i couldn't get them on the phone.. I just know not to order t.v stuff from online anymore!

11/2/2006 - Nick writes:
I bought the auto cool serveral months ago. This unit is a total crap. I tried it for 4 days in my truck and it never worked...not even once. Don't fall into the scam. This plastic piece of shit doesn't work. It is a novel concept and could work under the right conditions and the right equipment but, this unit is made with crap. Complete and total crap!!! Trust me. I'm an engineer. Once evaluating this crap, it is not pratical. DON'T BUY IT. IT IS A SCAM.

10/24/2006 - Jack writes:
I returned the shipment after reading the instructions for installation. Overwhelming! Actual shipping & handling (s & h) costs were not listed in the tv add. Thinking I should have received more products based on the price, I had to request an invoice copy to find out the s & h costs were more than the actual product. Product was $14.99 + $9.99 for second item. Shipping was $31.64! Total invoice cost was $56.62.

10/20/2006 - Albert writes:
I intended to purchase one unit but ended up receiving and getting charged for three because the poorly designed & scam intended website (www.autocool.com) does not allow the consumer to confirm before submitting their order. To further this obvious scam, I received the package over eight weeks after the original purchase date. I've honestly seen 25c gumball machine trinkets built more sophisticated than this piece of junk! I'm currently working on a full refund with the help of the BBB. The contact info I have submitted for my complaint is: Merchandise Direct (AKA: AUTOCOOL) P.O. Box 3425 Barrington, IL 60011 914 347-7827 I hope this helps some of you on your misfortune. Good luck!

10/9/2006 - Madalyn writes:
I ordered AutoCool early in July--2 units--and canceled the order when it hadn't arrived at the end of August. Then my card was debited for $45.88 on Sept. 1; when I called, the operator told me the units had just been shipped, despite cancellation. So when the pkg. arrived, I marked it "Refused," as the operator had instructed, and returned it; but today saw that only $29.98 was credited. So the company is keeping almost $16 for shipping, well over half the product cost! For shipping a small, lightweight box! I can find no mailing address to address to send my dispute to. The folks who run this company are bottom-feeders.

10/6/2006 - Maura writes:
Put this product in my car and it does not work at all. Tried to call company to return and you cannot talk to a real person.

10/3/2006 - Monica writes:
Unbelievable Crap! Do not buy this scam item from tv. Oh, good god! The Spam emails I am getting from this tvproducts.com are making me crazy! The product does not work. It seams, Auto Cool, sends the same units to different people upon getting each unit back in Returns! Thats why it takes one month to arrive at your door step! One months means you have exceeded the 30 days money back guarentee as well! So, I immediately filed a credit dispute with my Capital One Visa. Type a quick letter using Bullet points. Who, what when where the date of the charge...ect I now have an instant credit of 22.94. Refuse the box when it arrives! Very Important. return to sender WITH A TRACKING NUMBER from the Post Office, don't forget. Last, go to bed a night and stop watching informercials! Now Works for me.

10/3/2006 - Donna writes:
Unfortunately, I should have Googled "complaints on auto cool" prior to ordering. In July, after watching the T.V. commercial, I ordered 1 Auto Cool, then I got to thinking I would order 2 more and send them to my friends in Arizona for Christmas. So they charged my credit card not $14.95 each as the commercial leads you to believe. The first one cost me $27.89, the next two cost me $55.78. This came out of my account almost immediately. Now that summer is almost over, I received them and they do not work. So, I packed all 3 and sent them back, cost me $20.00 via UPS (I had to go on the internet and try to find an address to return them to, there was none. So, I found the box they came and sent them to the address on the label, I called the number on the internet and got no person, just a recording) They gave me a credit for $29.98 the last week in September. There is an 800 number on my bank debit of 1-800-372-4729. I called the number and got Customer Service (a real person). She stated they do not reimburse shipping and handling. I was told I shouldn't have returned all 3 of them in one package. This is a bunch of crap! A scam it is and I am surprised such is continuing to be advertised on T.V. So, here is the math: For 3 Auto Cools, it cost me $98.62 (shipping was $53.77). The return shipment cost me $20.00. Total cost was $118.62

10/3/2006 - Mary writes:
Ordered Item and found after I got it that it would not work On my windows , also was concerend about price, they gave me a refund on the mailing!I gave item to my stepdaughter who tried it for two days.. Worthless peice of crap.. when I called they did refund mailing.. called them againg and was told if I returned it my money refund would be 4.99// I have item here at my house if a class action suit comes up i have mine to show.. and I am really upset now as I don't feel I can order Online anymore.. or thu T.V. they have hurt themselves.. I for one will not order off T.V anymore.. or thu Internet.. this was a scam and all those ligit people should get on the ball and find out who these people are..and clean up this mess..lot of mad people out here..

9/26/2006 - Kim writes:
DON'T BUY AN AUTOCOOL UNIT!!!!!! The AutoCool product is a rip off. It does not work. Save yourself some aggrevation, do not buy it. I purchased one unit on August 8th. It finally showed up on September 21st. I briefly tried the unit, and it does not work, what a joke. The cardboard sunshade I have been using keeps my car cooler than the autocool unit. When I checked my credit card I noticed that AutoCool had charged me an additional $1.16 for my purchase than originally agreed upon. When I called AutoCool Customer Service (1-800-372-4729) they stated the additional charge was for tax. When I complained I was told I would be reimbursed the additional amount. No where during the purchasing process was there mention of tax. I plan to return the unit, for a refund of the tax and the $14.95 unit charge. I am glad I used a disposable credit card number when making this purchase. Of course the process, handling and shipping fee is non-refundable. I think this is how they are making their money. I will dispute the charge with my credit card company if I do not have a refund within the next 10 business days.

9/25/2006 - Ereck writes:
My wife and I also fell to the same scam.. We were only going to order one, but the logic of taking thier special offer and getting the second just couldn't be passed up so we ordered two of them. Well it's been about 2-3 months now and still haven't recieved the product we tried calling 800-372-4729 and spoke with "customer service" they said that they could not cancel the order (even though we had not been charged yet at that time). Whatever.. so now we have been charged, we called to cancel the order again and they said they could not cancel the order again that we could send it back once we recieved it for a refund. They charged our credit card over 44.00 (which I guess is about right)two weeks ago and still haven't recieved the product. Here's where it get's good! There's a new unexplained charge on our credit card statement, from a company I've never heard of. We called them and guess who sold them our information? You got it Auto Cool plus this new company claims that auto cool told them that we authorized charges. So I wonder how many times this is going to happen? I called auto cool customer service at the number above again and spoke with someone there. Demanding they refund the money and provide me with a copy of the agreement that authorizes them to sell my information and have other companies charge my account. She said.... I can't help you with that. Told me I'd have to go to the internet but couldn't provide me with a website or an alternate phone number. Also wouldn't refund my money. When she asked if there was anything else, I said yeah. "you better start looking for a new job because selling my information without consent is illegal. And I'm reporting them to the FTC - Federal Trade Commission" I hope some of you will do the same. We'll be doing everything we can think of to stop this (probably leagal via. loophole) Scam

9/25/2006 - Francis writes:
Buyer Beware: The company that makes AutoCool goes out of their way to limit their contact info. NOTE: 1. On their official website there is no phone number listed where you can talk to a human. 2. When the product arrives it comes with instructions but no company identifying information of any kind. There isn't even any mention of the 30 day money back guarantee and where to send the product back. 3. If you call the order number you are met with a bot that takes your order or provides status. There is no other number that provides help or assistance. This company should be investigated because this is the most blatant scam I've ever seen. Their informercials make numerous false claims and then they leave out pertinent information that would have informed the consumer and stopped an otherwise unnecesary purchase. And, most importantly, the product doesn't work. Talk to your state attorney general.

9/22/2006 - Judy writes:
I purchased 2 auto cools. we live in the south and this would be an awesome product, if it works. I opened only one of the boxes and tried the product for one week. it didn't work at all. I even have a thermometer in my car and with the auto cool working it would register 115 degrees. I did mail them back and had to pay additional shipping to return the product. they did credit me $19.95 but it didn't include the shipping. I would understand this if I changed my mind but I didn't change my mind, I wanted a product that work, this product doesn't. They lied. This product doesn't work. They are making money off of each of us by keeping the $7.95 shipping for each one that is mailed out. It doesn't cost that much to mail out. It doesn't work at all. Judy

9/22/2006 - Charlie writes:
Well, I have to say that this is one of the worst products in terms of its claims that I have ever used or seen. The extremely anemic fan's supposed blowing of hot air out of the car cannot even be felt, and--no surprise--the car is not cooled a single degree. If you haven't ordered alreay, do NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

9/22/2006 - Fred writes:
I ordered 2 Auto Cool devices @ 14.99 each plus 7.95 S&H. The total charge should have been no more than$44.88. I received one shipment consisting of two units as ordered. However my discover card was charged $55.78 on 08/28/06 and my Master Card account was charged by the same company for $60.70 on 08/22/06. I have no idea how they got my master Card information. I have disputed the Master Card charge but I can not find any trail to the company to get reimbursed for overcharges.

9/21/2006 - Casey writes:
This product is a complete piece of shit. I have ordered it and these people, after a month and a half STILL HAVE NOT SENT IT, yet convienently my credit card was debited. I WILL recive a refund for the entire price PLUS shipping and handling to and from. I will file legal action if they give me any problems at all!!!!! anyone who wants to start a group action, contact me at []. --casey

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