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Auto Cool Complaints
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8/3/2006 - San writes:
This product does not work! I was so excited to see it advertised because I take my 2 beagles everywhere I go and sometimes I wish there was something that would keep the van cool when I was running into a store or something. Well, thank goodness that I didn't have my pooches with me the one day recently that I tried it during the recent heatwave we had here in Illinois, because the inside of my van was hotter than if I didn't put anything in it, or if I would have just cracked a window. I can see how my dogs would have been on the verge of suffocation the way I felt after getting into the van! That night, I decided to go online and find out if other people found the same results, and was alarmed at all the complaints I've read on several different sites. This product needs to be taken off the market because it does not work, is a rip off, and I would expect that we may be hearing of some health issues because of its performance! Don't spend your money!

8/3/2006 - Felicia writes:
I ordered 3 auto cool's online. There wasn't an invoice to print that reflected the total cost. I called the cust. service number, they couldn't tell me my total cost with shipping and handling. When I got the order they included the cup holders that I previously indicated I didn't want and was billed for them @ $4.95 each. There wasn't an invoice in the order and I had to look at my credit card statement to find out how much they charged me for everything. You find out in the instructions all the do's and don'ts of how to use the auto cool, such as, cutting the weather strip, don't use when raining, AC won't work on dark tinted windows, etc. I've since returned the three and await my refund. I hope that the refund isn't a rip-off like I feel their ordering process and advertisment was. It already cost me an additional $8 just to return them.

8/1/2006 - Ganesh writes:
I ordered the product on July 17th(two of them). I called today August 1st to check since i still didn't get it. They told me that they would ship it only on Aug.13 and then it would take 4-6 weeks to receive it. Apart from the fact that the tone of the Cust.Service Reps(except for one time) are far from friendly, they don't give any information when asked about delays, shipment, etc.. Surely enough after I read the reports on www.Infomercialscams.com, I realized it was not a genuine business operating this & so cancelled the order. Now I have to make sure they will credit back the money.

7/31/2006 - Lucretta writes:
do not buy this product! it is a complete scam! I bought 3, they charged me $87.00. The product is cost only 99 cents to make! I have reported this company to the Federal authorities! you all should do the same! the audacity of these idiots putting these worthless products on TV! also! the TV channel sponsoring them are stupid & soul-less.

7/31/2006 - Jessica writes:
I found this site trying to find a customer service number for the auto cool. I have decided that I just got ripped off and an to forget about returning it. When a company promises an unconditional guarantee, you expect to be able to contact the company. We actually had decent results with our auto cool; we must have been lucky enough to get a functional product. Unfortunatly, living in Texas in 105 degree heat, the auto cool's plastic design melted. Melted! I don't know if we were scammed, or if nothing can survive the heat of a dark blue car in the Texas summer!!!

7/29/2006 - Connie writes:
Auto Cool doesn't work. The temperature inside my car was about two degrees cooler than the outside temp of 92. I bought the product online, and was given a refund, but it cost me $14 in shipping.

7/29/2006 - Lucia writes:
Well, unfortunately all the complaints I read here about Auto Cool, are correct. What a waste of money, what a scam. I don't understand how come they are allowed to scam people and the TV channels allow them to advertise it ? You would think a well known TV channel would have more integrity and would be more responsible. I ordered 2 of them and all the complaints on this site are perfectly true - AUTO COOL does NOTHING ! I even put both of them in the same car and nothing. No matter how many you order, you end up paying double of EACH piece in EACH BOX (2 pc. weather you like it or not). I called them to complain and the only thing they said was to send it back for a refund. It was clear they were aware of the scam So, not only you are charged double, you also must pay AGAIN for the shipping when you send it back. How come NO ONE can do anything about this "Legal" scam in broad day light ???? Did anyone think of calling BBB or other agency ?

7/29/2006 - Rebecca writes:
I wish I had searched for this site before ordering. This product is complete junk! First, the weatherstripping leaves gaps on either side of the cooling system, therefore if it rained, my car would have leaks. My windows slant, so the weatherstripping didn't fit well at all and came off track when you roll the window back up. Secondly, the fan barely moved and it took several hours of being in direct sunlight for the fan to even start. I ended up taking the unit out and just rolling down all my windows.

7/27/2006 - Anonymous writes:
This is a true wasting money scam. The pkg came with no contact info, no invoice or anything for customer to track them back. It required to cut your car's window weather strip tha tmeans your window will leak when you are in the rain. You must take off it when you drive. That means you have to put on and off all the time! I put it under the sun, the fun does not run at all!! It charged $15 for shipping and you have to return it via adding more money! It is a total scam.

7/24/2006 - Marilynn writes:
I bought two of these worthless products. My daughters' air conditioining went out on her car. I thought this would be helpful until we could get it fixed. What a joke!! The car felt hotter than ever. We also tried the other in another vehicle. The same results. The company says they have been in business for many years and they want you to be fully satisfied. They will let you send it back, but if it takes any where as long to get a refund as it did to get them in the first palce I say good luck. What a rip off. If the ordinary man on the street had a scam like this they would be behind bars. What is going to happen to these thieves? Please tell me what I can do to prevent others from falling into the same kind of trap. Marilynn

7/21/2006 - William writes:
Auto-cool is definitely a scam. First, it took almost 3 weeks to get the product. I ordered two. Secondly, each auto-cool device had separate shipping and processing fees although they were both attached. Cup holder is not free either. Thirdly, it doesn't even work at all unless you point the product directly at the Sun! I guess I could try to jack my vehicle up on one side that is facing the sun but.... Don't buy this product. I don't know how our government allows this sort of fraud.

7/20/2006 - Michele writes:
If this thing had worked it still wouldn't be worth the $61.00 they charged me for just one. I ordered one auto cool, no cup holders. I read the web sight and did not want to pay $7.95 in processing for anything other than the auto cool. They sent me two auto cools and two cup holders. I called to tell them they had made a mistake,they said they would refund all but the postage. I said "I don't think so I didn't order this stuff", they said there was nothing they could do. I called my credit card company they said return it all insured with a return receipt so I did. This cost me $13.15 and they still only refunded $31.00. This is a SCAM!!!!!! Please tell everyone you know! There should be some way these ads are regulated!

7/19/2006 - Marc writes:
Well based on the last 2 comments I read here I decided to look a little further into it. I googled it and here's an interesting story on this product [] Also, I called customer service and they could not look up my order so I was not able to cancel it. I asked for a supervisor but they were "busy" so I was sent to their voicemail. I asked for a fax # and they gave that to me and told me to make it to the attention of "Sue". I ask "what is Sue's last name?". Answer: "I don't know". Hmmm... A company who cannot find my order and gives me only the first name of a member of management doesn't sound trustworthy. I have not even received the order but after getting the "run-around" and watching the news story, I decided to cancel the entire order. Speaking of the order, if you place the order online, the system is designed to get your money and run! Nowhere are customers told how much the shipping and handling is going to be or the total for the order. At no point in time are you able to cancel the order. When I received an email confirming my order, I noticed that I was charged the shipping & handling fee for each and every item (6 total). Let me think, I order 6 of the same product at the same time and I am going to be charged the same s&h instead of a flat rate or even discounted rate for each additional item? Yeah, I don't think so. The scam in this game is not the product, it's getting the "non-refundable" s&h from the unsuspecting customer. I will be very wary of infomercials from here on out! I hope I have not made any judgements to sway anyone because that is not my intention, just stating the facts of my experience. Do as you wish but buyer beware!

7/8/2006 - Amy writes:
We live in a hot climate and with a new baby who is sensitive to a hot car, the autocool ads SOUNDED great. We ordered two. Firstly, they scam you with the advertised price. It is actually almost twice as much. Secondly, it made NO difference that anyone could notice when we used it. We DO NOT recommend that you waste your money on this product.

7/2/2006 - Brad writes:
Ads for this product offer "free bonus" of cup holder organizer, but after you place order they tell you you must pay extra shipping for the organizer. What a ripoff. Oh yes, the autocool unit works about as well as leaving your windows open about half an inch. Don't waste your money with this company.

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