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Auto Cool Complaints
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9/21/2006 - Eva writes:
hi i purchased auto cool after seeing an ad on TV.so i decided to give it a shot. Did it make my car cool, not a bit the fan was very weak i hardly felt any coolness. This product is junk and crappy Shame on you AUTOCOOL.

9/21/2006 - Jon writes:
I'm on hold with these dirt bags right now to try to get a refund. I thought scams came from the Internet, not from TV. If I can't cancel in the next 15 minutes, I'm disputing this charge with my CC company. The "autocool" isn't needed 3 months after it is ordered. However, I never even completed the order because of the endless additional fees. If there is a "clark howard" of some sort out there who knows the easiest way to deal with this - let me know.

9/21/2006 - Zac writes:
i bought this auto cool fan cause i do live in a high heat area and after seeing the commercial and how it supposed to keep the inside of a vehicle at a cool temp., even as low as 72 degrees even on scalding hot days. first the product took approx 3 weeks to finally arrive and then when i set it up on my truck directly in the suns' view it didn't even work. so i tapped on it and then the fan finally started to spin. i installed the auto cool 3 days in a row exactly how it says to set it up and to no avail, my truck was just as hot after 20 min as it was after 5-6 hours later and the fan had been running all day. do not buy this product it just does not perform the way it is advertised.

9/20/2006 - Viola writes:
Auto Cool arrived with a warning that it contains a cancer-causing material... so I felt it would be unsafe to try it. In the meantime I have read that it doesn't work anyway. I ordered ONE piece of equipment, but recieved five! I wish I knew how to return them at their expense since I did not ORDER 5 and their commercials did not indicate that they would cause cancer.

9/19/2006 - JoAnn writes:
What a Scam!!! I called 800-372-4792 and actually got customer service. I demanded a return postage label because the next 2 calls were going to the BBB and the AGO's office in Wisconsin!! Label will be printed and sent out in 5 days....we'll see!! Still calling the BBB & AGO because this is crap and it needs to stop NOW!!!

9/18/2006 - Linda writes:
I purchased 2 of the Auto Cool products because Texas had the HOTTEST summer every (24 days of over 104 degrees in August alone). I received it about 6 weeks later. It does NOT work at all. The solar panel has to be facing the sun directly - any cloud cover doesn't work. The fan turns and there is no cool air that comes out, and it does not cool the interior of the car at all. Thanks to others who reported the phone number to call, I got a return merchandize number and sent them both back with return receipt requests for documentation when it is received (Auto Cool; 400 Fulfillment Circle; Wallingford, CT 06494). Inside each package was a letter to get my money back $29.98). A copy of the letter has been filed with the Better Business Bureau and the Texas Attorney General Office for false advertising so that if I don't get my money back, I'll let the Tx AGO's office go after them. For others, if you don't get your money back - contact the BBB and your state's Attorney General Office. This kind of gouging of the American Public with falsified material has to stop and this is the only way I know to do so.

9/16/2006 - Monica writes:
This is a Scam. Today I was charged 22.95 on my Visa. I totally forgot that I even bought the damn thing online, because it was months ago! AAAhhhhg! So wrong! How the hell can they charge me for something I don't HAVE? I never recieved it in the mail, nothing. Reading through all these posts below I'm so utterly dejected and enraged! CapitalOne Visa said they will dispute the charges and re-credit my account.... UNTIL they hear from Auto cool and see waht they have to say. Yes, they must prove they sent me the product... which they did not. I want my money back BEFORE they stick me with Shipping and Handling fees! Such a crock. Everyone please write to the ftc.gov and make a formal consumer complaint! Companies are only heald liable if we speak up to the GOv't. Tell them the Auto Cool website has False Advertising! It Does not mention product does not work on Tinted Window vehicles warring potential customers to make an informed purchase! Go to bed a night and don't watch informercials!

9/16/2006 - Stephanie writes:
I ordered my auto cool a few months ago - never received it and never got charged for it - until now September 16th ~ I still have not received the product but have been charged $45.90 ~ I only ordered 1! I don't know what I was charged for?

9/14/2006 - Karen writes:
Not only does the product not work, the packaging excluded an invoice or instructions on how to return the product. I spoke to the cusomer service rep. at the Wallingford, CT Customer Fullfillment number (1-800-372-4729) and she told me to mail it back to them and my account would be credited within 2 weeks of receipt of the product. I plan to mail it back but if these crooks credit my account it'll be a miracle.

9/13/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I ordered a while ago, but I'm so Glad they haven't taken my money out yet... that is. I called customer service at 1(800)372- 4729 and At&T ends up getting the call saying that that number is no longer available... so now, there's no way I can put a stop to one of the AutoCools. Unfortunately, I charged it to my account, and I'm just waiting for them to either answer their phone or take my money out!

9/13/2006 - David writes:
I ordered 3 of these autoscam products. When I discovered that they were worthless I called the cs # 800-372-4729 to complain. The person I talked to gave me instructions for returning them. I did what I was told and believe it or not I got a full refund including S&H,. Mind you I did return them USPS delivery confirmation which was only 60 cents extra. Try it it worked for me.

9/9/2006 - Maritza writes:
We bought 2 of these pieces of plastic and not only we were fooled, we paid with a credit card and they took the money straight from our checking account. I called the customer service number to complain and they were closed due to a "company function" yes, probably a party to laugh at all of us suckers. Yes we were scamed, but this is the last time

9/8/2006 - Sandra writes:
I went to the website to order the product-the fee was 14.99 not inclding P&H fees. I figured by the time they were done with plying me with all these fees it was too expensive for me-as I closed the program a ticker jumped up and said "If I acted right awa" I could get one for $9.99. So, I ordered that 1 product-I also told them I didn't want the cup holder thing. The next day I checked my bank account and found out that they charged me for 2 Auto Cool with shipping and handling for them and then they charged me for two cup holders shiiping and handling. By the time it was all said and done they charged me $55.10 twice on the same day within minutes of each other. So my one $9.99 item ended up costing me $120.00 so that started bouncing in my checking account, which totalled $70.00. Thats a grand total of $190.00 for a $9.99 item. So I called Auto Cool and talked to a young man who adviced me that when they come in take them back to the post office and return to sender. If I just refused it then I couldn't be charged. He also gave me a womans name of Sue with the phone number 203-679-3286. I've been trying to call her for 2 weeks now-I just keep filling up her voice mail.I sent all the items back and actually found one at [] for $12.99. I was dumb again because it didn't work. Ironically enough-I explained to him that I have both emphysema and COPD and it would be great if something like that could really work and what a miracle it would be for people like me. He ASSURED me that it works. NOT! Someone really needs to do something about that infomercial and that item.

9/8/2006 - Carol writes:
Same story, different person. The auto cool "customer service" number is 1-800-372-4792. I asked the rep if people call and just complain all day. She replied, "absolutely, but it is a job". They are scripted, so good luck. Today, I submitted an official complaint to the FTC, which you can do online at ftc.gov. So, if we all do it, then they at least can get this crap off the air. Good luck.

9/4/2006 - Jim writes:
I have read the complaints. The point now is who will report this scam to the federal government? I ordered but have not yet received this product. Now, after reading the complaints, I am sorry that I did order. The cancer-causing statement made by one of the customers tells me never to even open the box!!

9/4/2006 - Sharese writes:
I bought two and they charged me 14.95 x 2 and 12.99 x 2 or s&h. I recieved it after about 8 weeks of ordering. When I got the product I put it on my window and immediatly thought that it was broken, however, it was just moving slowly and operating like junk. My car was just as hot as it used to be with or without the Auto Cool. This product is totally a false advertisement and please do not buy it. I learned my lesson.

9/4/2006 - Kathy writes:
I'm embarrassed to write that I fell victim to 3 Auto Cool's. My friends all make fun of me now. Now I get tons of spam from TV Products trying to scam me some more! We should all file a class action suit.

9/4/2006 - Margaret writes:
I was dumb and fell for this terrible product's advertising. I ordered 3 of the "Auto Cool" devises and so far have only received 1 of them. However, my credit card was charged for all three. In addition, the ad says $14.95 plus shipping. They must ship each one separately because as I said I only received 1 however, my credit card has been charged for $76.75!!!! Their web site does not give any instructions on how to return them and the packaging has no return instructions. What a stupid and expensive lesson this was.

9/3/2006 - Samuel writes:
Product does not work.Still burnt my hand on steering wheel. Advertisement shows 30 degree difference? In fact it is negligble the temperature with or without

9/3/2006 - Cindy writes:
They billed my card in June, but I have nver received the product. Now I am getting charges on my card from "merchadise direct" that I have not authorized. So far, I have lost a total on $170 thanks to these people, including product not received, unaurthorized use of my card, and insufficient funds charges from my bank.

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