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Auto Cool Complaints
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8/31/2006 - Stephanie writes:
I live in Arizona and ordered two Auto Cool's in the begining of July. Tomorrow will be Sept. and I still have not received them! But of course they have already charged my debit card. Thanks for the customer service #, I am going to call and TRY to get a refund, I don't wants this crap.

8/30/2006 - Paul writes:
I think I have these jokers figured out. First of all they charge almost 8 bucks for s&h for each item ordered. Secondly,they know that people are going to request a refund, because the products are useless.Thirdly they will probably grant refunds minus s&h charges. So even if you send the garbage back they will still make a profit with the non-refundable s&h charges. Although maybe not the whole 8 bucks(-shipping) but large portion of it.

8/30/2006 - Desiree writes:
What a piece of junk!!! I actually bought two of these things. I tried it as soon as I got it and my car was NOT cooler. I live in Las Vegas and our summers reach up to 110 degrees on a daily basis. The product is not only ineffective but it is cheaply manufactured. It was so hot one day, that the plastic frame that the fan is housed in actually melted and warped in the heat. And the plastic blades on the fan barely made any type of cooling breeze. My advice: Save your money, use one of those visors on your dash, and park in the shade.

8/30/2006 - TD Pittsford writes:
I ordered 3 units on July 7, 2006 but when I discovered that they were charging me $7.95 for each unit, I called and cancelled the order. Five weeks later I recieved the unwanted products and immediately called "customer service" only to have the person hang up on me when I asked to speak to her supervisor. I redialed and got another "customer service" rep who offered to send me a return label. I opted instead to again speak with a supervisor. I gave her two phone numbers and have not as yet heard from anyone. In the meantime I thought I'd try one of the units out on my Honda Pilot. The first thing I saw in the operating instructions was a disclaimer that Auto Cool does not work on vehicles with tinted windows, a fact that doesn't appear anywhere on their website. They were right, it doesn't. I called back and by some fluke got the same operator, "Monica" who again told me that she would issue a return label. I asked her if they were going to credit my card WITH shipping charges and she said that she was putting that request into her customer service report. When I pushed her to see if she was indeed authorized to do this, she hedged her bet and told me that if they didn't refund the entire amount I was to call back. That's the way it stands as of today, 8/30/06. I can only hope that they perform better than their product. In my opinion this kind of outright fraud is only going to get worse unless some of us file a class action suit against these companies. In the meantime I sure wish I had seen this site before I spent my money.

8/30/2006 - John writes:
Can't believe people in this country are allowed to get away with such fraudulent advertising. I'm British and I'm fairly sure that at home companies aren't allowed to mislead people to the same extent that they do here. I bought one Auto Cool unit and now have to decide what to do with the piece of crap. Is it worth paying the postage to send it back and if I do will I be re-imbursed? Or should I just stick it in the bin (trashcan) and put the whole episode down to experience?

8/29/2006 - Lee writes:
i ordered the auto cool and it doesn't work...AND i was charged over $30 postage for two units (weighting total of under 2 lbs)! i can return them for a rebate of under $30 and i pay the shipping again. so, at the post office it would cost me $10 to return something that cost me $30 to receive ! what the #@?*& are they charging $30 for ? and i was not told that the shipping would be that much.

8/29/2006 - Alex writes:
This product is a TOTAL waste of money. It sounded great on TV, but is nothing but a SCAM. I have looked for feedback on the product on more than one web site and they are all bad. I did NOT read one good thing about it from people who own it. Their website makes it sound great though. The worst thing about it is that they don't even give you a customer service number to call to request a refund. I had to hunt the number down on a complaint website. Pretty sad

8/28/2006 - Michelle writes:
As soon as I read the warning on the package that said: "This product contains a chemical known to the state of CA to cause cancer and birth defects or other reprocuctive harm".....uh hello?? What the HELL is that??? You'd NEVER see THAT on the tv commercial!

8/28/2006 - Cindy writes:
I ordered Auto Cool on 7/4/2006. I called on 7/24 to see where it was and the sales person said I would receive it within the next week. Two weeks into August I call again to cancel and they offer me a $10 rebate to wait until the end of Aug. I told them if I don't receive it by then I will cancel and the woman said okay. It is now 8/28 and I call again to just cancel the order and the lady says I can't. That once I accept the discount I can't cancel. Then she proceeds to tell me they shipped it on 8/11 - yah, right. I called my credit card and cancelled the order through them and got my money back. I suggest if you can do the same - then take this chance. - It's a scam!

8/28/2006 - Christy writes:
its a peice of crap and it got hotter then my car did. I could write more but it will just piss me off more. so don't buy this crap.

8/28/2006 - Kate writes:
So my story is pretty much the same. Ordered 2 fans in the beginning of july, rcv'd late august. No invoice with box of total amount charged (I had to call their CS dept to find that out). Once I got the plastic garbage I called right away for a return #. They said I didn't need one and just send it back. I thought that was wierd and called the next day, asked the same question and was given the same answer. So fingers crossed my box is shipping via UPS to CT and hopefully I'll get a credit. Fingers are crossed. If i do I'll post it here so everyone knows, but I'm not holding my breath. (the kicker..I call to cancel 8/21 and of course they'd magically shipped on the friday before) YEAH RIGHT

8/28/2006 - Linda writes:
We orderd 2 Auto Cools. As previously reported they are a piece of Junk. I returned them- but didn't request a reciept of their arrival back to the company. Big mistake! The company says they didn't receive the product. So I am out almost $50. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and found out the companies name: NAME: Fosdick Corporation CONTACT: Ms. Janet Guyott ADDRESS: 26 Barnes Industrial Road North Wallingford, CT 06492 PHONE: 203 679-3288 FAX: 203 679-3293 If you are mailing one back make sure and get a return recipt. They claim they never got it which is also another piece of garbage....

8/27/2006 - David writes:
I ordered 3 of these and just recieved them in the mail yesterday. I removed one of them from its box, thats as far as I got. I didn't even bother removing the bubble wrap. I could tell it was nothing but a piece of crap. Could someone please tell me how to get a refund. If I ever order something like this again,it will be one day too soon!

8/27/2006 - James writes:
It took well over a month to receive these two pieces of SHIT! Yes, I ordered two. I just LOVE the PLEASE NOTE, CAUTION, and IMPORTANT sections. This is simply saying we fooled you. When I opened the box I only opened the "fan" and put it on the patio table. I have yet to see it run. I am bitting this loss. I am not going through the PAIN IN THE ASS effort of returning this SHIT. I will have to pay for the return. Yes, I know it will be less to take a loss for the return. Or will it? There will be an expense on TIME, CALLING, and PATIENCE. These COCKSUCKERS will also get a laugh.

8/26/2006 - Teddi writes:
The auto cool is not even worth my time to write 25 words minimum to tell you my story - It is absolutely a worthless piece of crap!

8/26/2006 - Thomas writes:
It is a toy and does not cool. It is not as advertised. Poor-slow shipping. Do not buy it is a total rip off. Beware of "sold on tv" ads.

8/26/2006 - Edward writes:
I ordered over 3 weeks ago and paid for priority shipping. Nothing received and I can't get customer service because it's the weekend. And after reading many of the complaints, that all basically say the same thing. I'm cancelling my order too. Everyone that paid by credit card should easily be able to get your money back by reporting this to your credit card company or bank. All of your money. Good luck.

8/25/2006 - Robert writes:
I purchased 2 of these pieces of junk on the telephone. They do NOT work as advertised. I was unable to get my money back. Then to my surprise I see it advertised on the cover of my Harriet Carter catalog. I sent Harriet Carter an email telling them about this website and all of the customers that have been scammed with this worthless product. Next I am going to complain to the TV station that I saw the commercial on and also file a complaint with the BBB and anyone else that will listen. I may even call Oprah.

8/25/2006 - Lucia writes:
This is a piece of junk!! Their customer service number is 800-372-4729... make a note of it, because if you ordered it you will need it. There was no perceptable change in the heat inside the car. I have a sun shade that does what it says it will do -- for a couple of bucks, it blocks the sun. I guess that's all I can ask. Don't bother unwrapping the Auto Call, just call and tell them it is the crap they know it is and send it back with a tracking number if possible because they will claim they never received it if you don't. It may not be worth the $21 I paid. I'm going to just send it back USPS and hope for the best.

8/25/2006 - Donald writes:
I bought 2 Auto Cool and they do not work at all,my car was the same with or without it.They are total crap,these people should have to give everyones money back.

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