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Auto Cool Complaints
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8/24/2006 - Deborah writes:
After reading the reviews I'm glad I bought mine at a local drug store. I'm so lucky, I can get my money back for this worthless thing. I spent a lot of time outside in the heat to put the weather strip on. A lot of good that did! The first time you close the door it pops off along with the fan. I hope everyone that buys it gets their money back and doesn't let this company by with this.

8/24/2006 - Tracy writes:
My wife ordered 1 of the Auto cool. We recieved 7! We were billed $165. I tried to look them up on the internet and got nothing. I tried to call the 1-800-372-4729 and they told me I had the wrong number. After reading the entries on this web site, I found we have been scamed. I have not even checked to see if they work and don't really care. If anyone has had any luck with getting their money back please post how they did it. Thanks.

8/24/2006 - Timothy writes:
I ordered 2 of the AutoCool products on 7/9/06. When I called on 8/15/06 to inquire as to where they were, I was told they were waiting for a confirmation from my Credit Card Company. Since I had heard that there was a back order on the product I wanted to ensure that my order was ready to be shipped BEFORE I gave her another credit card number to use. The woman told me the item was ready to be shipped and not one of the back ordered orders. I gave her a new credit card number to use and she said it was accepted. I called today, 8/24/06 AGAIN and this time was told 1st that they were waiting on a 2nd confirmation on the new credit card (which is B.S. because I gave her my Debit card number and have more than enough money to cover the order) and was told the Item was on back order!!!!! Seems like the right hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!!! I think someone from AutoCool should have contacted ME if there was a problem. I will NEVER order from infomercials again!!! By the way, I cancelled the order.

8/24/2006 - Jan writes:
product does NOT work and there is no information on how to get a refund. Their website states "30 day money back guarentee"

8/24/2006 - Leslie writes:
First, at the top of the page herein, I noticed "defense of product."
So I clicked and guess what? It stated "Product has no defense." That pretty much sums it up. Ordered one of these AutoCools in the first week in July, now it is the end of August and it has yet to arrive. From what I have read, I hope it never arrives. Am cancelling order. Help me; Can anyone spell: Class Action?

8/24/2006 - Becky writes:
I believe the Auto Cool product should be banned and the sellers prosecuted for selling a harmful product to an unsuspecting public. I received the product, saw the warning and immediately returned it so I don't know if it works or not - I suspect it doesn't since reading the other complaints. This company is not conducting business in an ethical manner - no invoice, no packing slip, no return instructions, etc. The authorities need to investigate these people - maybe a little time in a hot jail with their own Auto Cool for relief would be appropriate. Thanks to this website I was able to get a customer service #. I called and told them the product was on its way back. I hope I get reimbursed, but am not holding my breath.

8/24/2006 - Janice writes:
I brought an auto cool a couple of months ago when it was really hot and it was so hot in the car that you couldn't get in for several minutes after cranking up the car and letting it run. We were very disappointed.

8/23/2006 - Robert writes:
I ordered this product on August 2nd and didn't receive it. After coming to this site I tried to cancel my order but could not get through. The charge had not yet been placed on the account so I reported the card stolen and American Express assures me no charges to the old number can now go through. I hope this works to avoid a dispute charge. I'll give them their courtesy by telling them the account and order are cancelled (in December 2006).

8/23/2006 - Shane writes:
I purchased 2 of these items and opened 1. My car was actually hotter inside with this unit on and running than when I just kept my windows rolled up and not even cracked. Total rip off!! Called customer service. Was told I would recieve credit upon reciept of product. Have read that some people sent it back and then the company claims they never recieved it so I will pay for tracking & signature in case I need to claim this with my bank. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! PRODUCT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING THEY CLAIM IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO.

8/23/2006 - Darrell writes:
I ordered autocool about 30 days ago,still haven't recieved it.I should noiced that there wasn't a contact phone number on the web site,this is not good. Darrell

8/22/2006 - Kari writes:
I REPORTED THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!!!!!!!!!!! fot all of us that were treated like crap............ Basically i tried to order the product three months ago and then a week later my wallet was stolen so it never occured to me that my order never went through. then a couple weeks later i went to go get my mail and noticed i did not have a package so i called and they told my that the order never went through because they charge the credit card before they ship out and by that time i had already cancel;led my credit card because of the theft so i re-ordered the items again. A couple weeks go by and i still have nothing so i call again and they told me they are out of stock. I asked them why they didn't call at least to appoligize and asked why i had to call them every coupole of weeks. the last straw was today august 22nd and they are still out of stock and "can't tell me when they are going to get more of the items in. i said you guys are going to ship my stuff in the year 2026 in the winter and when i dont need the stuff anymore and asked them why are they advertisng stuff on the internet that they dont have to sell. as you can teel i'm more than fed up with these people and i told them when i get my stuff in the mail i want it for free with a refund of my purchase price. to see all of the complaints against this company go to http://www.infomercialscams.com/scams/auto_cool thank you...

8/22/2006 - Lisa writes:
It took them 2 months to send the Autocool to me and lo and behold, it actually made the inside of my car hotter! What a rip-off!

8/22/2006 - Jen writes:
This company is full of shit! My first impression of the product occured when I opened the box. I laughed out loud and felt so stupid! To make a long story short, it looks like a happy meal toy, I didn't even bother to use it (because I don't want this crap hanging on my car window) and it's known to contain chemicals known to cause cancer in the state of california.

8/21/2006 - Bob writes:
did not receive the supposed free gift of a cup holder etc. and I do not remember them showing the need for a window stripping and not to mention a few other little things they forgot to mention--

8/20/2006 - Nancy writes:
I ordered the product on June 30. My checking acct has been debited. It is now August 20, & I have not received the order yet. When I called,I was told the order had shipped August 6. Is there a better business bureau to report web & tv rip offs like this?

8/19/2006 - Linda writes:
I ORDERED the auto cool the first of july and have not recieved it,after reading all the complaints i'm sorry I did,what a JOKE!

8/19/2006 - Herb writes:
It did not work at all, so I called Auto Cool customer service at (800) 372-4729 and reported that fact to to the person who answered the call. He asked if I wanted a refund and I said yes. He immediately credited the full purchase charge to my credit card account without requiring the return of the unit.

8/18/2006 - Pamela writes:
This item is a HUGE scam! And they are very unscrupulous to deal with for a "100% money back guarantee" as well. I bought 2, and they were useless. When I called to return them, I was told " I am authorized to issue you a $10.00 credit if you choose to keep them" To which I said, "No, they are junk, I want my money back" So she gave me the address, saying it's required they be sent insured. All of this cost me nearly $8.00. So now, I see today that my bank account was credited....NOT for 100%, but for the cost of the items only! They did not include reimbursement for their highly inflated S&H charge of $15.90 for the two. SO I called back today, and told the customer service person I was furious that I had not received a full refund, to which she replied " Your account was credited for the two items, minus handling and shipping, as is our policy" I said "Nowhere on your website does it say 100% money back minus S&H!! I want my money back!" So, she said she would credit my account for the $15.90, but not for the cost for me to return them. She then asked if she could do anything else for me, and I said "Yes, your company can quit ripping people off and stop selling these pieces of junk!" She then hung up on me.... So, if you bought any of these and are returning them, keep hassling them until you get ALL of your money returned.

8/17/2006 - Jeremiah writes:
I would like for everyone to know that this product is a not work the box that it came in. I would be better off sitting in my car during the day and trying to cool off the inside by mouth. This is definitely a scam and everyone shoud know. These people should have to pay!

8/17/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I ordered Auto Cool July 28, 2006 and have not received it yet. My credit card has been charged. The Confirmation E-Mail lists web address for contact of Customer Service. Cannot reach Auto Cool Customer Service this way. I dialed 1800-905-8029, but the operator said "you cannot reach this number from your area" Now I will ask my credit card company to cancel payment.

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