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Auto Cool Complaints
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8/17/2006 - Linda writes:
I purchased 2 Auto Cools in June. As reported before me the product is a piece of junk and a scam. I got a return address: Merchandise Direct, 400 Fullfillment Circle, Wallingford, CT 06494 and was told that upon receipt of the product they would credit my credit card. So here it is Aug and the charge was not credited. I called the 800-372-4729 number and was told they never received the product back. When I mailed them back I didnt' get a return receipt request from the post office so I have no tracking. I have filed a complaint with my credit card company so we will see what happens.

8/16/2006 - Gary writes:
I ordered five of the AutoCool units in June. They had been backordered all summer. Then, my bank account was charged on 8-8-06. I waited and waited for them to come in. When I finally called to check on the order, I was told that due to high volume of orders, they units are backordered and should be shipped within the next two to three weeks. This of course, will be after the hot, summer season is over. I attempted to call Customer Service, and was given a tracking number for the United States Postal Service. They told me the units had "just been shipped". When I tried to track the shipment using the number given by AutoCool, the USPS told me it was a BOGUS tracking number. When I called back I was told that the tracking number will on tell you that a package has been delivered, not where it is in route. That is a FALSE statement. I track shipments every week and can tell exactly where the shipment is from the time it leaves my place of business to the time it is delivered to the addressee. I asked to speak to a Supervisor, and was told my "Maria" that she could not let me speak with a Supervisor. I asked if she was refusing me to speak to a Supervisor, and she told me that was what she was told to do. No one gets put through to a Supervisor. Please, no one should order anything from this BOGUS, LYING, CHEATING, THEIVING company. I will be turning this over to the Illinois Attorney General's office tomorrow for investigation and prosecution. I will also attempt to begin court proceedings against the company to regain what was taken from my bank account. I still have not received the AutoCool units. And, now I read that they don't work anyway. I should have read these comments before I bought them. I was just trying to make my wife happy and get her something that would cool her car down during the daytime.

8/16/2006 - Yen writes:
This product is a piece of CRAP! Does't even work!! I feel like an idiot buying this product. Someone should take them to court or something; for scamming everyone. I mean, how can the sun be pointing at the autocool all day if the Earth moves??? Piece of JUNK. I wish I had done some research before buying this. Heres their customer service # if anyone needed it. 1 800 372-4729

8/16/2006 - Charlita writes:
I ordered the Auto Cool after viewing the commercial on TV. The commercial states, "Your car will be 20' cooler after sitting in the sun all day long...." Neither my husband or I noticed ANY difference in our cars....

8/14/2006 - Grant writes:
This item is a piece of shit! this thing is not worth the platic it took to make it. Its a rip off, scam, actually it is highway robbery.

8/13/2006 - Horton writes:
I'd like to pretty much ditto everything everyone else has said. The product is, at best, a toy, and don't make it easy to figure out how to return it. I specifically turned down the "free" caddy, but they included it and charged 4.95 shipping anyway. The fan wouldn't turn at all unless the solar cell was aimed no more than 45 degrees away from the perpendicular to the direct sunlight, and it moved virtually no air. Even if it had moved air, it would have been necessary to have another window slightly open to allow for a source of cooler (less hot) air, and the instructions do not mention this. But that would have been a joke, since no air flows in the first place. This piece of junk was obviously designed around a Radio Shack project kit--useful as a learning tool for children, but not for the described purpose.

8/12/2006 - Richard writes:
We saw the commercial for Auto Cool on TV and the price was $14.99 we called 1-800-372-4729 and ordered qty.2 and when I checked my bank statement they charged $139.45. I couldn't believe this the next day we received a box that had no invoice or return address on it. In the box was 5 Auto Cools. How do we go about getting our over charged money back? Can anyone help us?????

8/12/2006 - Dutch writes:
I'm in hot muggy Alabama in the middle of summer and thought this product might work. I watched the TV commercial a little too late at night and apparently wasn't thinking too clearly. It took 8 weeks to arrive and then didn't work at all! Not to mention that the cup insert is as dorky as it can be, also a rip-off! -- The TV advertisement that had one car with 107 degrees inside and the one with Autocool was 74 degrees inside is simply a bunch of hoohey! When they say individual results will vary, that's entirely to prevent being sued for false advertising. My wife has given me a lot of grief for falling for this scam! Oh well, she still loves me though (we've been married for 21 years, and I don't make these types of mistakes too often). Do not buy this product, unless, of course, you want your spouse to have a story to tell about you at dinner parties for the next couple of years. Why the product continues to be advertised, I have no idea - I guess because there are suckers like me -- yes, the fan turns a bit, but the hot air remains and the product does nothing to make the inside of the car cooler than the outside. Utterly amazing that that this company is still in business....Bottom line - no stars out of five!! Stay way clear of Auto Cool!!!!

8/9/2006 - Pam writes:
I am so angry. This product is a complete piece of garbage. I called to see about returning it for a refund. They will not refund the S&H. Another thing is they charge you S&H on the free cupholder caddy. I hate these people. They are of the devil.

8/8/2006 - Stephen writes:
The "autocool" doesn't! It's a rip-off. I live in Florida and I wanted something to cool my vehicle while at work. I ordered 2 of them and received 3. I was also billed for 3. The solar cell on the unit barely picks up enough energy through the window glass to turn the fan slowly, even in direct sunlight. This does not cool the vehicle even slightly. Don't waste your money on this useless product. Don't get ripped off like I did.

8/7/2006 - Susan writes:
My sister bought Auto Cool. She found out that if the sun was not shining directly on the solar panel, the fan would not work. The sun is not going to shine directly on the panel all day long! About the only it would keep your car cooler is to put one on each side of your car and cut a hole in your roof to put another one. That way to sun would shine on at least one of them all day. LOL.

8/7/2006 - Robin writes:
I bought the autocool this past weekend and it is the biggest rip off ever. It does not decrease the heat in the car at all not even one degree.Do yourself a favor read all the reviews and jusge for yourself this is 100% a scam, don't waste your money!

8/7/2006 - Robert writes:
Unfortunately, I didn't read the reports on the AutoCool before I ordered it. Now, I'm jumping through hoops trying to cancel it. Their customer service number disconnects the caller. I call the order number and it's all automated. No human beings. Makes sense if you want to avoid people. Their website has no links for customer service or anything else except to order. What creatures. They can't be humans. Must be from another world far, far away. Call Mulder and Scully!! This is an X-File. My Chase Credit Card Rep says I'm in a bind. He can do one of two things. Cancel the credit card, but the charge could still go through to the new card, since I previously authorized them to charge the card. The credit card system is automated the Rep said, so there's no way to stop a single charge.
The second thing I can do, is to dispute the item by sending it back. I told the Chase Rep that I don't want to pay for shipping it back. Also, if I send it back, AutoCool won't refund the 7.95 per item for shipping and handling. GEEZ!!! Does anyone have a real phone number to a real human being which doesn't disconnect the caller? Does anyone have an email address or weblink to someone I can contact at AutoCool? Any ideas guys? I don't want to cancel and pay these guys shipping and handling for nothing. Thanks. Robert. P.S. PLEASE AVOID THE NIGHTMARE!!! DON'T ORDER AUTOCOOL. WebSurf safely...avoid the sharks.

8/7/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I purchased this item at the beginning of July, and it is a total and complete waste of money. My car is hotter with this in that without. My solar panel was also hanging off when I received it. I ordered it online and got it for $9.99 + $7.95 shipping, and luckily I was not charged the outrageous costs others were, but I did try to cancel it after the order was placed and they completely ignored my request. My solar panel was also hanging off when I received it. Save your money and spend it one something whorthwhile.

8/7/2006 - Tiffany writes:
I received the Auto Cool today after ordering at least a month and a half ago. I found this site after I'd already ordered and couldn't cancel. They are impossible to get hold of. When mine arrived the solar panel wasn't even glued on, it was hanging off. My advice, dispute the charge with your credit card. Thats the only way to get an entire refund of the cost and shipping charges. That's what I'm doing.

8/7/2006 - Jeni writes:
I live in Arizona! The most sunny and hottest state in the U.S.! I bought 3 Auto Cool item's to hopefully help with our heat in our car's! My husband who is a mechanic by trade told me after I ordered it, it probably won't work! MMM Well guess what it didn't! Not at all! Our car's have factory window tint and even in direct sunlight the fan never moved! I have been trying to get a hold of auto cool people for a week now and all I get in the animated system wonder why!? I want my money back and I DO NOT!!!! Recomened anyone to buy this product! Jeni

8/6/2006 - Caitlin writes:
Absolute waste of money! Tried two Auto Cools in my vehicle at the same time and didn't make a bit of difference about the inside temperature. Also took almost a month and a half to receive the things! I've heard horror stories from other people about this product, but unluckily it wasn't until AFTER I made the purchase that I realized I'd been scammed.

8/5/2006 - Noreen writes:
Why is this piece of crap, still being advertised? I thought, maybe it wouldn't work as good as tv, but it would be a little better, in the car. It does nothing!!!! And, that weatherstripping doesn't fit right. And what's with that stupid cup holder? I said I didn't want it, and they bill you, and send it anyway. Of course the autocool isn't sold in stores. There would be a riot at the store!!! Find out the source of who is making the money off this junk and put them away for a very long time!! They robbed alot of people!!! And they are continuing ro rob people, because I still see that commercial!

8/4/2006 - Al writes:
I ordered 2 of these on July 12th. I was told they would ship shortly. I just got off the phone with Matt at customer support and he told me I could expect my order at the end of August (after the heat wave), and that they are back-ordered. I cancelled the order, and you should too. It should not take 1.5 months to ship a product that they continue to advertise on TV, in spite of them being "back-ordered". It is an obvious attempt to scam overheated Americans out of their money.

8/4/2006 - Patricia writes:
I ordered 2 auto cools, and, like many others... I was sent the cup holders that I specifically said I did not want. They charged me $75+... it was (and still is) advertised as $14.99. The box came and did not have company info for me to send it back... I tried one in my car, then two... I live in Hawaii and the car was hotter inside the vehicle than outdoors. The weather stripping did not fit my Camaro windows and kept falling off. I had to really work hard to find a customer service number to ask for the refund guarantee.. the number to call is 1 (800) 372-4729, if anyone needs it... the thing is... I win... haha... they sent it to me and did not bill me in time... I destroyed my card and got a new card because another scam company billed $300 for a trial item I never even received... (Ultima Smile).. I got my money refunded for that, and they charged me $40 for cancellation..that is another long story... anyway, if these scams are billing you w/o your approval.. contact your bank and have the bank destroy the card and issue you another card number. aloha, patti

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