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Avacor Complaints
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Reed writes:
Avacor is a hair regrowth product that just simply doesn't work. The company gets around this problem by putting some Menoxadil (sp?) (which has been shown to regrow hair in some people) into their product but it costs around $100 a month. Plain ole Menoxadil (the only truly active ingedient) costs around $11.95 a month. So buyer beware. Avacor is being marketed during the Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh shows, so I guess that gives some people the false belief that Avacor can be trusted. 

Bob writes:
"Avacor" hair re-growth system does not work. Not one shred of "peachfuzz" was grown. So now I challenge "AVACOR" and it's maker, to step up to the plate and show their independent studies and (un-touched) photo's. Becareful, because when these infomercial's are shown, there is always a "tag" line that states, "individual results will vary"! Well sure they will because we all have different genetic makeup, different metabolism pro and adverse chemical reactions to prescription and herbal formulas. Herbal formulas are NOT all natural. They can be just as dangerous if not more thatn some phamaceuticals!!! and thats a FACT!

Jeffery writes:
I cant get a confirmation number for my money   back. they will not let me return the product without one. please warn everyone.   thanks

Sam writes:
Like millions, I ordered Avacor for my thinning hair. I used it faithfully (as directed) for slightly less than one year, with no results. I must admit that I loved the shampoo as it made my hair feel very clean, but not 500 bucks worth. I contacted the company, and returned the empty bottles. Within a month I had my money back (less shipping) as promised. Even though the product didn't work on me, I appreciate the fact that they did issue a timely refund, so I lost nothing.

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