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Back Relief Belt - Dr. William Grosso
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2/6/2007 - Donna writes:
I tried to order the back belt on their web page. I placed it for one belt with one free. Then got anaother offer for something I was confused about and checked "yes" for "1" and then got another offer for additional hot/cold packs and another for faster mailing. When I got the invoice at the end, I was APPAULED to see the total was over $104.!!! It looks like I'm going to receiv 4 belts! I had no idea this was happening. There was no place to contact a rep, and other complaints on this site indicate calling the 800 number to place an order was rebuffed as they don't deal with web orders!! Is there anything I can do. My credit card company (a credit union) said I could dispute the charges after they are made to my account, but that's all!! I could not "stop payment" on this item through the CC.

1/30/2007 - Patty writes:
We ordered the back belt after seeing the infomercial. After a very frustrating 20 minutes talking to a computer, we were sure we would never see the product as we did not receive any kind of a confirmation number. I went ahead and found it on the internet and ordered it there as well, still not receiving any kind of confirmation of order. We received two orders one day apart. The only reason I have the phone number is because it was on the credit card statement. My husband called it today to inform them that a return was coming and find out if he needed a return code. He spoke with someone very snotty, found out what number he needed, and was hung up on. We are going to send it back and see what happens! The product does work, though, so that's good!

12/5/2006 - Jack writes:
Just got off the telephone calling the customer service # that is given out after calling the posted 800 number shown on the website.... 800-686-1722.. Male answered phone... Oriental sounding voice... I complained that the shipment lacked the Free hot packs that was offered on the website: Receive two reusable hot packs and Dr. William Grosso's guide to pain free back.... Was told that there was no free book and they had nothing to do with the Website... They were only a fulfillment house called Merchandise Direct in Wallingford Ct ....I must wait and check by my Debt Card statement as i suspect Fraud...after reading information appearing on infomercial scams.com.....Our company also uses the Internet for sellling our Products and has never handled Customer Service issues as this company has chosen to do.... I wonder if there really is a Dr. Grosso - if so he is very careless on how his name is being using to perpetuate this type of fraud... J.R.

8/7/2006 - Joanne writes:
I used the internet website on this product to order a back belt for my aunt, who lives in New York State. On top of the order sheet, it says" please indicate if your shipping address is different than the billing address". Yet, there is no where to make this differanciation. It also shows "shipping/billing address". I had no choice but to put my name and home address so that it would be in line with my credit card number. I pushed the order now button. I then saw that there was no where to show the shipping address, so I called them. They told me to wait until Friday (This was Wed.), and they could take my shipping information. On Friday, I called, and gave them my shipping information. They took it and told me they would take care of the matter. Low and behold Saturday I received a package from the back belt co. I called again today, and after many long rings, a voice answered. I told the girl my story, and she seemed not interested in what I had to say. She told me, she doesn't know what is on the website information. I told her I was going to ship the package back to her, and perhaps send the money to my aunt to order it herself. I also told her that the back belt company does not make it easy for customers to order for another person other than themselves, and their internal service is not working either. She told me, "well as long as you are going to pay to send it back to us, why don't you just pay to send it to your aunt". I told her I was not going to pay to send it back to the company, that I was going to the Post Office and refuse the package (since it was not opened). At that point she asked quite abruptly, "Is there anything else"? I said no and she hung up. I am going to call my credit card company in lieu of the above reports.

8/3/2006 - Mike writes:
I made a purchase via online giving my credit card info. The offer was buy 1 get 1 free, plus s&h total about $35. Within 2 days I received a call saying my card did not go thru, and they needed the info again. I thought that was strange. I did not give them the info again. The phone # that call came from was not even the back belt company. I suspect it's a scam, so I called my credit card and canceled my card.

7/28/2006 - Marge writes:
I ordered a back relief belt and requested a second belt free for the cost of shipping and handling, for a total cost of approx. $40.00. I used a debit card to pay, had a hit to my account in excess of $188.00, and about a week later received 10 back belts. I called the company's customer service number and was told they would send me a mailing label to return the product, and only after the product is received back would there be any refund. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told none was available. I was told if I left a message a supervisor would return my call. It is now a week later and I have received no shipping label and no call from a supervisor. When I called back to follow up I was told the label was sent to me, but it takes a long time to get there sometimes. I anticipate it will take a long time to get back after I return the product, too. I was also told the return shipping label is via US Mail (for 7.95 per belt?) and there is no tracking available for the return. I am very afraid they will never receive it, and if they do, it will be weeks before my money is refunded. What a great scam - overcharge, hold the funds hostage unless the fool is willing to pay more for returning unordered product, collect interest on the funds for as long as possible and maybe never have to return them if no one can prove the product reached its return destination!! I was also told the customer service reps have no idea who a customer can talk to that has more information than they do. They did not even offer to pretend they would have a supervisor return my call this time.

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