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Bare Minerals Complaints
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1/26/2007 - Liz writes:
I ordered 2 kits for Christmas gifts for my daughters-They were happy with the products. In January I received another order of these products which I did not order. I do not or never did have any intention of buying more. My credit card was charged without my knowledge or permission. Not only that but they charged it to a card with an expired date. This is very poor business practices. Tomorrow I call and discontinue my credit card.

1/6/2007 - Barbara writes:
Like others on this site, I tried Bare Minerals, and I liked it. I did join the "Club" because I was naive about the benefits. I agree with others that it's not a savings. My big problem right now is that I was charged on Dec 19 for my 2nd club shipment and here it is, January 6th and I still haven't received it. I talked to customer service and they told me that they use a service that goes through UPS then to the Post Office and can take up to 3 weeks!! This is a huge difference from the 3 days when I originally purchased this product. I am going to be ordering from [] from now on where the prices are better and the shipping is reliable. DO NOT ORDER FROM BARE MINERALS DIRECTLY!!!! It's a fine product, but unlike most companies, going straight to the source costs you more money and more headaches.

1/3/2007 - Melody writes:
After seeing the infomercial, listening to a friend rave about it, and checking them out all over on the internet, I decided to give it a try. Because I didn't trust my first purchase to be online because I wanted to be sure the product matched my milk-white skin, I went to a stop near home that sells the product. In one foul swoop, with only purchasing the lightest foundation and their "regular" brush, I dropped almost $40.00. I went home, tried it, and was very disappointed. It didn't cover well at all (I have major acne scaring from childhood acne) and the more I put on the more I looked very pasty and ghostly white. I thought my problem was that (for once) a color was too white for me. I called my friend who swore by it, watched some more "how-to" videos online and but the bullet and ordered online in the next darkest shade. I was very excited when the makeup arrived and when I took the foundation out of the box and held it up to the foundation that I had bought at the store I almost called right then to be sure I got the right shipment. The product I bought at the store was half again larger than the product I bought on their website and I paid a lot more fore it unless they lied and said their "free gifts" weren't really free. I was upset, but willing to give it a try and thankful for the three brushes they sent alone as "gifts." (I won't say they were free because they most certainly were not for what I paid.) Anyway, I looked at the two foundation colors that they sent and knew instantly that they were going to be too dark. Now, in the infomercial, Leslie promises that if you go too dark or too light, it doesn't matter because "Bare Minerals blends so well that the color difference doesn't matter." HOGWASH!!! I put on the next darker color and though it did blend nicely I still looked like I had an orange mask on. And when I used it as a concealer I had little orange spots all over my face. The solution? Why, do what Leslie says, "Just mix the colors." So, I took the color that seemed to be too light, mixed that with the color that seemed to be too dark and tried one more time. It was better but still not perfect. Going through the time to try to make the perfect mix every morning was getting to be a pain. Finally, I just dumped a large portion of the "too dark" with the "too light," did a little shake, put the cap back on the "too dark" and am letting that rot in my makeup drawer. I finally discovered that the mini buki (I think that's how you spell it) brush worked better for getting better coverage, but the "warmth" they promised would "lift" my complextion looked like maroon streaks on my cheeks and forehead. I was VERY patient. I tried less and less, different brushes, I watched the "free" DVD again and still had problems with it. So, it now rots beside the "too dark" foundation in my makeup drawer. I have a very oily T-zone and Leslie says that a good application of the "mineral viel" under the foundation will keep your face shine free all day. NOT SO! I put the mineral viel on and sure enough, by noon my nose, chin and forehead are shining away. I have to carry the mineral viel with me everywhere and apply it at least 3 or 4 times a day to keep the shine down. Also, the more of the mineral viel I seem to brush on the more of the foundation seems to come off unto the brush. It's frustrating. I also live a very busy life. I work all day, come home, do laundry, cook, clean, tutor, run my own website, and I am known to crash into bed without washing my face. Therefore, I was THRILLED when Bare Minerals promised that it was SO PURE you could wear it while you slept and not have to worry about it clogging the pores and causing breakouts. I wore it to bed one night and woke up with a major breakout in the creases aroung my nore and mouth, on my forehead and my temples. I was horrified. I've falled asleep in my liquid foundation and woken up better than that. It took me one whole week and two days with no makeup what-so-ever to get my skin back to normal. A couple of weeks later I fell asleep in the makeup again only to have the same result. It seems I can wear it during the day alright but sleeping in it is a NO-NO! So much for their promise that you can sleep in it and not have breakouts. As far as it "dramatically improving" your skin. I don't believe that for a second. I've been using it for months and haven't seen one ounce of improvement in the condition of my skin. You would think after using it for a couple of months I would get over the whole learning curve by now. Some days I look pasty and some days I look like I haven't put anything on at all. I'm still trying (because I'm patient and I don't give up easily, and I'm too lazy and poor (I've spent WAY to much money ont his junk) to go to the store and pick up my old stuff (which was also very expensive)). I'll keep trying for now, but my patience is limited. So, let's recap: A. They are overpriced. B. When you buy online they completely rip you off with quantity of product (and the price). C. The brushes are okay, but expensive. D. The "warmth" they claim to be a complextion booster is really just clown paint. E. The oil-control they promise is a lie. F. The "so pure you can sleep in it" claim is also a lie. G. It does little to nothing to "improve" the skin. If you don't have great skin to begin with, I would NOT recommend this prduct. H. Unless you have the patience of job to try to learn how to do this "just right" stick with what you have.

1/3/2007 - Michelle writes:
I decided to buy a kit at the retail store because I was so amazed with the commericial. The make up looks good on me. The only problem I have is that.....on the commericial it says that you can sweat and it wont come off. Thats not true. I tested it out myself. I put on my make up and i went to the gym. I began sweating and it all came off on my towel. I knew it was too good to be true.

12/15/2006 - Cammie writes:
First of all, I would like to let you know that I absolutely love this make-up...it has done wonders for my complexion. However, I have a major concern with the prices charged for the Club membership. On the company's website, it states that by becoming a 'Club Member', you are "guaranteed 20% savings off retail price." I did a few calculations of my own, and personally I do not see how that is possible. This is how I figure it: At a retail store you can buy: .47 ounces of Mineral Veil for $19, which calculates to be $40.43 per ounce .30 ounces of Foundation for $25, which calculates to be $83.33 per ounce With the club membership, you receive .06 ounces of Mineral Veil, and .12 ounces of Foundation. Using the price per ounce calculated above, the amounts received in the Club membership should cost: .06 ounces of Mineral Veil should cost $2.43 ($40.43 x .06 oz) .12 ounces of Foundation should cost $10 ($83.33 x .12 oz) For a grand total of $12.43 The basic club membership cost is $39.98, which is $27.55 MORE than one would be paying for the same quantity (if it was sold in stores)!! I do not see the 20% savings that I am "guaranteed" to receive so I wanted to let everyone else be aware of it.

11/18/2006 - Dee writes:
I tried the Bare Minerals Introductory offer. Believe it or not, I actually like the products, or at least the foundations. It's the customer service that bites. My credit card has been overcharged several times now and the amount they charge for S&H is downright ridiculous! You are automatically enrolled in the "club" where you receive automatic shipments, a discount and free gifts. However, the company also claims on their web site that the membership shipments can be customized and when I contacted customer service about removing one of the products from my automatic shipments because it does horrible things to my skin, I was told my only option was to have my membership deactivated, thus losing the discounts and any free gifts. Luckily, I have found a local shop where I can buy the products I like without the hassle.

10/29/2006 - Andrea writes:
I like the makeup all right, but I found that it does not cover imperfections nearly as well as on the infomercial. I like that it has a weightless feel, but I don't see the miraculous coverage that I saw on the infomercial. I was disappointed that it didn't conceal or cover very well.

10/9/2006 - Susie writes:
I ordered the bare minerals kit on line, after watching the infomercial many times. A little tiny bit of product came in a huge box. The product size was much smaller than as advertised, so I called to ask why. The best answer they could give me was that "you still got a really good deal," even though they admitted that I got the "club" size, and not the larger size as demonstrated on TV. So I let it rest for a bit, until I called to delay the automatic club shipment, since I wasn't using it up that fast. I complained again about the difference in size, and said that I felt that it was underhanded and pretty much of a bait and switch. The customer service person asked me if I would "feel better" if she sent me the larger size. I said that what would really make me feel better was if the company would stop their deceptive practices, and that I would appreciate receiving the full size that I thought I had ordered in the first place. I never got it. I e-mailed Leslie to let her know how I felt about all of this, but I never heard back from anyone. I canceled my "membership". I do not understand why a company with a decent enough product would go to such expense and effort to promote their product and get customers, and then undermine their efforts with this sleazy behavior. I am sick and tired of this rip-off mentality, and I refuse to be a customer of any company who carries on this way.

9/18/2006 - Shannon writes:
I received Bare Minerals as a gift and was excited to try it after seeing the infomercial and the apparent "amazing results". I am 29 years old but do have some skin problems. This make up made my face feel powdery and dry and my skin actually looked worse after I wore it. I only wore it 3 times before I gave up on it and looked for something else. Now I use [] Cosmetics that makes my skin look perfect without looking like I'm wearing make or feeling like I'm wearing it.

8/6/2006 - Kenzier writes:
I've learned that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. BareMinerals was no different. I ordered the product through an online store I will not name, and props to them because it shipped quite quickly. However, when I tried the product, I was vastly disappointed. I have freckles that are only moderately prominent, and the product did not cover AT ALL. Also, considering the price, the product is very sparse. The containers the power comes in a reasonably sized, but when you open them, you find that it is mostly hollowed out. Ergo, product takes up less than half of the container. This is the first product I ever sent back. Thankfully, the company I ordered from gave me a full refund.

7/8/2006 - Yonnie writes:
I just don't think this stuff works at all. I bought a kit through [], hoping it would be as great as they promise. I am in my early forties with fine lines. The powder settles into the lines and makes you look older. After a few tries it also started itching badly on my skin, although I am not sure if the itch came from the brush or the powder. I have since tried Wei East foundation powder and I really like it.

6/27/2006 - Kathryn writes:
I ordered a BareMinerals starter kit and found that I liked the product very much. I was considering ordering more of the product when I recieved a shipment of 3 products that I had not ordered. According to the packing slip I was a member of a club and my order was pre-paid through my credit card. I never signed up for a club or authorized the use of my credit card. I am so dissapointed in this behavior on the part of that company because I really do like the product.

3/22/2006 - Liz writes:
Bare Escentuals is advertized as being good for all skin types, all ages, etc. I am middle-aged, 50ish with pretty good skin "for my age" and all the product did was emphasize any fine lines and make my skin look and feel really dry.  Either the product or the brushes made my skin feel irritated and look rather red and the coverage was nothing like they say - it really doesn't cover any flaws, even small ones. It may work great for younger skin or for those with absolutely no skin imperfections, but for those of us with "average" skin, it really didn't perform as claimed.  The informercial shows the difference between applying liquid foundation and Bare Escentuals to a piece of tissue - ie. toilet paper.   I, for one, do not have skin made out of wood fiber, but even this demonstration did not show good coverage - liquid foundation bled through the tissue while the Bare Escentual was very sheer, which actually means it gives very little coverage at all. I was really disappointed.

2/15/2006 - Toni writes:
I also tried Bare Minerals and was led to believe that by being in the club, I would receive better prices. I see there is already a post explaining the problem which is that you get such a very small amount of product, you run out of it very quickly.  I live in the Seattle area, and not only does Nordstrom's now sell this product, but Bare Escentuals has their own shop here also. Stay away from the mail order programs - you can do a lot better buying the product somewhere else. I do like the product, but don't appreciate being scammed!

1/1/2006 - Patrice writes:
I ordered Bare Minerals after watching Leeza Gibbons rave about it.  It came in a nicely packaged box with everthing as promised.  However, the containers held so little product.  Each container held about one tablespoon of powder.  I also had difficulty mixing and matching to my dark skin tone.  The coverage was spotty.  I looked better with nothing on my face.  The brush also left hairs all over my face.  I did end up returning, and they promptly refunded my money.

11/20/2005 - June writes:
I had ordered the initial 39.00 kit by mail from a promo on tv. I got the shipment within two weeks and did like the product. I got a second shipment less than one month later. So I marked it return to sender and sent it back the following day. I called and spoke to a customer services rep.when the bill showed up on my American Express bill. I disputed the claim to American Express and they researched it and said that I had recieved it. She told me that I never did return the product to Bare Minerals and thus I owed it. Of course I cancelled my order that day and have not seen nor heard from them. I contacted them 2 seperate tiems by email and have not ever gotten a response. June Martin , RN

11/4/2005 - Donna writes:
I ordered the bareMinerals makeup kit from the infomercial and you have to become a member of the club. (they will let you cancel at any time, but they encourage you to stay and save.) I really do like the makeup a lot but they would always charge my credit card and then I'd have to call them, inquire about why I hadn't received my shipment, be told to wait enough 2 weeks, etc. Well, you get the picture. But I like the makeup so I kept it up for over a year. Finally with my last shipment they charged me twice and sent a double order after accidently canceling my membership. This got looking at the makeup. They make you think that by staying in the club you are getting full size containers each month at a big discount. Not true!! You can buy a regular size foundation (.3 oz) for $25 and a regular size mineral veil (.47 oz) for $19 online. When they send you your kit you're getting a mineral veil ($19) and two foundations in the kit but each of the foundations are only .06 oz (so together are only getting .12 oz of foundation.) You pay $39.99 for a $19 mineral veil and .12 oz of foundation. At QVC and other places (including Bare Escentuals own catalog) for $44 you can buy a $19 mineral veil and a full sized $25 .3 oz foundation (which is 2.5 times the foundation you are getting in the club.)  I know this sound complicated but I did the math and they're charging $8.33 for each .10 oz with the regular price and for each .10 oz at the club price you're paying $17.49 !! And yet they try to sell you on the point that staying in the club saves you money. Of course they send you a little gift that is supposed to keep you interested, but it's has always been something that I already have such as a duplicate brush or a sample cleaner. I like the makeup and I will probably continue using it, but I definitely want to warn other women who may not examine the bottom of the containers. 

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