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Bennoti Coffee And Espresso Maker Complaints
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2/13/2007 - Doris writes:
On Dec 04 2006 i watched a late night adversitement about an Expresso Coffee Machine that was offered as a gift if i would try the coffee. I love expresso and i jumped at the chance to have the machine and to try the coffee. If i did not like the coffee i could return the coffee and the machine was free. Well i tried the coffee and i did not like it so i sent it back for my refund of the coffee. The machine was only supposed to cost me 28.80 for shipping. The coffee was supposed to come with the machine, that is what i understood. I was billed through my bank account for 196.02. When i called for a refund i could not reach anyone. for 3 weeks i tried to get someone to talk to me but i had no response. I sent an e-mail and they e-mailed me back to say they had not received the coffee that was returned. I then e-mailed them the order # and when it was sent back also i had a confirmation # of the date they received it. I paid for return receipt assuring me that it had reached its destination with out a doubt. I am still awaiting my refund of 159.60 coffee without the shipping charges. That is what i asked for . The coffee (8 boxes) wassent back.

1/30/2007 - Marv writes:
The infomercial is misleading, incorrect and is a great example of the bait and switch technique. Their customer service is non-existent, they don't answer the phone or emails. This company should be put out of business.

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