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Bit Shooter Complaints
Total Complaints: 67
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9/22/2006 - John writes:
I ordered 3 bitshooter sets with gift cases for Christmas 2005. The charge of $156.35 appeared on my dec 2005 CC statement. I never got the tools. I wrote to the email address listed in the defense portion of this site, and the email came back as undeliverable. I called the company's number on my CC statement, but the company had changed numbers. I called the new number Friday pm, and was told everthing was shipped, but I could call back when Michelle came back on Monday. I'll let you know if they do anything.

5/29/2006 - Kenneth writes:
never rec'd the bit shooter paid for it bi credit card plus shipping and hangling (9.95) all this was done by phone. they said 4 to 6 weeks to rec. the bit shooter. never rec'd it and i an very ticked off. I want my money now. how does our gov. let this happen. what can i do to get my money back.

5/28/2006 - Kenneth writes:
about 2months ago i called the company to order the bit shooter,their took my credit card # billed to my cc and i never rec'd anything and i am pissed off

5/18/2006 - Patricia writes:
I ordered a bit shooter in January they debited my account and to this day May 18th I have never received it. I want my money back!

5/9/2006 - Darlene writes:
I order a bit shooter in Dec.2005 and have not got it yet.I order off of the tv.they cash my check on march the 14 2006

5/5/2006 - David writes:
I ordered two Bit Shooters on February 6th over the phone after watching an infomercial. It is now May 5th and I have not received anything. I am going to check with our local TV station which has a guy that goes after companies like this. Good Luck to the rest of you that have been scammed.

4/22/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I purchased the bit shooter in November 2005 and received it in January 2006, the bit shooter arrived 'broken'.  I returned the shooter and received another in March 2006 that too was 'broken'.  I requested my money back and was told 'no refunds'.  I have contacted my bank to force bit shooter to return my money...I'm still waiting and I have filed a complaint with Wisconsin Consumer Complaint only to find out there are numerous filed complaints about this product and its manufacturer. I hope the government 'shut them down'.

4/21/2006 - Thomas writes:
We ordered "Bit Shooter Master" 11-28-2005.ALSO ORDERED AN EXTRA SET OF EVERYTHING OFFERED IN THE SPILL ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. Sorry about the capitals, it just seemed the thing to do to emphise the amount of our order.After calling in Dec.2005, Jan2006&Feb2006 and still haven't recieved any part of what we ordered, we have started to try to find out what is going on. All our calls produced nothing but flurstration and aggreviations to both of us. We are both elders and live on fixed incomes

4/12/2006 - Edward writes:
I am a victim of this scam also I paid for the shooter and an 18volt cordless drill in December 05 and like everyone else I am still waiting for it and was also told it's in a warehouse in CA my last phone call to them they Melissa hang up on me.I would like to continue with my ",nevr mind I need to be professional. Thanks for listening.

3/14/2006 - Eric writes:
I received confirmation of my ordered for the BitShooter and drill on February 22nd, 2006.  My account was charged the $38.85 on the 27th.  I started calling to check on a ship status the week of March 6th.  On the 9th I was told that my order was packed and ready to ship but the California warehouse was having some "problems" and they would no more on the 10th.  I called on the 10th and they had no update.  I called on the 14th and was first told it was packed and ready to ship but they didn't know what the problem was.   After asking to talk to a supervisor I was told by the same rep a few moments later that it was backordered and I had two choices; wait for it to arrive when they get more or cancel the order.  They couldn't say whether it would be next week, month or year.   These are lies.  Shipping and inventory managment are common business processes and status is ALWAYS available.  Someone is scamming someone.

3/14/2006 - Joseph writes:
i ordered 2 bit shooters ,suppose to get 2 free drills .if i paid for s&h . plus a 50 piece drill bit set . i placed this order on 2/3/06 . it is now 3/14/06 i called this # (262) 796 -2002 .spoke to a representative who told me ,first i would have it in 24 hrs.  a week later i called i was told 7 to 10 buisness days . i called again to check the status . i was told this time ,that it never got shipped out . there was a delay in the warehouse . i would have to wait while they reshipped the order . they told me last week they would reship it by friday of last week . i called today again to check the status was it shipped yet ? they told me no . it was at a warehouse in california . they can not track it . they do not offer fed ex   or ups shipping .this is what i was told . it is all bogos .they lie to you .they are not knowledgable at all .you get different stories from everyone who works there .even the supervisors ,are not helpful . no one does anything to help you . the customer service representatives are nasty ,there attidudes are rude .all you here is broken promises .no one can tell you the truth . it is a disgrace the way they treat you , this company is in my book a big fraud and a rip off ,a scam . never ever again .my order is $107.95 . i am so disgusted i cancelled my order today . i was told 3 to 5 buisness days for a refund to my bank account . we will see . i am sure it won't  be refunded . we all do need to do something ,act on this ,call bbb or attorney general or the news  . the news is a good start . we can not let them decieve the people who just want the products the pay for ,and not wait months to get .i found this # (561)330 -7392 this is the corporate offices 9:00 am -5:00 pm mon. -friday est. in case no one came across this # thanks for listening .

2/6/2006 - Sharon writes:
On the 3rd of November 2005 I ordered the Bit Shooter from the tv.  I was to receive a free cordless power drill   and another cordless power drill just by paying the shipping and handling.  I ended up paying $38.85 for the bit shooter and one cordless power drill, which by the way, was broken and I never received the other drill.  I called the number I finally found and got a recording.  Someone finally called my home phone and left a message to call, but it was not a toll free call; I did call the number but only got a recording.   Never again will I deal with this company.

2/6/2006 - Ali writes:
I ad my name to the many who were victims of this company. The products are inferior to the point of criminal. I am sure these evil creatures use the air to deceive and lie about the products. When ordering, you are speaking to a computer like voice which in the end tells you how much the items will cost and hang up. From 19.99 to 78.00 you are charged with no means to stop the order. This is criminal. Dealing with the mafia would get better results. All credit card companies should not approve any financial with this company.

1/28/2006 - Rita writes:
on 11-14-05 i ordered 2 bit shooter "specials". for 40.00 plus s/h, so i thought. but at the end of the automated   purchase that was enough to pay for 3 sets, which included a FREE drill. i had used my visa debit/credit card number. i imediately called back and left he message to cancel the order and stressed several times to not send it or charge my card. on 11-24-05 i received 1 bit shooter set. i called 262-796-2002 was given a ref.# and the new berlin address to return it for my refund. i did this and NO refund. i found these complaints on this site. i called southern tools, and was told "we don't care aboout the complaints" they will not refund me. i told them i am contacting my state's attorney general, an attorney, and this site. i urge all of you to contact the same, let's not let them rip us off. please email me at []yahoo, and combine our efforts. i WILL NOT allow them to rip me off.

1/28/2006 - Marion writes:
I ordered the bit shooter and two drills. I was charged $28.90 for one bitshooter and a free drill(incl) s/h and was also charged s/h and handling on the second drill. The problem is I have only received one drill and it doesn't work. Just received the bitshooter today, but only 3 cartridges was supposed to get 4. Haven't received the other drill yet. I tried to go to the websitewww.southerntoolsparts.comtoday and it is being updated so I couldn't look at it but I used their contact e-mail on the site to e-mail them and at this time am awaiting a reply,thank-you for listening, Marion Rosser

1/18/2006 - Kay writes:
Hello,my name is Kay. I ordered the bit shooter on tv at the biginning of December and it is now January 18th. I have been looking for a number to call them and just found it on this site. I called and was told my order was placed on hold and they forgot to take it off hold. I told her to cancel my order and refund my money. She said I was never billed. The money was taken out of my account in December. I would never do bussiness with this company.

1/16/2006 - Stacey writes:
I ordered two bitshooters and a drill on line on the the tenth of December as Christams presents. I never got any confirmation from them so decided to call on the fifteenth of December to make sure the order had gone through. I was then told that they had been mailed on the thirteenth and I should be getting them in the next seven to ten business days(in time for Christmas?)On December 22nd I again called to see what the problem was and was then told that they haqdnt been mailed til the fifteenth and I would still have to wait the seven to ten business days.I called again on the second on january(yep they missed Christmas) and was then told that they had mailed the bitshooters on the 27th of December and again I would have to wait the seven to ten business days. Finally the package arrived on the thirteenth of January but by this time I was so uninterested in this order I just called and toldd them i wanted to return the bitshooters and the drill for a full refund. I was then told that the drill was never sent(I never opened the box) and they had no idea why it hadnt been sent. I was told that I would have to wait for UOS to pick up the package and when they recieved it I would be credited back all money including all the postage. I guess we shall see but as of yet UPS hasnt picked up the package and when i called again today they told me that UPS had been told to pick it up and would do so in the next few days. They continually lied to me and I never want to deal with this company again as long as I live and I just hope that I do get the money back.owulds

1/15/2006 - Linda writes:
I wish to report this company because I ordered this on line, They charged for things and way to much for shipping and handling. I called the company to cancel, I was told I would have to wait for two-three days before it would even show up on their system, and she wasn't seeing anything yet that I had even ordered. please report this for me. thank Sincerely Linda

1/13/2006 - John writes:
I ordered the bitshooter on Dec 5th hoping to get it for christmas. The ad was for $19.95. I ordered three expecting to pay about $60 plus S&H. the order came to $156.35 and it woould take 6 -8 weeks for delivery. I wanted to cancel the order before I  hung up the phone. the autop order system would not let me cancel. I called back about four hours later to cancel. The lines were busy. I was told to leave a message, which I did. I told them to cancel my order. On Dec. the 8th the charge showe up on my credit statement. I tryed calling them again and again was told to leave a message. No response. on about Jan 7th I receied the order. I called again on Jan 12th to tell them I had cancelled. They said they would check their phone records and call me back. It is COB Jan 13th, no response. Do not do business with this company.

1/12/2006 - Juan writes:
I send for the Bitshooter as it appear in TV.I order it on 10/13/05 and did NOT received it untill 1/11/06.I was charge $67.75 I call why the delay they said it was return, LIE, I been in this address for the past 28 years and the post office knows to leave a notification on my box.Second excuse was that the person failed to put the order when we call on Dec 9 to find out again why the delay,when they had tell me it only will take 5 to6 busiuness day when I first place the order.I look at the box and it has the UPS sticker on it.Ups knows my home addresss and my job place wich is only 2 Block away from my home,so there cant be a mistake ither.It was all their fault.I was charge $19.90 for shipping and handling(mind that UPS only chrege #7.50 for ground service,which is what i got).When i call to find out why, the reply was that it was 2 bitshooters,I ask why again because they both came in the SAME box,so there for should be only one charge for shipping.The famous drill is a piece of JUNK,It has 6 nicd-zeller batteries(My recharge are more powerfull that this piece of garbage). And the famous bits are of no use becuse the bit are not all flat or stars,They are lioke allen wrechs that you hardly eve use,only one came with 3 flat and 3 star.Unfurtunally I found out about this web site after all this and I decide to stay with it because from the storys I have read I may not even get my money back and niether the tools..This is my story I hope someone can benefit from it..JUAN

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