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Bloussant Complaints
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1/24/2007 - Jennifer writes:
My mom took a few bottles of this. She is 49 and last year found out she had breast cancer. She had a full blown Mastectomy and took radiation. She often wondered if thats what caused it. Oh my am i po'd now. I think action needs to be taken against this Company NOW!!!!!

1/7/2007 - Christina writes:
I too used Bloussant for a short period of time with no results. I have no family history of Breast Cancer and was recently diagnosed. I am thinking the two may have something to do with each other. I am interested in speaking to Karen...I plan on taking some sort of action.

12/29/2006 - Karen writes:
I used this product for quite a period of time with no visable results. I believe it cost me close to 400 bucks. Shortly after taking it I came down with breast cancer. I was only 32 and there has never been any history of breast cancer in my family. I am interested in finding out if anyone eles had a similar situation. My doctor was very curious about these pills ,but I had already thrown them out. breast cancer has to do with high levels of estrogen which these pills priduce. my doc gave me the feeling these pills may have been somehow responsible.

1/24/2006 - Jon writes:
my name is jon and i used to sell bloussant for a company called ynot productions which was run by a man named tony hoffman. Let me be the first to tell u that yes the company was a scam run by an actually quasi-intelligent man who preyed on the poor and ignornat to buy his product bloussant. The company hired the most drugged up transients i have ever seen to answer your phone calls and sell u a product that didnt work. We as outbound operators were given classes on how to "sell the sizzle not the steak" meaning that we were to hype up the product so much that eventually the customer would feel that the product was the answer to all their problems. The company was intrested in making a quick buck and burned as many customers as it could careingless if they took advantage of the customer. The company wellquest international and ynot inc had to eventually take the product off the market because of an ftc investigation that ultimately led to a 3 million dollar lawsuit in which the defendents lost and had to pay. Many people continued to call and ask for info on bloussant, but because of the lawsuit we were instructed to tell the customer that "we had no information on bloussant and were simply a call center for placing orders and if u would like info we could take your name and number and someone from our corporate office will call u back with info" we simply took those names and numbers and threw them in the trash at the end of day. This was a about a year and a half ago, ynot productions eventually took a financial hit and fired everyone until it finally had to close down its california location. Dont get me wrong, not everyone that worked at this call center was a scumbag, they were simply just college kids trying to pay for their tuitions. The reason i am writing this is because i just googled bloussant tonight and saw that there is a new website and location for the product which worries me that this scam is still going on. i have no idea if ynot productions is still selling this stuff or if someone else has taken over the product name, but i felt that i should atleast tell my story so that if anyone thinking of buying this product may stumble upon this review and think twice.

8/6/2005 - Pansy writes:
i bought this product in 2000.trust me i wasted almost 300.00 on this.i will never buy something like this or similar to it again.just another rip off from good hard working people.and how the govt. allows this ,i dont know.i guess rip offs is what keeps the world going.pansy lester valdese n.c.

Amanda writes:
This stuff is a complete waste of money!   I bought a 2 month supply and there was no increase in my breast size what so ever. You would think taking 4 pills a day like the directions stated there would be some change but nope. To anyone who is thinking of purchasing these these all natural pills don't do it. They are over priced and don't do squat. Save your money. 

Mackenzie writes:
I agree that this product is a waste of money. I too bought the two month supply and took as directed. There has been no increase in my bust. No change at all but perhaps it would work for someone else. If your serious about results, get implants instead. At least with silicon or peanut oil theres some sort of guaranteed increase.

Andrea writes:
I am writing you to let you know about the lies the company who makes Bloussant has told and are still telling. My Goddaughter used it for soooo long and there was absolutely no change in her breast at all! If you have not bought it, do not buy it and if you have bought it, please stop using it, it will not work!  Also this is for women who have a family history of breast cancer in their family! I really, really recommend that you do not use it!  Not safe at all!!!

Tiffany writes:
I bought the two months supply of Bloussant. When there was no changes I called the company and they said that they only had a 60 day money back guarantee. I was so disappointed since the only reason i purchased this product was the 100% satisfaction guaranteed claim. When I went searching for proof the website that had the claim on it had deleted the whole product. I now have no proof and I don't have larger breasts and i lost all my money this product is a complete scam.

Maggie writes:
I bought this product over a year ago and seen no "good" results after using it for over 6 months.  I did however develop a lump in my breast that my doctor feels came from taking this product.  I am only 27 years old and I had to experience my first mammogram because of this.  It turned out to be a build-up of some kind, something to do with this product.  Beware!

Sai writes:
I too purchased this bogus product and like the others saw absolutely  no results. I later discovered lumps on my breast which were probably related to the pills..this product is a complete ripoff and a major scam. Not to mention the one rep that they had answering their phones was a complete idiot as she didn't know anything and couldn't answer any questions.. Do not waste your money...this is a major major ripoff..

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