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Body Flex Complaints
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10/5/2005 - Casey writes:
I bought the Body Flex Plus after seeing heavy advertisements on tv back in 2003.  Lose 4-14 inches in one week with a revolutionary style of breathing.  You also get a GymBar with it for the exercise tape.  I paid everything in one lump sum and received it one month later.  I watched the tape to see what this new style of breathing was.  Now, normally I will do stupid things if I'm by myself.  This breathing was so stupid it was almost embarrasing to do even alone.  You really look like an idiot if you watch the inventor doing it.  She has way more guts than I do.  I finally gained the strength to do this.  The 4-14 inches claim is NOT true.  I followed everything to the T and saw very little results.  However, the Gymbar is a very clever idea and also very useful if you want to do some toning on all sections on your body.  But trust me, you can't lose that fast safely, and you can lose it without all that embarrasing breathing.

Margaret writes:
Since ordering the Body Flex I have found myself in a nightmare.  After receiving and being charged for the Body Flex system, I began to see charges for something called Essential Boost, to the tune of approx $50.00; charged in two increments. I immediately contacted the company via the 800 number and was told to return the product for a refund, which I did using an RFA number given to me. When I did not see the refund I once again contacted the company and was told that they had "no record" of receiving the product back and it was "my problem" since I did not send it back certified.  I advised them to discontinue sending me anything and not to charge my account again.  Several days later, my account was again debited.  This time I am not receiving anything except charges; no product, just charges. I have every intention of finding out if others have had this problem.  I am reporting the incident to the State's Attorney's Office and have reported this last charge as fraud. I recommend highly that even if this product works it is not worth doing business with the company.  I have just returned to whole system, certified, with documentation of my dissatisfaction.  However, if it requires me to cancel my bank account, cards and all the accounts attached, the sheer inconvenience will not be compensated by a refund. Future Buyers Beware!  Sometimes doing business by snail mail and money order is far less risky.

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