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Body Solutions Complaints
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8/5/2005 - Ruth writes:
I used body solutions bought 6 + bottles took it like I was supposed to lost 3 lbs then gained like 10+ lbs I dont eat much I do exercise but found this product to be a money making scam and the consumers like us fall for it and get burned

Johnett writes:
Itook body solutions faithfully for 2 months and excercised. I didn't lose not 1pound. Then when we asked for our money back, they wouldn't give it back. Even a box full of 2 new bottles (box unopened) they would not take back. What a scam. Anybody can loose weight if they eat right, excercise and drink lots of water. Body solutions cheats us and won't even refund us when they lied to us, saying we would get a full refund when we order the whole kit. that was expensive. We have spent over $300 or more.

Beth writes:
I tried the Body Solutions Challenge after one month I had lost 7# without trying so I kept going. After 3 months with a decrease in quantity of food, increase in exercise, and improvement in what I was eating, the 7# was back. PLUS, it is to be taken at bed time to help you sleep and I do not know if it has ephedra or ma huang or whatever but it made me restless and get poor sleep. Another friend didn't have any blood sugar problems until month one after starting Body Solutions, he went into full blown Diabetic Ketoacidosis and had to be hospitalized... almost 2 months after discontinuing the "solution", his blood sugar levels are fine and is even appearing at times to be hypoglycemic vs diabetic. I suggested he sue.

Lea writes:
I tried Body Solutions. I lost 8 pounds the first month and bought another bottle. I took the solution just as I was told to and the eight pounds returned by the end of the next month. I didn't purchase anymore.

Sam writes:
Who in the hell thought of this product? The only thing I can say is....that it's a fluke! When I started the program 5 months ago, I had 39-inch waist, and now I'm at a 40-inch waist, and I gained 5 pounds. I wasted enough money to purchase a DVD player and a half for some product that smells like piss and tastes like crap. Anyone out there who endorses this product will only reduce themselves from normal human being to NOTHING MORE THAN ******!!!!

Virginia writes:
I tried Body Solutions for three months and I did not experience any weight loss.  Before purchasing the product, they told me that I could try the product risk free for a with a full refund guarantee as long as I used the pedometer.  Three weeks before before the trial period I called customer service and they told me I needed to send the unused products and the weight loss book, but I did not keep up with the weight loss log book.  The customer service dept came up with multiple excuses not to refund my money in full and they would only refund partial payment.  This product does not work and is and their customer service dept advertises false information.  Consumer Beware!!!!!

Sam writes:
My wife and I used this product for over 6 mos. At first we used 3 bottles and were told that we were taking it wrong. We were mixing it in water as it said on the commercial. Then we bought 3 more bottles and took it the way they said to, which was a straight shot, followed by water. In the end we lost a combined 1 pound or so. This product is crap. I want all my money back.

Pauly writes:
i tried this stuff and it looked like piss and tasted like crap.  if you think your wife peeing on you is fun by a bottle of this and than sit in the washing machine for an hour with the water on cold.  That is what this stuff is like.  I found my bottle under the tree and decided to try it, that was a big mistake.  It taste like piss and smells like crap.

Robert writes:
I bought Body Solutions as an attempt to get my weight under control after having hained some 40 pounds over the past year. The slimy and yellowish solution was much like urine and emitted a terribly foul smell very close to feces. Being the eternal optimist, I drank the piss for two months .. the only weight I have lost is due to the vomitting incited by this nauseaus, totally useless product. We should all get together and force feed this stuff to these people who sell it.

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