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Body Victory Complaints
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1/17/2007 - Betty writes:
I ordered Marilu Henners cd Body Victory and declined on the trial offer of vitamins. I had previously experienced "trial offers" before and know how difficult it is to get your money back. So its always no thanks to trial offers (avoid magazine trial offers also) I recieved the cd around the holidays/ December and it came in two boxes. I did not open right away. In Jan I received a 33.00 and some change on my card. I called the number on my bank statement advised them of the situation and they did not apologize and simply said that because I did not return the trial box or call them about it I was obligated continue the vitamin purchase. I opened the box that they sent and it has just cellophane packets of obviously daily doses. No number no insert no if you do not wish to continue this no advisement what so ever. If someone wanted to return it they would not have any information until they were charged on their card weeks later. I contacted my bank and because they were scheduled to charge me again I had to cancel my card. These people are completely unethical and unapologetic in how they rip people off. I will NEVER buy anything I see on televion again. I consider myself a savvy consumer who does place themselves in position like this. I know it sounds stupid but I didnt think that Marilu Henner ( who OF COURSE I do not know ) would associate herself with a bunch of crooks. You would think someone would care about their reputation but I guess in Hollyweird its a whole different set of rules. DO NOT BUY HER PRODUCT YOU WILL REGRET IT. SEE THE OTHER POSTINGS.

1/2/2007 - CharChar writes:
i purchased body victory while on vacation and wanted some hope to get a few pounds off. well the package came within one week, even though they insisted i should take express delivery for extra money, but i didn't. the meals were awful, cumbersome to make, the instructions to follow were more difficult then my grad school and the pilates tape blacked out constantly. all this cost me was $30 + dollars. i returned the product, called they said they had it and i would be given a refund, called five days later, they said they did not have the return and i had to wait. i insisted they were a scam and they finally refunded my money and for good pr sent me another pilates tape since i liked it. the new one blacks out as did the old one and they really didn't lose any money cause i paid near $10 shipping and handling and then the return shipping expense. the product quality was cheap. i agree this is just a down and out movie star trying to make a quick buck. this product will not do you any good unless you have countless hours to cook and someone to watch all the many guidlines for you. movie stars do, we don't.

7/21/2006 - Laurie writes:
I purchased this product by telephone at 4 am on the weekend. I guess when you're half awake anything looks good. But, when I received this product it was not anything it preceived itself to be. I was very disappointed and I immediately returned it the next day that I received it, which was like a week after ordering. I think it's just another down on their luck celebrity trying to make a buck, which now a day...there are a lot of them out there doing exactly this...scamming the public over a worthless piece of crap and we being the public, looking for that magical pill or diet to lose weight get sucked into these hair brain schemes. There is a magic way to lose weight diet and exercise...and change your complete lifestyle...seems so easy to do, but yet so hard. Besides this product being bogus, I just called customer service and I have to wait for 30 days for my credit card to be refunded. Isn't that just like a scam...they take your money, but you have to wait forever to get yours back, even if you did buy it half awake. I've learned my lesson no more INFORCOMMERCIALS early in the morning or ever again...

6/23/2006 - Pat writes:
A month ago I ordered the Body Victory Program and when it arrived, They only sent me a partial kit. I called and told them they needed to send me the rest of the kit and as of today, I still have not received the entire product. I'm very frustrated.

6/3/2006 - Maureen writes:
I ordered this product and at the end of the order the screen said the order did not go through. Gullible me went back to the web site and put in a second order. I immediately checked my e-mail I found out the first order and the second order went through. I called the customer service number right way and was told my order would not appear in their system for 72 hours! In this day of computers that does not make any sense. I had already receiived an e-mail confirmation for both orders. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for a long time. When a supervisor finally answered she told me that it would take 24 to 72 hours for my order to show up in their system and there was no way one of my orders could be stopped. I told her I think this was a set up and the first order was known to go through. She did not deny it, just said she could not help me. I thought Gunthy-Renker was a responsible company. I would like to know if other people ended up with 2 orders from Gunthy-Renken for Body Victory or any other product and had to go through the aggrevation of having to receive an extra order have your credit card billed and have to return the item and wait for a credit to be made to your credit card bill.

If yu order on line don't believe it if at the end of your order your are told it did not go through. Check your e-mail for an order confirmation before placing a second order.

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