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Bowflex Complaints
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12/11/2006 - Dalia writes:
I fell so stupid rigth now I dont know why I order this machine I pay my first payment of 28 and the next time i got my statment it was 114 dollrs more than last month this i dont know how i'm going to pay for this stupet machine. I hate it

6/1/2006 - Rebecca writes:
Please do not take Bowflex up on their offer of "affordable" monthly payments! I really wanted to have access to a good machine and I am so sorry I ever did this! I have been paying on this machine for over a year and I owe more now than I did before! I wish I had a grand to get rid of this bill. And the bowflex... I hate to look at it knowing it is sucking away at my wallet! So much for making things accessible for us lower paid individuals.

11/3/2005 - Ashley writes:
I had been trying to establish credit for a while now when I seen the bowflex comercial! I called and they gave me a credit limit of $1500! I was thrilled! Not only could I enjoy a workout I had credit! I pay $28 a month but If you are late you are charged an extra $35! Well thats ok I guess but one day I noticed the pay off was now over $1700 and haven't had it over a year! In the begining the bowflex only cost $1500! My husband called them and asked what the problem was! The interest! Out of $28 dollars, only $3 go the the bill the rest is for interest! So if you add it up it could take me years to pay it off and I will have payed over $15,000 dollars for this thing!Its a ripoff to pay that much for this bowflex!Now I can't do a thing about it! I either pay $15,000 for it or I can have bad credit! I'm screwed either way!The company never said anything about this!!!!!!! Sincerely Pissed off

10/7/2005 - Cynthia writes:
Marlyn made a great point on the Bowflex finance scam. Bowflex promises a low monthly rate but what they dont tell you is your precentage rate or that you will end up paying 3 times the principle. I'm in great shape, but not because the Bowflex. If you have 400 dollars to spend. Spend your money wisely and not on this machine. A great program that comes highly recommended is []. A co worker has lost 85lbs in 6mnths. All you do is change what you eat. You dont starve and you dont workout but you get the results you want. I've lost 15lbs this month.

Marilyn writes:
I ordered the bowflex equipment with their credit card.  I was to pay a minimum of $33.00 a month.  I did.  But....... their service charges are so high that at that rate of payment it would take me 8 - 10 years to pay for the equipment.  I haven't even figured how much extra money I'd be paying! Then I sent them payment in full with a credit card convenience check.  They refused it!!!!!  Good money and they refused it!  And then charged me a late fee because payment wasn't received on time! I tried to pay them by western union with my credit card but when I put the city code in I get a message that says  the state and the code don't match.  I tried using both CA and IL. So at the moment all I can figure out to do is to pay them $100 a month and finally get the ((*!&!&!*!^ bill paid in 12 to 15 months while having to charge my groceries and other necessities to my credit card!  My credit card fees aren't as high as at Bow Flex! I'm going to sell the Blowflex gym as every time I look at it it makes me ill now!  Hopefully I'll get enough for it in order to help pay off a good chunk of the bill sooner. In the end I'll have paid $400 to $500 more than the item was worth!!!!!!!!! 

TJ writes:
The Bowflex is actually a decent product, but it has major flaws. The way that the pully system works is that the pullies are attatched to the frame with a free rotating bracket. This causes an excessive amount of wobbling when trying to use any of the exercises. Using the bench press is nearly impossible at higher weights due to the wobbling. Dont waste your $400+ for the BASIC Bowflex. Instead buy a membership to a gym, you will get many many more exercise machines (that are safer and do not wobble) as well as a pool and tennis courts.

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