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Bun & Thigh Max Complaints
Total Complaints: 4
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Carol writes:
Product advertised on infomercial and website are not the product sent to me.  When I emailed their customer care office, I was told that they do not have that product and it is not manufactured. The product advertised appears to have stability and endurance and the pad parts are larger. The product sent to me has a small hub than that that is advertised, and the pads used for resistance are small.  This makes the product unfunctional for me.  They advised me to send back the product for a refund.  I have not done this. I paid for and want the product advertised.  Is there a fraud office for infomercials. 

Jennifer writes:
The Bun & Thigh Max is a piece of JUNK!!!  The quality & design are shoddy--It snaps apart so often that you could run a marathon in the time it takes you to complete one workout with it! Even if you return it, as I did, you're still out the outrageous S&H charge of $20 that they scam from you upfront!  Save your money, time, and hopes for "good-old" calisthenics!

Teri writes:
My daughter bought a bun & thigh max. We were both going to use it. What a joke. This is the biggest rip off ever! I have tried to find their email address to complain. I can not find it. The bun & thigh max pops right back in to the fold up position as you are using it. Please don't waste your money on this. Thank you

Regina writes:
I unfortunately bought from t.v. the bun & thigh max. It is a piece of JUNK! It really is a waste of time to read the instructions and to watch the video. It took so long and I could have just gone to the gym for a real tonning work out! The product is not a work out and is not at all a challenge. There is no way it can work at all in toning one's legs. I saddly never got my money back and I shipped away the product a month ago! Also, telemarketers from the product called me and tried to get me to pay money for extra broshures, what a bother. Stay away from T.V scams!

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