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Cable Flex Complaints
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1/29/2007 - Jorge writes:
I recently ordered a cableflex system. Of course I was motivated by the tv infomercial being shown in one of the local tv channels. Eventhough I received the product in question, some of the items I had ordered were missing. The music CD, for which I was charged $9.95, was never delivered. Besides I was charged for the 3 years replacement insurance, another $9.95, which I did not request. My effords to contact the company have been a source of frustration, since the customer service telephone number seems to be always bussy and the computer asks to leave a message and a contact number, but they never call back. The web site listed, [], is another frustrating experience since the messages listed claim that the site does not belong to the same company that advertices on tv. The frustration is even more overwhelming knowing that the name of Mr. Jackie Chan is being used to steel from his fans. I wonder if he knows abount this scam and is part of the robbery. Jorge

1/9/2007 - Sharon writes:
I ordered this product over a week ago due to an infomercial. It appeared to be a really good product and was unhappy with the fact that the entire telephone experience consisted only of computer generated components. I selected the get another at 1/2 the price and also the extra 2 tapes... I also said for them to go ahead and bill it all in one payment rather than the "2 easy payments" so that I would get free expedited delivery. I am still waiting for the delivery and have noticed 2 charges from the company - (not just one) and am not sure if I am being overcharged... The charges were: $139.70 and another $39.90. The price was $59.95 for the first one and shoule have been approximately $29.90 for the second - along with the tapes at $19.99 - I am sure there was some shipping but that actually was not provided. I can see that the first charge of $139.70 might be accurate - but I wonder what the second is. I also provided my email address to them so that they could keep me updated - but I have not received any communications. I am seriously considering not accepting the product and cancelling the charges as the complaints on this site concern me. I do know that in addition to the attorney general's office - the FTC should be alerted to this - if indeed it is a true scam. I have seen many complaints and only 3 defendees on this site. I am truly concerned as I had hoped to receive a product that I could use to help build myself up from being chronically ill.

12/31/2006 - Karen writes:
the cableflex handle broke off while removing from the box. i tried to contact the company with no success, i even sent an email,the responce was " you did not order from this company" something has to be done. i will file a complaint with theattorney general's office and my credit card company.

Leona writes:
I purchased this product based on its claim as a "resistance" training machine. There resistance level is so low that its virtually non-existent. I truly thought I must be doing something wrong that the resistance level doesn't "tighten" up. I do very little weight training and stay more to cardio workout and was very much looking for a product to work the overall body using resistance. This is not it. 

Laura writes:
I purchased the Cable Flex with the intention of maintaining muscle mass as the infomercial touted it as a resistance training machine.  I was not duped into thinking I would get muscles like Jackie Chan but I at least thought there would be a level of resistance that would provide some maintenance for when I could not get to the gym. There is absolutely NO resistance whatsoever as evidenced by the fact that my 8 year old daughter was not challenged at the highest level of resitance the Cable Flex provides.  This product should be yanked from the market as soon as possible and Jackie Chan should be ashamed of himself!  I would like to take them to court it is such a sham!

Jeff writes:
I ordered the cableflex personal gym over the internet at cableflex.com over 5 weeks ago.  I saw the ad on and infomercial and thought I could use the product.  They charged my credit card almost immediately yet I have not received the product to date.  When I tried to get on the web site to find out how to contact(I made the mistake of assuming the customer service info would always be available on the web site and therefore did not make a copy of the entire web site) I found the web site gone with out a trace.  I now have spent over $200 on a product from a company that no longer exists.

Chan writes:
I bought the cable flex system over the internet at asseenontvfitness.com. I had to wait several weeks to get the order. When I did get it, there was no manual, no handgrips. I tried to contact customer service and there was no answer. I tried to get the site online and there was a message that they had gone on vacation. I am stuck with a partial system that I have no idea how to use. My advice to others, be careful who you buy from. A lot of con-artists are out there. Get customer service on the phone and research the company.

Joe writes:
It's a short story: the cable flex is a poorly manufactured piece of equipment; one of the cables won't retract. The money-back guarantee doesn't cover the cost of shipping. I paid $20 for shipping, and will likely pay more than that to return it, since I don't have a corporate UPS account. To stand by your product, you have to absorb the cost of shipping.

Donna writes:
I ordered the CableFlex from the Infomercial back in February 2002. I arrived within 2 weeks, which surprised me, but I had changed my mind before it arrived, and returned it within a couple of days, unused and unopened except to retrieve the packing slip. There was no return instructions on the packing slip, so I had to find the web site, and print out a return form. By the way, the return shipping was about half what they charged to ship it to me. According to the web site, refund would be made within 2-4 weeks of receiving the return. When this didn't happen, I began trying to contact customer service, which is a toll call, and I never got any one to come on line.  Then I tried the e-mail route, many, many, many times, which only generates an automated response "you are important to us, someone will contact you as soon as possible" which never happened. Then I sent Proof of Delivery for the return by registered mail, twice, still no response. By the way, I ordered on the "3 easy payment plan" and during all this time, they continued to bill my credit card for all 3 payments.  After 3 months of trying to get my refund and no response, I finally contacted my credit card company, who refunded my money and supposedly began an investigation, and I also filed a complaint with the BBS, who also gave no response. As I said, I did get my money back, but from my credit card, not the CableFlex folks even after 6 months. I will never, never, never buy anything from an infomercial again ever!

Leanne writes:
I have been given the run around since March 2002.  I never received the merchandise or the refund to date.  Every time I call they will not put a supervisor on the phone, and they say they need to speak with corporate office (which of course you can't speak with.)  Plus the customer service line is not a toll free line and you can expect to be on hold for at least five minutes before anyone will speak with you. I have recently seen the Cable Flex in local stores (which are national chains).  My advise would be to purchase the equipment from them and not waste your time with the company who is selling this product on infomercials.

Cindy writes:
I ordered the cableflex in May and it arrived in a couple of weeks.  It was however defective.  When I called customer service at my expense as they don't have a toll free number I was told I would receive a new one.   4 months and several long distance calls later, I still don't have the replacement and as of my last call they don't have the order in the system anymore!!! This company is bad news!!!  I reported them to the BBB.  They have a very bad reputation. I wish I had checked them out before I bought the product.

Gail writes:
I ordered this product for my husband for Father's Day.  First off it came with no booklet or manual, so I called and they said they would ship it, never received.  Since I only had 30 days to try it I decided to figure it out on my own.  I found the product to be poor quality and could not possibly do what it claims.  So back it went by UPS.  According to the tracking they received it the next day since it was only 1 state over.  This was in July, they told me it would take 2 to 4 weeks for a refund, its now 3 months later and still no refund.  Everytime I call I'm not even in the system, they have no record of me ever ordering.  So I sent them copies of my originl order I had printed from online, my cc bill where they charged me and my UPS tracking #.  I still waiting for my refund, they keep telling me 2 weeks I have it every time I call.  After reading this website I have lost all hope, and yet I'm glad I found this site because no more informercials for me. I'm suprised a big name star like Jackie Chan would back this.

Lucinda writes:
I ordered the cableflex and got absolutely no directions or videos as promised.  I have been trying since June 2002 to get some directions and videos.  They claim they don't have any record of my transaction.   And yet I was billed.  Then they claimed I was talking to the wrong department for a refund.  I have nothing but the machine and absolutely no satisfaction.

Chris writes:
I bought the cableflex way back last year. I seen it advertise on tv and seen that Jackie Chan was backing it up, so I thought I'd give it a try. When I finally did get the product I had everything I was suppose to get but a week later they sent me cableflex energy pills and billed me for them and I was never suppose to get them. Then a month later they sent me more of the energy pills and come to find out they had build me a extra 200 dollars more than the machine was suppose to cost. So when I called the company they said they would send me back my money and it has been 7 months and still no money.

Debbie writes:
I ordered the Cableflex Jan 2002 after seeing the Jackie Chan infomercial.  Receieved it Feb 2002. It as defective. Called Cust Ser for return/replacement info.  Was told to return unit only and keep accessories/videos.  Never received replacement.  Called Cust Ser again in May 2002. Was told replacement would be shipped. Never received it.  Was given a partial credit.  I'm still out $59.90!  Called Cust Ser 3-26-03 using their 1-800 number (I was surprised, because it used to be a toll number).  Was told there was no record of my order.  Their corporate office is supposed to contact me concerning this matter.  Yeah, right, these folks never answered my snail-mail or e-mail in the past so why would they call me!  This "corporation" is nothing but a RIP-OFF and the Cableflex is a PIECE OF JUNK!  Why does Jackie Chan lend his name to this poorly made product and whose customer service sucks?

Ann writes:
My husdband ordered the cableflex for me around 7 months ago.  When I recieved it, I tore the box open excited to begin to use it.   Needless to say there was no video, and no cards.  Oh, here was the best part.   I did have a instruction booklet, but I wasnt able to read it, because it was copied off the internet, i couldnt even make out the words except for the big 5 inch writing that saids CABLEFLEX..  How professional is that!  My husdband tried calling to get a free booklet and everything else we didnt recive, and like everyone else, they had no record of use ever ordering.  What cons, that is how some a**&@%$! get rich quick,  they con everyone else for there own profit.

James writes:
I purchased the cableflex system for my girlfriend in Jan 2003. She wanted something to tone and get a decent workout at home with. She really didn't use the system much so I decided to bring it home and try it. After adjusting the wheel for more resistance I found that the right side cable will not retract all the way in any more. Now I am noticing that their website is down so I'm wondering whats up. I guess I wasted my $100 bucks here.

Joe writes:
Jackie Chan's Cableflex is supposed to come with exercise cards and three videos. Surprise - none of those showed up in my order! Now I'm checking the Internet, eBay, and other places to try to get it in addition to contacting the company. How are you supposed to use a product that ships with zero documentation? If I were to use the product wrong and get injured, couldn't I sue them because they failed to provide documentation? They need to get their act together. If you've been duped, be sure to file a complaint online with the Better Business Bureu.

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