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Carleton Sheets No Down Payment Complaints
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2/5/2007 - Sharee writes:
Well I just made an attempt to try the program had seen the infomercial several times and like so... it's all BS. Carleton Sheetes program is garbage and I'm pretty sure he is living a wealthy lifestyle 20 years of scamming innocent people like ourselves looking for that breakthrough I doubt at all his wealth comes from real estate. I'm just like all of the other testomonials being ripped off for a product I don't have I was looking to gain money but instead suffered a great lost. I also tried the plan under a 30 day trial for 9.95 well it's all garbage because I returned the product within time frame I'm sure of and like so they didn't receive it and that's balogna now I'm currently being charged 59.95 installments and I'm seeking an attorney.I have a motto and it goes if your watching something @ 3am in the morning and it sound so sweet look out it must be Carleton Sheetes and like I mention earlier I am seeking an attorney, I'm a single mother and I don't have extras to give to Carleton Sheets to everyone that has experience this problem we are all in this together and together we can take Carleton Sheetes Down!!!!

1/30/2007 - Judy writes:
Ditto. The stories heretofore adequately represent my experience. I received the package the day after I received a phone call. Then anothe phone call. I was sick at the time and undergoing test after test and advised I wall too ill to start the program and they very nicely told me to take my time and they would get back with me next month. I never opened the package. I called or they called me and I advised I would be returning the product. That's when I met with the angry, disagreeable person who advised I had entered into a valid contract and that I was obligated to pay because I had not cancelled in 30 days. I don't know when the 30-day period starts, from date package received, or from ordering trial. Anyway, ran into brick wall. Tried to stop payment at my bank. Told I should close my account, that I could not stop payment nor submit unauthorized debit form. That was about June last year. They are still debiting my account monthly. Still have not and will not open box. Either read on blog or was told, and I can't remember which, that there were explicit instruction in the box regarding the returning of the product timely. As previously stated, I never opened box and informed them so when they gave me an extension. They are impossible to deal with. I checked box above do you own or have you tried product answering no, because I suely haven't tried it nor do I intend to, and don't consider I own it, because it will stay unopened untl I find some recourse and also a refund. I think they did refund me for some extra they tacked on which was about ten dollars. They likewise declined to give me a confirmation number that I wished to cancel. I am with anyone who wished to start a class action lawsuit. I too feel stupid for falling for such a scheme. Maybe that's why the program is scheduled abuot 3:00 a.m., so that our senses are a little dim at that hour. Please set up someone to contact re action. This is fraud, under the Electronic Transfer Funds Act. I have checked it out. But I believe we need to stick together and do something. Judy

1/30/2007 - Michele writes:
I ordered this for 9.95 risk free. Was automatically charged 269.95, not the 9.95 as advertised. I paid with a one time bank draft (check) and that's what saved me from anymore unauthorized charges. Before getting this in the mail, I was called by someone with customer service. I was told they need my credit card on file so they can call me if I need help. I told them, NO! I sent back the thing before opening it and was refunded just 239.95 after a lot of phone calls. I still had to argue with them to get back the rest. I got excuse after excuse from them.(We sent the check and you didn't get it??, we cut the check, it's on it's way, etc.) I finally called the BBB and filed a complaint. After two notices from the BBB, they responded saying the 29.95 was nonrefundable(even though I was told the check was coming over and over again)and that out of good faith they will refund the money within 10- 15 days. Still waiting. My advice is to file a complaint with the BBB. It works!! Because they HAVE TO respond to the BBB.

1/26/2007 - Dan writes:
this is my 2nd post here, please people report this, this company has one of the worst records on file with better business bureau go look for yourselves, anyway i got scammed out of money from sheets companies there are about a dozen, what happends when you buy the course when you have them take money out of your account in monthly payments for the product they enter you into another course and bill you for that to, even if you pay in full the course you wanted they still keep billing you for the other course called " successful investing & money management" just another way for them to get money from you and if you stop payment at the bank or credit card they send you to collections it never stops, so anyway i have filed with "fed trade comission" they dont handle individual cases but it will put sheets in their database if they get enough complains they will do something, also have filed with better business bureau, now they handle individual cases, and sheets is on file there big time, your getting scammed report it what do you have to lose dont roll over or these scammers

1/24/2007 - Dan writes:
i have been scammed form this thing called the hume group part of carelton sheets network scam , when i bought the course about 6 monthes ago everything was fine but the problem is that sheets took the information i gave to buy the product, and put me in another course without my permission to date have stole $250 bucks out of my bank account lucky i caught it before they stole more, a woman on here i see had the same problem named sheena her report id is #413 anyway i just sent a certified letter because i cant seem to get an answer also like everyone else dont want to fight over the phone, so i sent certified letter and stop payment at my bank thank you sheena reading your post really helped, this is a big time scam and this company has got to be stopped dont buy this junk or you will be hounded to the ends of the earth with scam and problems

1/11/2007 - Lorelei writes:
Hi I read the books and realized that you can find out some of these information in the library and from realtor. Some said for me not to go by what Sheets says because I'm taking a risk losing money if the deals are not followed through. Now I decided not to keep it and called it in for an authorization number that day. That day I ended up in the hospital with a heart problem. Later I called the customer service and they said to fax over the date I was in the hospital and we will try to refund the $67.48. Well two days later I called and they said sorry you had til Dec. 28th to return it.. UPS could of came to your house to get the product. I said I didn't know UPS can come to my house and I was still very ill since I was discharged from serious heart problems. Now they are saying the $67.48 will be continuing to be taking out of my account and I said, we'll see about that, I'll block it. She said then you will be sued for failing to follow the policy. Now, I have the product and I have no refund. Customer service are contracted with Carlton Sheets to take their orders, their customer's complaints and whatever else. Carlton Sheets just says ya or na. What a big loss for me Lorelei

11/30/2006 - Dom writes:
I purchased the No Down Payment set and worked through the dvds and workbooks. I purchased my first investment property two years ago hoping to expand to one additional property each year. I consulted with a financial advisor after the purchase of the property and he told me to wait and be conservative. I'm glad I took his advice. I lost $30,000 on the transaction having just dumped the property this month. Buyers beware.

11/27/2006 - Andrew writes:
I tried calling in when my trial period is over but they could not find my account. I looked at my bank statement and they charged me $59.99 told me that they will be billing me for $59.99 for three times a year. I already talked to my credit card company and they will be disputing the charges and I have cancelled my credit card. They do record all of their calls and I am going to subpoena my phone records and will receive all of their money back. I think I have found a way to beat their little web of decpetions and lies. If I am successful, I suggest that all of you people get your information together so I can file a class action lawsuit. I would charge each person $50 each if we win, or if your disputed amount is not that much, I will do it for free. I am an aspiring lawyer and would like to take on a corrupt company. If anyone is interested, let me know. The key to this is that ALL OF THEIR PHONE CALLS ARE RECORDED. If you have your information together and have your phone records, you should be able to dispute this yourself. Good luck!!!

11/15/2006 - Shelly writes:
I ordered the Carlton Sheets program thinking it would be informative but its full of information you could find out if you go to the local library. Now I am forced to pay $300 for these useless Carlton Sheet Programs. I called the Carlton sheets customer service and they said I am stuck paying this and they wont let me return it or stop charging my account. Its horriable they just ripe people off with this over priced information you can get at the library. Since when has is become legal to not let customers return an unsatisfactory product.

11/13/2006 - Chanel writes:
I had recently bought this program it started where you pay 9 dollars and then you get these books that i first was very excited about. And then they make sure when they send them to you its close to the middle of the month and then want to charge you for the next month and you really havent made it a full month. well anyway i read and if your credit isnt good you cant even start this program. And if you credit is fine you dont need this program anyway because you dont have to buy this to make a no down payment ,because when you have good credit you can buy a house because of having good credit and this is how he makes his money everything he talks about , you can ask your local realitor and they will help you better then he as a scam artist can acting like he can help you . Yes ,to take your money he should be ashamed .because people are really thinking he is being honest with them .

11/13/2006 - Jeannie writes:
I had seen the infomercial many times and finally decided to try it out via a survey site. I thought to myself, "What did I have to lose?" After looking and thinking things over, I have decided that real estate is not for me and I found something more suitable to my abilities and type of work I enjoy. Now I am receiving a lot of heartache just trying to return this product. Last week, I did as instructed and called their number to ask about returning it. The woman on the phone was a bit hostile and arrogant with me. Instead of respecting my wish to return it, she kept trying to make me keep it and even suggested - albeit subtly - that I have not even tried anything out. Eh, well, but I finally got the info to return it. I went down to the UPS store and this nice man informed me that this particular company had always sent a prepaid UPS label for returns. When I came home to call and ask about it today, the woman on the phone lied like a rug, saying that customers have always paid to return it. I called the UPS man and he was quite suprised by the news. He and I agreed that it is just as well I go ahead and return it if their customer no-service is already behaving this way. Any other time I try something out, it is no trouble sending anything back. Never have I had trouble doing so, until now. What it tells me is that this company is making money selling bunk. It's a bad sign, when they get borderline argumentative with you when all you want to do is return a package. Now after reading all these other testimonies, I am afraid of what else they may try on me. I will keep a very close eye on my credit card account.

11/9/2006 - Lisa writes:
I bought the no money down payment for my husband a year ago. He studied the whole program and found the information beneficial. He then received a telemarketing call last month to buy an extension program, being the compulsive shopper that he is he ordered the program with a post dated check. When I found out I told him to CANCEL. We called customer service 3 seperate times and Suprise! no one could find the order. We called 2 days before the check was to be posted and he was told that the Rep had to call marketing to cancel the order since the check was post dated. And of course the check was submitted and we was charged an overdraft fee TWICE. I am truly disqusted with these people. Lets face it they are already getting over on those of us who are suckerd into this scam, they could at least at the very least Appear to be legit and honor their money back guarentee claim and honor the right to cancel an order. I am still trying to reslove this mess, now they claim that my order is on hold and are going to make sure this order is cancelled but I know its not over. I will absolutey report this issue with the BBB. Please Do not deal with these people, this is the worst experience that I ever encountered with a company. They SUCK!!!

10/27/2006 - Susan writes:
My 22 year old son has fallen victim to this scam. He has cerebral palsy and his mental capacity is well below the average 22 year old. He lives at home with me because he is only able to work part-time and cannot afford to live on his own. He ordered a program that he thought was going to cost him $9.95 to learn how to become “a millionaire in real estate”. Unfortunately, being young and disabled he gave out his debit card number to this company Carleton Sheets. Today I discovered they have taken over $2200.00 from his account and they are charging him if they speak to him on the phone. We have tried to cancel this purchase to no avail. He is unable to communicate effectively with these people and has become frustrated that he has lost all of his money. I have attempted to speak with several people at this company to no avail. They are rude and by the time I ended the call I thought I was going to have a stroke.

10/6/2006 - Steven writes:
The program is garbage. I wish I would have found this site before I bought the program. You see so many people doing it so you think it must be true. This program is a total waste of money

9/5/2006 - JR writes:
I paid 9.95 for the trial. Found it useless and sent it back within a week. Now I have a letter from I. C. System, Inc 444 Highway 96 East, P O Box 65537 St. Paul, Minnesota, claiming that I owe $329.90 for the product that I mailed back to them. This is pure Bull***t! What a scam artist! How can folks defend this shyster? Facts are clear in this case. You send the product back and they claim they didn't receive it. Then they attempt to ruin your credit. If enough people report this scam artist to the Better Business Bureau and attorney general, maybe they'll shut him down. I know that is my next step, along with a call to my attorney.

8/22/2006 - Carroll writes:
I ordered the Carlton Sheets product in April of 2005 for the 30 day promotion to see if I would like it. Well, once I received the product I did not like the courses and the way he was trying to teach it. So, I called the return line @ 1-800-898-4841, and the representative gave me an address to send back the product. While speaking to her, she let me know that I had three weeks to send the product back without being charged the total fee. Well, the next day I sent the product back by UPS and paid by cash. Last month I received a letter in the mail from Pinnacle Financial Collection Agency trying to collect money for Carlton Sheets product. The person I spoke to at Pinnacle said that they never received the merchandise. So I responded by asking "why didn't they send something within the year to let me know they have no payment for this product." So then the lady at Pinnacle says, "well they have stated here that they received the product late." So, I still say why I was not contacted by them. Her resolution was to pay them a settlement fee and they will send the product back to me. My only response is that I sent it back because I did not want the product and I do not want to pay for something I don't have. I ended up having to pay for the merchandise because they threatened to put it on my credit. I hope that there is something that can be done to this company for trying to make money by sending returned products to collection agencys.

8/11/2006 - Al writes:
I did buy it back in 92 read it all i didnt like it cause to me there wasnt enough info so i packed it up sent it back got my refund In 2003 he claims my course has been updated bull the only update i saw was what he had in his books were now on cd.Hes robbin people and getting away with it.20 years hes still sellin this garbage and like fools we fall for the same junk hes had but with different heading dont buy it

8/8/2006 - Dan writes:
I purchased this product probably a year ago and paid for the whole course up front. that's ok, my stupidity. about 6 months after the purchase I notice charges from a company called PEI on my credit card statement. I called the customer service number and eventually got to speak with a representative. Needless to say she insisted I authorized the charges and no refund would be forthcoming. I requested the documented authorization I supposedly gave. She said the authorization for all additional charges for all products and services being charged for was given when I purchased the initial trial product. I sternly informed her she was to immediately forward the document I signed, electronically or physically, giving the authorization for them to debit my credit card for these, or any other, products or services from them or their affiliates. She became very beligerant and defensive, repeating the claim they had the authorization to bill me. I then informed the representative that I wanted to speak to her supervisor. she said she was authorized to handle any claims. I then requested her full name as that would be necessary for my formal complaint filing with the US Attorney General's Office, the FTC and the New York State Attorney General's Office. The line went silent for about a minute. The rep came back on and again informed me that they had the authorization to bill me. I informed the rep that my complaint would focus on the IDENTITY THEFT taking place here, as charges to my credit card account without my authorization were, in fact, theft. If she could not produce the required authorizations for the transactions being billed, theft is occuring. The line went silent for about 2-3 minutes this time and when the rep returned she said she was authorizing a full refund for all the PEI materials supposedly sent to me and authorized by me. I requested a confirmation number, she said there was none but assured me I would be receiving the credit within 7-10 business days. I checked with my credit card provider and the credit was applied. I still will file my complaint with the appropriate authorities as I believe a scam and theft are occuring here in violation of the law. Be smart, anything these clowns are pushing at 3AM on TV is information anyone can acquire in the local library, from a local licensed real estate training course or a gazillion books available on the subject of real estate investing. With these companies you are dealing with telemarketers, not real estate professionals. Any real estate professional with a license is in the field making deals not on the phone training wanna-be investors. These programs prey upon the weak, gullible, lazy dreamers of the world. If you want to succeed you must do the work. There are no short cuts. Use common sense and you won't be ripped off, expect to get rich quick and I gaurantee their will be a con artist waiting to seperate you from your money. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOU.

7/18/2006 - Anonymous writes:
i purchased the product for a trial period as everyone else and after returning found a suprise charge on my credit card. Its true carelton sheets is not a reputable man or company, most entrepeneurs using infomercials aren't. read that line again dont buy from infomercials these entrepeneurs are just that, people taking your money anyway they can get it, with tons of addon programs, incentives, bonuses or anything false that seems attractive or beneficial. I have been ripped off on several occasions through [], internet, and infomercials. I have learned the only way to fight scams is use insurance, delivery confirmation by signature.and calling your credit card company to change your credit card number. Changing my credit card number has helped me avoid a few scams suprise charges. You cant depend on the legal system, lawyers, or internet police, they dont care and arent willing to pursue an issue for anyone unless they can benefit. One of the hugest scams are the 39.95 infomercials almost everyone of these are funded by don lapree the former king of infomercials. he has recruited numerous people that appeared in his other to host his new infomercials because his name has been so slandered by all his scams.

6/30/2006 - Cris writes:
I was convinced into the $5000 personal coaching program from Carlton Sheets. This was the worst thing I could have done. They charged my credit card and assigned me a mentor. He answered my questions, but he never gave me a half hour consultation, he would just say you're doing fine. Most times the period would be around 5 minutes. In the third month, I had a personal problem and missed on session I never heard from him not even for an explaination. This was supposed to be a one year course. I have not contacted anyone other than the coach, his message always says that he is there monday, tuesday and wednesdays, so leave a message and he'll get back to you. So far no return calls after two weeks. I imagine I am the loser cause they'll never refund the money. He would comment when I would ask him are you sure this will work here in California with the prices being around 1 million for homes and he'd say sure it works anywhere. Well he lives in Utah maybe there. DO NOT BUY INTO the program if you want to make any money in life. If someone wants to start a class action lawsuit and you know how to do it count me in.

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