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Carleton Sheets No Down Payment Complaints
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6/9/2006 - Victor writes:
Im here to tell the truth and only the truth, if i would have seen this site before, GOD, i would have not fallen in Carlton Sheets real estate program scam. After reading carefully at what others wrote, i have to agree 100%, everything they are describing happened to me. Everything from trying to return the product that i tried to return and couldnt, to having the PEI trying to, collect there money in a forcefull way. I got many collection notices saying i owe one quantity and the collection agency says another amount. I also did get charged for 2 monthly payments in one charge it was something like $91.00 then another charge of $10.00 for some newsletter that i never ordered, to having the coaches call to coach me when i told them i wanted to return the product and couldnt. After being harrased many times either by there collection agency to there coaches, i got smart, before having anymore charges put on my credit card i called my credit card in stolen, and told my credit card company i had three unorthorized puchased on my credit card. That was the only way to get them to stop charging my credit card. People reading this, this is a real story and dont let them get away with this abuse, this man should be put in jail for this scam hes running. I never tried the course cause the way he described in this kit, that one could purchase a home without no money down, well to tell you the truth i spoke with many people on this matter that are professionals in this material,there opinion was, its possible only if the other party is willing to negotiate there money with you. Now lets think about this, who do you know out there that is selling a home and is willing to give it to a stranger to pay, and take all real estate profits? People dont be stupid and fall into this idiots BS.I have to admit i got scammed by this creap, if you want a program that works, purchase the [] real estate program, you will see the light from this rip off to a decent respectable person that really keeps his word. Im using [] system now and the price i pay for coaches is $49.00 a month for 12 months and they are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and they actually do walk you through and take there time with you, as opposed to this freak of Carlton Sheets. Just to mention this person cant be an honest person cause I know first hand this guy was in prison before, and that was told to me by one of his reps that hung out with this creap so what can you expect by an ex-con? to be straight with you.....I dont think so. Carlton Sheets, your going down and when you fall its gonna hurt, stop while you have time, stealing from innocent people isnt the way to get rich. I know your consience does not bother you cause you have been stealing from people for so long that you actually beleive that what your doing is correct, but its not, thats the mind of a sick cold hearted twisted MF, with no morals. I hope you go down, and soon, this abuse cant keep going on, Wheres our Government? cant they put this guy out of buisness? Im sure if we all pitch in we all can hire a good lawyer to put this guy out of buisness and back in jail where he belongs.

5/28/2006 - Lana writes:
I purchased No Down Payment last year and found some of the information very useful. The no down payment part was laughable, but the rest of the information was very good and I use the course as reference material for my real estate purchases. My complaint is around another product he is promoting to people who have purchased his course. It is called "Conversations with Carlton Sheets." I was told this would be shipped to me for a 30 day trial. I returned it almost the same week I received it (the last week of April 2006). Now they tell me they never received it and I must prove via UPS tracking that I did return it. I have that information and will provide it to them; however, they are now charging me $59.95 for a Newsletter THAT I NEVER ORDERED AND NEVER RECEIVED. They say they can only refund $19.95 of that cost and I am stuck with the rest. Sheets is getting rich off of nickel and diming unsuspecting people, promising one thing and delivering another. He is a crook and should be put out of business.

5/17/2006 - Michelle writes:
He (sheets) is a BIG joke. People that are hoping to make some honest money and willing to do the work cant because he is getting rich from the 9.95 that we send him. No were on the TV does it say that there is another charge if you keep the program, and no where does it say that if you are lucky enough to send it back in time that the 9.95 is non refundable. That is how he is rich not from him buying house and reselling them its from the millions of low income people like me that send in the 9.95 and Mr. joke boy Sheet dont give it back. I wish i would have found this web site before i watched tv that night LOL. PLEASE BE AWARE OF SHEETS.

4/19/2006 - Judy writes:
I tried this and it does not work it is a scam and now the PEI is trying to collect $275.00 off me plus the $9.95 I already paid and I have sent the program all of it back to them. I have the UPS tracking number and they had to sign for it. When it was delivered to my house I was not there and I did not sign for anything. Yes I agree we need to have someone to get us all a letter to sign and get a lawyer and sue him for what he is trying to scam out of all of us no matter what compant Carlton is trying to get to send us letters to try and collect and the credit bureaus need to be made aware that this company is a scam and we do not owe for something that is worthless to all of us. The company is giving false advertisement and should be made to stop harassament. Someone needs to speak up. Thanks Judy

4/4/2006 - James writes:
I applied for the $5000 personal coaching program from Carlton Sheets.  This was the worst thing I could have done.  They charged my credit card and assigned me a mentor. The woman was so difficult to work with.  She would not answer my questions, she only gave me a half hour consultation the first week and that was on how to work a calculator.   After that, she started making escuses for cutting the consultation period down to 5 minutes.  In the third month, I never heard from her and this was supposed to be a one year course.  I called the memeber hotline and told them of my problems.   They basically turned the other way and made no comments.  I called the sales rep and he told me the money was nonrefundable and no they could not change the mentor. DO NOT BUY INTO the program if you want to make any money in life. Just go to your public library and get books there to help you.

4/4/2006 - Shonn writes:
Greetings: I have a dispute in regards to some transactions on my account.  On 1/30/06 I order a program from Carlton Sheets no money down program.  This was a one time deal for only 9.99 and I have the option to return the product within 30 days.  I called the company on 2/17/06 to return the product and they advised me to keep the product longer and there would be no penalties.  I then checked by account and saw on 3/13/06 and 3/17/06 that two unauthorized transactions were taken out of my account-one for $35 and the other for $54. I contacted the number listed on my bank information and spoke with a representative from the PEI (Professional Education Institue).  The representative advised that this was a program that I enrolled in and I advised the rep that I did not enroll in anything and that need to remove these charges.  The rep assured me that he stopped one of the transactions but he did not refund the $35.  I requested his supervisor and was sent to a voicemail.  I then call back and spoke with another rep and I explained the situation of unauthorized transactions. He then explained to me in more detail of the program.  I advised the rep that I did not agree to any program and that I do not want any transaction coming out of my account.  The rep advised that they could stop one but the other would remain for 1yr at $84 a month.  He then stated that he would reduce to $50 a month.  I explained neither option will work for me due to I did not sign a contract nor did I give a verbal agreement that they could draft any payments from my account.  I advised the only authorization I gave was for the one time charge of 9.99 for the material and that I called within the timeframe to return tnad their rep insisted that I keep it longer.  Buyer beware this is a huge scam. I did get some of my money back but from reviewing this website I feel we could all file a class action law suite and win.  We need a lawyer to help us out...we need help!!

3/30/2006 - Donald writes:
This is my 2 time writing, as these "people" are like that little bunny, they just keep going and going. I had not ordered the "coach/help" line and was being charged for it. After a few "nasty" phone calls, the charges finally stopped, but now the calls from them are coming at a rate of 2-3 a week. I am leery of saying much of anything, as I don't want to be "mistaken" for agreeing to buy/sign up for a thing from this company ever again. It seems that once you are on their lists, they won't take NO or STOP, for an answer. A Law Suit, may indeed be the way to go with these folks.

3/25/2006 - Ronnie writes:
hi,my  name  is ronnie ,i  bought the  carlton  sheets  no  monie  down course in 1997 and till  this  date i have 0 properties ive  done  it .read   the course over and over and  called more  than  50 morgage companies. tried the deals my self, talked  with home owners. trust me on it they laughed in my  face and if you asked a realtor about it they  laughed to.i dont even want to try this any more becuase everyone wants 30% to 50% down becuase my credit is bad .this course is not for everyone.all home owners do not want to sell to someone who is going take hasell to sell it to in my case. this man sold a lie. witch has hurt me very much in the fact that i wasted my 10 years in this that i could off done something else.not only the monie but my time. anyone who wants  to put a law suit against this man call me. []74 after that call we could talk to a lawer. and take action after that.if theres alot of me out there better we could do this.lets take action.

3/20/2006 - Kimberly writes:
I hate to say it but I got suckered into the Coaching program and $4000 later, I still don't have a property other than my own co-op which I purchased before the course.  This program just does not work in this day and age, in a seller's market.  No one is buying the no down payment options and yes, you do get laughed at when you try to use them.  I am definitely interested in a class action law suit against Carelton Sheets et al.  Feel free to contact me.

3/11/2006 - Kevin writes:
Do not fall for the sales letter in your mail, and phone to join the coaching program. It is a huge scam. High pressure sales to join and to boost your greed, then wham they want your credit card number for over $4000.00 and another 1200.00 for CPA service. Don't give them your card number. When asked to give a bank number to "hold the account", do not under any circumstances give it. I gave a fake number because I figured it was a scam. DO NOT Give any personal information about accounts to anyone especially these people.

2/18/2006 - Charlie writes:
From Charlie "G" iI to got scammed by this bullshit  no money down program till this date I still rent and cant even find the solution , to being wealthy like the damm course said it would; fu:::::" as""""""" Holessssssssss.. be aware its a fake I got scammmeddddd. over $600.00 PEACE OUT. TAKE CARE;

1/28/2006 - Joseph writes:
After years of watching Mr. Sheets easy ways to live "The Easy LIFE' using his many plans I finally gave in to try his 'methods.' After all his grandfatherly approach seemed genuine enough that heb wanted everyone to be ablento achieve his levvel nof success. His program showed a cavvalacade of recent success stories who spoke quite candidley about their successful stories. All of their stories involved some of the most largest confidence games I have always seen. Mr, Sheets and his entourageb seem to gather to you and encourage  The telling tale shows that all of the 'prsonal' are there for a days pay day. Everytime I hear their infomorceril catching everything bto look. An in depth study into shows that he's in all likelihood to be fothering in his Dad's felonious shortley. I feel very badly for those who sunk good money after bad to do nothing but to line the pockets of himself. His main "IDEA" is for you to find willing prospects who wouldn't mindb you to hold the deed to his house while ou rent it to a third person whil he pays the original now homeless por dumb schmuck while the student of Mr. Sheets reaps the "Positive Cash flow." It is pure and simpley put a SCAM to bilk the 'dreamer' and innocent of everything they own. I suppose his attorneys keep his face off OF the FBI's Ten Most Wanted. Stay away from this Grandfatherly SOB.

1/27/2006 - Paul writes:
I tried Carleton Sheets' product out of desperation.  When I tried to buy properties with his "No Money Down" program, I was laughed at by the realtors.  The real estate agents asked where did I get the idea, so I said Carleton Sheets, they replied "stop now before this charade gets you sent to jail!"  I said Carleton should go to jail and they agreed!!! After hearing this I wanted a refund, but was told the trial had expired.  What nerve!  Do not and I repeat DO NOT buy anything from Carleton Sheets!!   Charlton, Carlton, or Carleton or whatever your name is, you are nothing but a greedy old drunken bastard!!  Go to hell Carleton, you fuckin liar!!!  Straight to hell!!!

1/22/2006 - Brian writes:
Bought the course back in approx 95 maybe 96.  Had the same trouble with double billing and charged for coaching when I hadn't ordered coaching.  Also charged for a couple of extra video tapes (no cd's or dvd's offered back then) they said were free.  Used the course in 1996 to buy a house and got $7000 back at closing, but it was not easy.  The title company balked.   The seller told me I was ripping them off as the only way I to get the cash is through agreement of the seller.  They had to specifically order the title company to isssue me a check.  They were not happy as the sale price of the house was inflated to cover it and they insisted the tax liability was theirs.  Complicated.  My con artist mortgage broker loved it and wanted to know more.  Anyway, it's not easy to get cash back at closing.  There were several other advertised techniques that I can't recall now that were totally glossed over in the course and I could not get a straight answer out of the company or any clarification.  I was very happy about the $7,000.

1/21/2006 - Michelle writes:
I also have been charged for the Carlton Sheets Helpline...I never asked for that service..I'm calling to give them hell...Hope they take that charge off...They own me some money....damit!!

1/19/2006 - Chaya writes:
I ordered this program after watching the commercial, But at the same time I was transferred to Jersey, but was still receiving ,mail at my home in Delaware,When I started seeing those charges, I was ok with the 1st 2 charges because it was my mistake that I did not receive it, But when I called to cancel & explain my reasons why I could not send it back, I was in for a rude awakening,that I could not cancel it.I have lost $400 so far ,,But would like to warn every one out there to be very careful, The people out there say that we can not cancel anything.I dont think that is fair.

1/10/2006 - Donald writes:
I ordered the program late last year and was pleased at first. But then, charges kept showing up on my credit card for "services" I had not ordered and did/do not want. I NEVER started the "help/coach line" but was being charged for it. After one phone call was made, telling them I did not start or want the help line and to stop charging me, I was told OK by someone that could barely speak English. Lo and behold,this month,the charge showed up again. Another round of phone tag was played just last week and again I was told, it would not happen again. We shall see. No offer to return the money was made, either time and I am sure none ever will be made. If Carleton knows about what is going on, shame on him and if he does not know or cares, shame on him again. Bad business either way.

1/10/2006 - Marla writes:
I also am a victim of this "scam". I ordered this product when I saw the Infomercial. It took acouple of weeks to arrive, but after 2 months, the iron chipped away, and did not work. I called for a replacement, and was told that a new one would be shipped and that I should send back the other iron. That was over a month ago, and now you cannot contact them by phone. I have left messages, but to no avail. I am going to my credit card company to see what I can do, but this was a real disappointment.   Marla

1/9/2006 - Edwin writes:
Hello every one I tried this product as well but here what almost happenned to me I was courious about the the coaching I was giveven A but of word of encouragement but it was the way that he spilled all of this out it sounded to good to be true i became very very supicious when I this agent wanted me to give them almost 4 thousand for this coach, well I was not going to give up my dough just like that so never really tried this service after that I do not feel this is what we as customers should get this person should have the website removed from the internet and not be allowed to run this type of fraud again.

1/6/2006 - Joe writes:
I had opted for the trial period, understanding I would lose the inital trial charge.  That was OK.  After reading some of the material, knew this was not for me.  Called to receive a return number within the 30 day trial.  Very politely, they offered an extension to my trial with some verbal agreement I had not paid much attention to as to how long my extension was.   I accepted.  I called a few weeks later, to continue my return processing.   Much to my dismay, they told me I had passed my trial date and was responsible for the entire package.  I returned the package anyway, and they kept charging my account until it was paid in full. Has anyone out there had any success in retrieving their money either via Small Claims Court or filing a claim with your credit/bank institution.   The institutions have a process (besides cancelling your accounts), just wondering if anyone had success with this.

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