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Carleton Sheets No Down Payment Complaints
Total Complaints: 87
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11/16/2005 - Rebecca writes:
I work at the Arizona office for PEI and I am paid to screw all you people over!! But guess what I have all the good information.  Let me give you all the information you need ladies and gents!!! her it is corporate phone number: 630-382-1000.  If you go to thepei.com those idiots give you directions to the corporate address.  if you want a free course have it sent to a po box and then say you never received. we cant track it or put a tracer on it so you will be refunded for it if you paid it.  Holla back to all the arizona reps: Gino, Erica, and Amanda!!!

11/8/2005 - Sally writes:
I'm Sally and my original complaint is listed on 10-19-05 below.  My credit card was charged for items we didn't order.   After sending a complaint letter to Hume Group a.k.a. Carleton Sheets, I received a phone call from them.  They promised to fix the problem--stop shipping/billing and said they will $35.90 to my credit card (one payment went through before my card # was changed and I wasn't even aware of it). I think this is resolved.  Thanks.

11/1/2005 - Jack writes:
Alright, so here it is. I ordered the Carleton Sheets program, and yep, it came promptly via UPS. I decided that without even opening it, I was no longer interested. I sent it back. So here's the trouble. My credit card was charged, and then it expired (my credit card) I called, and told them I had sent the package back. The lady there at Customer Service said there wasn't any record of it being returned and I was libel for the program and I owed $269.91. They have called and harassed me and sent me letters of delinquency. I am sick about this. I am not in the position to pay $269 for something I sent back. I don't know what to do, or who to turn to now. I feel trapped by a scam.

10/24/2005 - Angelina writes:
I order this program, open the 1st DVD and had no clue I releized this program was not as easy as they made it out to be I call before the 30th days were over and got a confirmation return number, but was not able to return by the 11th of October the 30 days. I called October 24 to return the package by the way still as not been open except the 1st dvd There customer rep was rude went on to tell me he will not authorized the return of the package I asked for a manager he refused me one and then put me with a voice mail. I want my money back. I will stop the credit card for any more orders. SCAM SCAM SCAM LIES AND MORE LIES..They say as long as you get a confirmation number before the 30 days you did not have to return my date was the 11 today is the 24th lies

10/21/2005 - Mallavika writes:
I have seen the commercial on Television since 2000 and have always wondered if it could really work.  After so many years I finally decided to give it a go.  I recieved the DVD's, CD's, and all written material.  I read the written material and in the process of moving to a new house, forgot to cancel the program before one-month for a full refund.  I had used my brother's credit card and my brother informed me that they had charged me some $200 and more.  I told him it was ok and paid him the money.  I am on disability and out of job since 3 years, recently lost my house and have many debtors harassing me everyday so I thought that this program will help me get back on my feet as today real estate brokers a making a lot of money.  As I have no credit and no money, I opted for the no down payment program.  Last week, after settling into my new rental home, I opened the DVD's and tried to view them.  Every single of the four DVD's did not seem to work so I gave the company a call.  They arranged to send me new DVD's which I recd. yeaterday.  I was shocked to see that they did not work too.  I then realized that I had been cheated.  Today I was doing a search on scams and bumped into this site.  I was to read so many complaints about this program.  I feel like a fool and am scared that this company might keep charging my brother's credit card.  I even read Careton's daughter's testimony and if she thinks her dad is a fraud then I am sure he is.  I request all of us to please file a mass complaint and sue this guy.   Thank God that I did not go and buy some stupid property or else I would have got more heartache.  Thank you guys for setting up this site so we can stop others from being swindled

10/19/2005 - Sally writes:
I ordered "Carleton Sheets No Down Payment" and paid for it in full.  I have no problem with that program.  My problem is that a few months later I received a bill for something called "Successful Investing & Money Management" which I did not order.  A company called The Hume Group used the same credit card information I had given when I ordered "No Down Payment".  My card # had been changed by my bank and so the charges did not go through (thank goodness).  Now the company says I owe them $499.80 for a course I never ordered!  I am receiving harassing calls and letters.  I have reported this to the Federal Trade Commission and will start on my Better Business Bureau and VISA complaints tomorrow.  I thought this was a legitimate company but now I see many complaints about them on the internet.  If you will look at the Better Business Bureau website you will see that they have had over 750 complaints filed within the last 36 months.

10/18/2005 - Mike writes:
I ordered the PEI Course No Down Payment and recieved it in the mail. Immediately the Telemarketers began calling trying to seel me more. The "Four Easy Payments" of $ 59.95 morphed into $65.98, at first I assumed some shipping charge I missed. Then totally unannounced my Credit Card is billed $35.70 for a book I didnt order - now try and get someone to talk to you and verify your money is on the way back! No simple mistake here - someone is stealing - plain and simple. THIEF.

10/16/2005 - Ruth writes:
Actually I am a little disturbed about the product because I don't seem to be going anywhere.  I am very sad that my Realestate Toolkit just gave up and wouldn't work so I called in thinking I would get it the next day but evidently I can't even move anywhere with my course due to the CD being corrupted.  I am feeling very leary right now because the first time I joined them something came up and then I cancelled the course.  Then because I didn't have to go to Hawaii to do business I asked to restart the course over in the mean time everyone was very nice to me as soon as I said I want to rejoin them they neglected me.  I feel I should get my money back ASAP!

10/13/2005 - James writes:
I have purchased the No Money Down product plus the making money throught Forclousers and I tell you, after trying these products and trying to follow their formular gotten no where. I even had some leads for forclousers and some were very promising, I faxed everything into their company like I was told and gotten no reply for their offer and the clients became not interested. I come to realized that it was a mistake goingt this root.

10/11/2005 - Charita writes:
You cannot try a product that you have never received!!!!!!! I want all my money back! Some one from PEI called one day and aske me if I had any questions I said about what I don't have the system- They said we will call back in  afew days. I still don't have it and I don't care what any of you people say It"s A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! If I don't get my money back trust me my attorney will get that back plus some

8/15/2005 - Jo writes:
I ordered the Carlton Sheets Real Estate product a couple of months ago after watching an infomercial. Being disabled I thought this would help me get enough money together to live on so I didn't have to live with my children. On the infomercial it said that my money would be refunded if I wasn't happy with the product. Well, I changed my mind about the order and called to cancel, as the program and the salesperson said I could. I was told there wasn't any way to cancel my order. I explained that that wasn't what I was told, either by the informercial or by the salesperson who took my order. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told by the girl I spoke to that she was qualified to handle the situation and that there was no other recourse for me. That the $19.95 I paid was for the priveledge of looking at the material and that the money back guarantee only applied to full purchase price materials. When I mentioned the 72 hour law that states I have that long to change my mind about a purchase I was told the law didn't apply in this case. To make a long story short, I had gotten the phone number and address for customer service when I made the order and proceeded to write a letter to Carlton Sheets and PEI, his company. I told them I didn't appreicate their deceptive business practices and that I would be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I also told them I now realized how Carlton had made all his money.... by deceiving people and charging for products that were never ordered. I forgot to mention that they had automatically enrolled me in their monthly CD club without my conscent! I figured I would never see my money again. To my complete surprise, especially after being told they couldn't and wouldn't refund my money, about a month after the order I saw where they had credited the money back to my debit card. While my story and envolvement with this scam company turned out all right in the end, I wouldn't recommend doing business with these people. They didn't tell the truth, their slaes people and customer service people are rude and lack intimate knowledge of their companies business practices. Do yourself a favor and look somewhere else for help in starting a business. The only thing here for you is a quick parting with your money.

8/10/2005 - Gary writes:
I had purchased the No Money down program in 1999. I read thru the course and soon found most of this information to be somewhat outdated for the current real estate market. I am a current investor with to date 35 rentals some with multiple units. None of these properties were puchased using the outdated methods. So lets take a good look at this marketing ploy. I was contacted by mail by a credit agency stating that I owe 299.00 to a company PEI. So Immediately I get on the internet and search for the above named company. Do it yourself and see what you get. It turns out to be a company that markets the No Money Down program by Sheets (carlton..carleton.. or however you care to spell his name) I contacted this credit company and informed them of the error, since I owed nothing to sheets, I paid for the program in full. The YOUNG man I spoke to told me they recieved information from PEI and they were attempting to collect this debt. I asked what there procedure was for dispute resolution and explained to him that I was also a licensed private investigator in Illinois. He told me I would be contacted in 48 hours after they had verified the claim. So not to be out done, I contacted PEI via phone,http://www.carletonsheets.com/webapp/wcs/stores/CarletonSheets/30100-financial-independence-networth.jsp introduced myself and advised them I was a private investigator. The gentleman on the phone was very polite and professional. I could tell at first he was using a script to answer most of my questions, I threw him a curve when I spoke of the cubs, acting like I was writing down his information. I did get the location in Illinois and told him I would submit a dispute via postal mail, which I did. I wrote a letter and copied alll the documents I had including the c/c charge and a copy of my statement showing the transaction number and payment amount. I contacted UPS and obtained a copy of the written signature to prove I had received it and submitted the above information to them. Two weeks pass and I have yet to get a response from the credit agency. So, I called them again to question them about, since I did submit a letter to them disputing the validity of the claim. They told me they had no record of speaking to me at all, no letter on file, and since we had 2 more weeks yet perhaps I would like to submit this alleged letter. Great...so who should I send it to? He gave me his name and and address. What he did not know was that I was sitting in the parking lot talking to him on my cell phone. Guess where they are located. In Burr Illinois same building as PEI is located in Hmmm sound fishy? So I went inside and asked to speak to Mr x. I was told he wasn't an employee, so I steped away from the desk and called him back, told him I had my letter and please meet me in the lobby area at the front desk as i was now waitnig for him. Some did eventually come to speak to me and after Iidentified myself and informed them I was here conducting an investigation I was asked to leave. Of course I di not after driving for 2 hours I wanted some satisfaction. I asked to be directed to the HR department and was told I needed to leave. Well shortly a local leo comes in and after he and I have a discussion he agrees with me that I have a right to be there and no wrong doing has occurred. So I proceed to again ask for Mr. X and get met with silence. I then decided to step it up a notch and went back outside to watch the parking lot from afar. I found several employees going to lunch and followed them. After introducing myself and buying them lunch, I learned that they were all stressed out as well for having to deal with customers who were calling about the same problem. I was also told, off the record, that they don't agree with the workings of this company. So here we have a scam company trying to bleed people for additional money from as far back as 6 years. Unfortunately most people i have run across and talked to about this same situation have shared there own stories. Most did not even take time to write a letter back to the agency disputing the validity of the claim. Remember that if they decide to try and report negative credit you have the right to appeal it and they must produce any supporting documentation, which you are entitled to. the also have X number of days to report back to the bureau, after this time is up you may request it be removed from your report. Ok, now back to the sheets program. I did spend time loking thru and reading it, after all i paid for it. I watched the videos, listened to the tapes and went thru the manual. this program would work, back in the 1970's quite well. Just remember that there is a risk in investing in troubled properties, a big risk! Ok, lets address the "positive cash flow" One method in the program state you can buy for little or no money down and get money back at closing. Only in the right situation, and trust me...(only because I did not charge you 400 bucks) I have yet to see this scenario work out this way. Here is an example: I suppose if you make an offer on a distressed property or any other for that matter for 10k and your appraisal shows 25k then you should be able to borrow the 25k correct? Sure you can, then you pocket 15k and <<<<BLING>>> you just made 15k. Oh yes now fix it up and make it rentable, that is bring it up to current building codes and in some cases have it inspected by the city it is in. then we find a tenant, one that wants to live in an area of distressed homes and can pay me every month the rent. On thing he fails to discuss, must be the outdated material, is how much rent to charge. Generally you should charge a minimum of 10 percent of the properties value. In the example I have shown monthly rent would be at least 250.00 more realistically closer to 350 since you now have to pay escalated taxes, oops don't forget about insurance, that is an extra 40 bucks a month. Now, if you have time to drive al over the country and search for these properties which takes alot of time are you going to further insult the agent selling the property and ask him to take a note on his commission? I don't think so, he or she has a family to feed to. Now lets look at really buying for no money down and that is a misnomer as well. In a real life situation, I have purchased a rental property and finaced it with the equity built up in other properties I have financed thru the same bank. So I guess you could say I did buy it for no money down. But did I? Not really. So, after having gone way off track. My point is this is a scam and once they hook you hang on, it will come back against you in years to come. Hold onto any receipts, make notes of any conversations, take names addresses an phone numbers of anyone you speak to and keep the records stored away in a safe place for 10 years. Good Luck but Beware of the infomercial$

8/9/2005 - Brenda writes:
I ordered the carlton sheets program and was charge two different prices and could not get it canceled like they say you could.

8/5/2005 - Denise writes:
I have been successfull in the residential real-estate business for 23 years. I have perfect credit AND the money to invest. I ordered the course a few years back to see if I could increase my investing power beyond my then current ability by using less or no money to get more property. I went through the entire course and came out with NOTHING that will actually work IN A DECENT REAL-ESTATE MARKET. When a recession hits, it MAY work in SOME places. Let me summarize how he gets away with this system legally: You are considered to have made a successfull transaction if you get a positive cash flow of even $50 a month from your property that probably cost you $200 to $300K to purchase in my state! Let's say that gives you $600 per year IF your tenants pay ALL of their rent AND do not damage your dwelling beyond the amount of their security deposit AND you NEVER have any vacancies! Obviously this is not feasable in the real world. If you are going to flip properties than you've got to consider how much bite your realtor will get in commission (selling "by owner" in my state is a foolish option)and how much it costs to repair/prepare the property for resale. I even have my own company that does this and it can be very risky if you don't have a lot of capitol to pay for everything during the year it will take to fix-up, list, show, sell, wait for the buyer's financing and close on the property. I don't know how this course would work in other states, but in NJ it's not your answer!

Yvonne writes:
I seen this commercial on TV and for 30-day $9.95 trial one can review a real-estate course.  Within 30-days if for any reason you do not want the course simply call to cancel and return.  That one word simply seems to fall so freely off the tongue of the advertisers and yet behind the scenes there is nothing simple about it. You are given a number at the bottom of the screen to call but the fun begins here the number is not to the company it is a routing center for various companies.  My card was billed and I did receive my product within 4 days and upon reviewing this product this was not something I was interested in so I called the product return service dept. and cancelled within 30-days while trying to convince this gentleman I do not want the product even at what he thought was a deal at half the price. He instructed me to write a reference number on a piece of paper and put on top of the inside box, only ship via UPS with insurance of $400.00.  I sent the product back for return and asked the gentleman specifically will I be charged for anything else he replied no just the initial $9.95 30-day trial. 5 days later my card was billed $399.88 for the full price of the product.  I called customer service there non-disclosing policy is if returning the product back your card will be billed anyway and if returned by a certain date your card will be credit the amount if returned after the date they want it then there is no credit and they have your product this they do not tell you until after the fact. I have since consulted an attorney, the attorney general office, and my bank is investigating this non-authorized transaction.  Do not buy from these people, it is definitely a scam. What they tell you on TV is not what you get in the mail. 

Shawn writes:
I called about Carleton Sheets course back in February of 2002. The course was good, but nothing spectacular, the majority of it was steps that anyone with an ounce of common sense would take if they were getting into real estate. So now I send the course back because I felt that it really wasn't worth the money I would be spending if I choose to keep it. Certainly nothing that would make me a millionaire the first year like suggested on TV, or even half a million for that matter. Shortly after I send it back I get billed for one of the tapes that the package included, I eventually got the money refunded after a lot of red tape...and I mean a lot, I had a ton of names and a bunch of different companies and their phone numbers written down before I got it settled. Then a few days ago February 2003 almost a full year later I get charged for another item, which sent my account overdraft. Now I'm going through the red tape all over again, they will not refund my money, and/or take care of the overdraft charges, the checks that I wrote out have now bounced, and I'm sinking deeper and deeper into a rut. The way they explain it to you is, you get the product from Carleton Sheets, and they add items in the package from company A, B, C, and D.  When you return the product to Carleton Sheets they mysteriously loose all contact with these companies and they charge you separately even though you send the course back. Then when you call Carleton Sheets they bounce you back and fourth between these companies, and the companies excuse is always they didn't know that the package was sent back because Carleton Sheets doesn't tell them that information. Then you ask for a refund and they tell you that if you can prove that you sent it back, then they might be able to refund your money. They also tell you they are not responsible for the overdraft charges even though they took the money out of your account without your consent. Then they give you an address where you have to write them a letter about the problem, which they never respond to. Meanwhile everything you own is taken away because you have a huge hole in your bank account. The list goes on and on.  BEWARE!!!

Mitchell writes:
I ordered the Carlton Sheets kit as seen on TV,and after looking at the progam for 30 days I tried to return it because it was not going to work with my current situation. I explained to the lady on the phone that I wanted to return it and she said "but it's a great kit, why would you want to return it?" Again, I told her that it was not going to work for me, could I have a return #? She refused to give me the number. I informed her that I was going to send it back anyway and she said that I would be charged the full price if I did that without the return #. I have to admit that the information in the kit was good but nothing that I could not have obtained on my own on the internet for free. I still have the kit and they have tried to threaten me with my credit but I just filed a Medical BK so what more can they do me. After all, I tried to send it back. Oh, for the record, a former co worker had also purchased the kit and he has been successful with it, he had to buy back East and hire a property management company but he has been doing it.

Sandy writes:
I purchased Carletons course in Sept 2002.   I was skeptical from day one.  I made copies of his CD's and photo copied the written 212 page book. I sent the course back teo weeks later.  I didnt insure it for $400 but I got my money back.  I didnt try using his system because if it was so great he would be doing it himself.  All of these informercials are ripoffs.  If you want to put these guys out of business dont buy their product. Eventullay they will go away.

Gerald writes:
I was over billed for my Initial purchase. I was later billed for things that I not only did not order but had told them I did not want. They already had my debit card number and charged me for it any way. Getting them to reimburse me for it was like pulling teath.Then they finally gave my name, address, debit card number to some company called MWI that I had never heard of or from and they charged my account $150. please do everyone a favor and call the Illinois State Attorney Generals Office and file a complaint. I don't have the number handy-call information. Good luck.

George writes:
I just read others that have had problems with the Carlton Sheets No Down Payment seminar course.  It has happened to me as well.  I ordered the First No Down Payment course in 2000 for $9.99 (Green cover) with 12 CD's and Workbook, with the 30day guarantee.  When ordering I have never been so Badgered by addtions to the package than by the Carleton Sheets sales team.   They tried to sell me 12 additional products they had on their script before they let you check out.  Well I got the product, did not like it and returned within 20days.  Yes, I got charged the full price.  Now 2003 Carlton is re-running this same coarse, I would say 99% Identical to the year 2000 version (Blue cover) for the same $9.99 30day offer.  Due to the snappier 2003 infomercials it sounded like a completely revamped course, more updated info and new colors on the material, it was just the same stuff.  I returned this one within 7 days and I got charged again 2 weeks later.  Folks, I admit I fell for the same presentation of promises of wealth and fortune and I deserve to be called 'Dumb' for doing so.  However, Beware of the Infomercial Junk.  I am a Real Estate investor always looking for new information.   I find most of my info in real estate books I can buy from Amazon or Half.com or Ebay, sometimes used but always for just a few dollars.  If you cant resist buying some of this junk out of curiosity (like me), then get it cheap from the sources above, don't call Carltons 800 number and get shtupped like most of us did.

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